Armadylan (Dylan)

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  • Armadylan's favorite animal is an armadillo.
  • Armadylan is the fourth hero to appear in the PJ Masks series.
  • In "Meet Armadylan", Armadylan allies with the PJ Masks.
  • In "PJ Dylan", Armadylan becomes an official member of the PJ Masks.
    • The first official member to join was PJ Robot.
  • His name in the French book version is Tatouro, while in the French show, his name is Tatouro'Tom.
  • He doesn't appear in every episode, even though he's now a PJ Mask member.
  • His diurnal identity is currently unknown.
  • In "Armadylan Menace", it's revealed that he's a fan of Flossy Flash, like Owlette.
  • His favorite colors are orange and brown.
  • Armadylan is the only member to wear a helmet and armor instead of a jumpsuit and mask.
  • He was captured once by Romeo in "Armadylan'd and Dangerous" because Romeo wanted to steal his powers to upgrade his lab.
  • At the moment, he has narrated five episode titles.
  • Armadylan sided with the nighttime villains twice, but it turned out that he was only tricked or used by them. The villains who used him and/or tricked him are:
    • Romeo in "Nobody's Sidekick", when Romeo tricked him into thinking he's turned into a good guy.
    • Night Ninja in "Armadylan Menace", when Night Ninja convinced him that the PJ Masks stole all the new Flossy Flash comics.
  • In "PJ Dylan", he is shown to be very good at fixing cars when he broke Catboy's Cat Car by accident.
  • His strength, his abilities, and the similarity of his physique make a reference to the villain of Marvel Comics: Armadillo.
  • Unlike the PJ Masks, his armor suit does not glow when using powers.
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