For the book character's mainstream counterpart, see Animal Totems.

Animal Totems
Classic Animal Totems


Animal Totems




Original Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu
Rude Horn


Rude Horn (formerly)


Les Pyjamasques


Les Pyjamasques in danger


"Le secret des Pyjamasques"

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The Animal Totems are the protagonists and supporting characters of Les Pyjamasques picture book series. They are magical animals and the Animal Totems counterpart from another universe set in the past. Unlike their mainstream counterparts, the animal totems have names, and there is only three animal totems consisting; Yahto the Tiger, Oolgee the Owl and Chu'a the lizard.


Unlike the mainstream counterparts of the Animal totems, they cannot wrap children in magical costumes that is based on the animal totem's appearance and abilities nor sing sings that will allow them to bring happiness to children. Instead, they will protect the original counterparts of the Pyjamasques by using the attacks that is based on the real animal they are characterized to look like. However, they have the ability to talk.


Like the mainstream counterparts, the Classic Animal Totems are shown to be quite friendly and protective towards the children they have chosen as friends, and promised to always be with them, even when they are in adulthood.

Physical appearance

The animal totems will take in the form of various animals, consisting of a cat, owl and lizard. But they are portrayed to look more realistic than their modern counterparts.

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