An Yu

An Yu



An Yu




PJ Masks (Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, PJ Robot)
Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos (in her dragon form, formerly)


Night Ninja
Teeny Weeny Ninjalino


Mystery Mountain
The PJ Masks
Accepting help (currently)
Any help from the PJ Masks (currently)
Sharing Mystery Mountain with the PJ Masks (currently)
Her flute


Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos
Accepting help (formerly)
Any help from the PJ Masks (formerly)
Sharing Mystery Mountain with the PJ Masks (formerly)
The PJ Masks in danger
Night Ninja stealing her magical stones
Catboy's impatience
Losing her flute or staff

Episode debut

"The Dragon Gong" (only in her dragon form)
"Meet An Yu" (in Human form)

Voice actress


An Yu, also known as the Dragon Girl and formerly as simply, The Dragon, is a supporting character in the third season of the PJ Masks series. She technically made her debut in the episode "The Dragon Gong" in the second season, but in her dragon form only and her true name and form were not revealed until the season 3 episode "Meet An Yu".


An Yu is the protector of Mystery Mountain. At some point in the past, she was trapped in The Dragon Gong in her dragon form, and forced to obey whoever posessed the gong's mallet. Night Ninja stole the gong and forced her to help him fight the PJ Masks. The PJ Masks were eventually able to take the gong back to the museum, and neither they nor Night Ninja learned the truth about The Dragon being An Yu.

That changed when Night Ninja stole the gong a second time and took it to Mystery Mountain in hopes that the Dragon would help him break into the pagoda. Instead, bringing the gong back to the mountain was just what An Yu needed to escape her prison. She resumed her human form and her duty as guardian of Mystery Mountain.


An Yu has a magic flute, with which she can interact with the objects around her, such as rocks or vines. It can also transform into a dragon staff, which can be used for teleportation and flight.

In her dragon form, she can use dragon breath, protect people by putting them in a golden force field, and trap opponents in golden bubbles.


As An Yu

An Yu is helpful towards the PJ Masks when they are in trouble. But at first, she shows to be adamant, stubborn, rude, and selfish in accepting any help from them and trying to keep them away from Mystery Mountain by defeating Night Ninja alone, as shown in "Meet An Yu", in which she refuses any help in getting rid of Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos from Mystery Mountain. Despite this, after the team helps her out in defeating the villains, she thanks them for helping her.

As The Dragon

An Yu in her dragon form is shown to be loyal and obedient to her former master (Night Ninja) when giving wishes. She can also be fierce and persistent (she kept reminding Night Ninja of his promise to return the mallet to her).

Physical Appearance

As An Yu

An Yu has tan skin, red eyes, and black hair that is tied into two hair buns. Her outfit consists of a red and yellow helmet with a dragon head symbol attached to the front, red gloves that expose her fingers, a red dress with yellow trim decorated around it and a yellow armor covering, red leggings, and red boots.

As The Dragon

Anyu's dragon form is red and yellow with red eyes.

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