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An Yu/Dragon


Dragon 2


  • She can play the flute.
  • She can turn her flute into a long staff.
  • In her debut episode "Meet An Yu", the Dragon from "The Dragon Gong" turned out to be her animal form when transforming into human form and reveals that she is the dragon.
  • She can fly and teleport with the help of her long flute.
  • She can also levitate.
  • It is currently unknown on how she ended up being trapped in the gong in dragon form.
  • She started out to be a neutral character, but now becomes good.
  • According to her, she has been trapped in the gong for centuries.
  • She is powerless if she doesn't have her magic flute with her, since it is the source of her powers.
  • An Yu is related to or from Mystery Mountain, because the symbol on the top of her gong is the same symbol that appears on the pagoda at Mystery Mountain.
  • She is the first reformed character who becomes a hero of the PJ Masks.
  • In "The Splat Monster", it is shown that her powers do not work outside of Mystery Mountain when she went to the city to help the PJ Masks stop the Splat Monster, but she can still play her flute.
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