Animal-Metamorpho Ray

Animal-Metamorpho Ray

From Season 2, episode 10A "Robot's Pet Cat"

The Animal-Metamorpho Ray is one of Romeo's inventions. It was seen in the episode "Robot's Pet Cat".

The invention resembles a ray gun. It can fire a ray that turns every person zapped by it into an animal, and it can even turn animals into other animals. This invention can also undo the transformation. Romeo used it to turn Catboy into a cat as a pet for Robot. He then wanted to use it on everyone in the city. Robot, however, wanted to destroy the invention to ensure Catboy would stay a cat forever, leading to a three-way battle for the invention between Romeo, Robot, and the PJ Masks

Eventually, the PJ Masks got hold of the invention and turned Catboy back into a human. Gekko then destroyed the invention.

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