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An Yu

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An Yu




PJ Masks (Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, PJ Robot)
Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos (sometimes)
Teeny Weeny
Luna Girl
Wolfy Kids


Night Ninja
Teeny Weeny (briefly)
Armadylan (formerly)
Fly Bots
Wolfy Kids (formerly)


Mystery Mountain
The PJ Masks
Accepting help (currently)
Any help from the PJ Masks (currently)
Sharing (currently)
Her flute
Luna Girl
Wolfy Kids
Dancing (sometimes)


Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos
Accepting help (formerly)
Any help from the PJ Masks (formerly)
Sharing (formerly)
The PJ Masks in danger
Night Ninja stealing her magical stones
Catboy's impatience
Losing her flute or staff
Threats to Mystery Mountain
Armadylan (formerly)
Romeo and his robots

Episode debut

"The Dragon Gong" (only in her dragon form)
"Meet An Yu" (in human form)

Voice actress

Canada (For Template Only) Canada
USA United States of America
Kari Wong
France (For Template Only) France

An Yu, also nicknamed the Dragon Girl and formerly as simply, The Dragon, is one of the supporting characters of the PJ Masks series. She technically made her debut in the episode "The Dragon Gong" in the second season, but in her dragon form only and her true name and form were not revealed until the Season 3 episode "Meet An Yu".

Official website description

Protector of Mystery Mountain, she’s an ancient soul, half-girl half-dragon, freed after being trapped inside the Dragon Gong for 1000 years. Now she must protect Mystery Mountain, along with some help from the PJ Masks!


As An Yu

An Yu is helpful towards the PJ Masks when they are in trouble. At first, she shows to be adamant, stubborn, rude, and selfish in accepting any help from them and trying to keep them away from Mystery Mountain by defeating Night Ninja alone, as shown in "Meet An Yu", in which she refuses any help in getting rid of Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos from Mystery Mountain. Despite this, after the team helps her out in defeating the villains, she thanks them for helping her. She can also be strict, serious or no-nonsense, as she requires the PJ Masks to follow the rules of Mystery Mountain in "PJ Party Mountain".

An Yu doesn't like the world outside Mystery Mountain, and is reluctant to travel there. Due to her long imprisonment in the dragon gong, and her rarely ever leaving Mystery Mountain, she is unfamiliar with the modern world or modern day customs. In the short "PJ Masks Surprise" for example, the PJ Masks had to explain to her what a party is.

As The Dragon

An Yu in her dragon form is shown to be loyal and obedient to her former master (Night Ninja) when giving wishes. She can also be fierce and persistent (she kept reminding Night Ninja of his promise to return the mallet to her).


As An Yu

  • Magic Flute/Dragon Staff: An Yu has a magic flute, with which she can interact with the objects around her, such as rocks or vines. It can also transform into a dragon staff, which can be used for teleportation and flight. However, when in her human form, her powers do not work in the modern world, as evidenced in the episode "The Splat Monster".
  • Martial Arts/Acrobatics: However, she is not completely defenseless without her powers, and showed that she could still use her martial arts abilities and her flute, as seen when she used her martial arts skill to scare off two of Night Ninja's Ninjalinos and her powerless flute to lead the monster to the edge of the portal to Mystery Mountain, like the Pied Piper, so that she could regain her powers and turn it back into Teeny Weeny Ninjalino.

As The Dragon

  • Dragon Breath: In her dragon form, she can use a power called "dragon breath", which blows her opponents away.
  • Golden Force Field: She can protect people by putting them in a golden force field.
  • Golden Bubbles: She can also trap opponents in golden bubbles.

Physical Appearance

As An Yu

In her human form, An Yu looks like a girl about the same age as the PJ Masks and the nighttime villains. However, she is much older than them, having been trapped in the Dragon Gong for centuries.

An Yu has tan skin, and black hair that is tied into two hair buns. She has some slight freckles in her face. Her eyes are usually brown, but can glow red when she uses her powers. Her outfit consists of a red and gold helmet with a dragon head symbol attached to the front, red gloves that expose her fingers, a red dress with gold trim decorated around it and a gold armor covering, red leggings, and red boots.

As The Dragon

An Yu's dragon form resembles the dragons from Chinese mythology, with red and yellow skin and red eyes. She has a long, snakelike body with dorsal fins.

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