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Armadylan (Dylan)

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  • Armadylan's favorite animal is an armadillo.
  • Armadylan is the fourth hero to appear in the PJ Masks series.
  • In his debut episode, Armadylan allies with the PJ Masks after he learns how to use his powers right before he could ally with them. Beforehand, the PJs thought he was a superhero like them.
    • However, in his hero profile during the PJ Masks weekend takeover, Owlette mentions that she and her teammates thought he was a villain (even though they only hated how he wants to save the day), but he turned out to be a friend.
  • In "PJ Dylan," Armadylan thought that he was an official member of the PJ Masks after he defeated the primary villains, but it was eventually resolved by the PJ Masks that they prefer that he can help them once in a while instead of being an actual member of the trio.
    • Since the premiere of the episode, some of the fans thought that Armadylan actually became an official member of the PJ Masks, but the outcome for being part of the trio was proven to be false as revealed in "Clash on Mystery Mountain." Since then, he and An Yu are not official members of the PJ Masks, but rather allies of the team who sometimes help them. The same goes with Newton.
  • His name in the in the French show is Tatouro'Tom, he also shares the same name with his book counterpart, Tatouro (sans "'Tom").
  • Like the villains and other heroes (except Roméo Mécano and Newton Star), his diurnal identity is currently unknown.
    • However, in "PJ Dylan," it is revealed that his real name is Dylan.
  • In "Armadylan Menace," it's revealed that he's a fan of Flossy Flash, like Owlette.
  • His favorite colors are orange and brown.
  • Armadylan is the only member to wear a helmet and armor instead of a jumpsuit and mask.
  • He was captured once by Romeo in "Armadylan'd and Dangerous" because Romeo wanted to steal his powers to upgrade his lab.
  • At the moment, he has narrated six episode titles.
  • Armadylan sided with three of the nighttime villains six times, but it turned out that he was only tricked or used by them. The villains who used him and/or tricked him are:
  • In "PJ Dylan," he is shown to be very good at fixing cars when he broke Catboy's Cat-Car by accident.
  • His strength, his abilities, and the similarity of his physique make a reference to the villain of Marvel Comics: Armadillo.
  • Unlike the PJ Masks and Yoyo (in some cases), his armor suit does not glow when using powers.
    • However, he is not the only one whose suit doesn't glow, as most Noctambules-masques such as Bibou and Gluglu have magical pajamas that don't glow when using their powers compared to Owlette and Gekko, respectively.
  • In official sources of the series, including his old description on the official website, he is referred to as a "villain who wants to be a hero," and the summary for the "PJ Masks Let's Go Activity Book" says that he and the Wolfy Kids round out the roster of baddies (although Motsuki was introduced later, while Munki-gu, Octobella, Percival and Pharaoh Boy (Apophis' cartoon counterpart) were introduced in Season 4).
    • Furthermore, the producers referred to him as a villain of the television series since he did villainous actions that can hinder the PJ Masks progress on their mission, though he does that unintentionally.
    • Some of the fans of the series had denied the confirmed portrayal of Armadylan being a full-on villain. This is due to the fact that Armadylan's goal is that he wants to be a hero and he had done heroic deeds that can help the PJ Masks complete their mission, technically proving that he can also be an antihero.
  • Like the rest of the Noctambules-masques (except for the PJ Masks), Armadylan's powers are independent of a single source.
  • He is the first regular hero and ally of the PJ Masks to appear in the show.
  • Armadylan's helmet is a direct reference to the X-Men anti-villain, Magneto.
    • Armadylan's similar traits that reference to Magneto may count.