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"Armadylan Zen"
Season 3, episode 2B
(Overall episode #106)
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
April 26, 2019[1]
Written by Tony Cooke
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
Episode Guide
"Armadylan and Robette Rule"
"Way of the Woofy"

"Armadylan Zen" (also known as "Yoyo et la colère de Tatouro'Tom" in French) is the second segment of the 2nd Season 3 episode of PJ Masks.


After Armadylan loses his temper again, the PJ Masks take him on a Zen trip.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Armadylan Zen":


The episode begins with Connor, Amaya, and Greg arriving at the playground to see most of its equipment wrecked. Connor tries to calm down a furious Cameron wanting to play on the monkey bars, as he learned from reading that being calm helps to solve a problem. The three kids then find a slide with an unusually shaped dent, which means that Armadylan must have been behind the destruction. They transform that night and return to the location when the PJ Picture Player spots him there.

Armadylan explains that he was trying to protect the playground from Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos when he got sticky splatted, causing him to get angry and wreck the equipment, as evidenced by him throwing the merry-go-round. He’s beginning to realize that his temper is preventing him from bringing the villains to justice. Catboy quickly grabs the book he’s been reading earlier from the library, which shares lots of ways to stay calm. One of the ways to do so is to climb to the top of the mountain of strength to find inner peace.

Catboy suggests that climbing up Mystery Mountain could help Armadylan learn to calm down. Armadylan begins denying that he’s really angry, but changes his mind when he collapses after trying to unstick his foot from a Sticky Splat he stepped on. Catboy offers to be his wise master to help guide him, and he accepts.

As soon as the four heroes arrive at Mystery Mountain, an amazed Armadylan gives Catboy a forceful pat on the back when he opens up the portal and shouts out how peaceful the place is. Although Catboy assures that it’s magic, Owlette and Gekko are wary because they haven’t felt anything in the past when the team reaches the top each time. The group explores the Bamboo Forest when the ninjas appear, having heard that they are here to help Armadylan calm down. As suggested by the Ninjalinos, Night Ninja throws a Sticky Splat at him, only for Owlette to push him away.

The ninjas begin their attack; Catboy shields their Sticky Splats from Armadylan using the book. Armadylan starts growing angry at the sight of the villains and their projectiles, but relaxes and assures the team that they’re on the mountain now, which means nothing can bother him. The four begin climbing to the mountaintop. Night Ninja is surprised at his unusual behavior, though this doesn’t stop him from thinking of a plan to get him angry.

Halfway up the mountain, Armadylan believes the place to be working and exclaims loudly that he’s feeling chill. He relaxes on what appears to be a squishy rock to help him calm down even further, which, according to Catboy’s thoughts, is an ancient cushion rock used in ancient times for deep relaxation and calming thoughts. Owlette and Gekko are suspicious, because it was just found lying around. Their suspicions prove true when the “ancient cushion rock” turns out to be a splat trap. Armadylan is dragged into the cave, where the ninjas ambush him with Sticky Splats.

The team finds a sticky-splatted Armadylan on the ground and Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos nearby, the former taunting him about what happened last night at the playground. Losing his temper again, Armadylan unleashes a Thunder Thump that has everyone collapsing from its force. The ninjas run off afterwards. Armadylan angrily runs the rest of the way up the mountain as the group fires more Sticky Splats at him. Catboy tries giving some more advice on how to calm down and protecting him, but he grows more furious.

The four kids soon reach the top of the mountain. Just as they see the ninjas nowhere in sight and Armadylan starts relaxing upon arrival, a Ninjalino Sticky Splats him from behind the pagoda gates. Armadylan furiously rolls into the pagoda and knocks everything down. He charges towards the ninjas, intent on flattening them, who drop a giant splat pile on him. Everyone chases him as he rolls down the mountain, unable to stop, and posing a great threat to destroy the city.

Catboy opens the book up to the part where it talks about climbing to the top of the mountain of strength. There, the team soon realizes that it didn’t mean climbing to the top of Mystery Mountain; in order to find inner peace, the person must climb to the top of the mountain of strength inside themselves. That being said, after taking a deep breath, Catboy comes up with how to do so.

Catboy jumps on top of Armadylan and apologizes about not being a wise master. He explains that for him to calm down, he doesn’t need magic. All he needs to do is to take a deep breath and climb his inner mountain. It’ll help him be stronger inside. The two boys are knocked into the air as soon as they exit the portal. Taking this advice into mind, Armadylan takes a deep breath and unravels himself, removing the Sticky Splats, and just in time before he lands at the playground with Catboy in his hands.

As soon as the ninjas catch up, Owlette blows them onto the merry-go-round. Catboy spins them around with his Super Cat Speed, and Gekko stops the equipment abruptly through his Super Lizard Grip, causing them to fly off. However, Teeny Weeny quickly recovers and throws a Sticky Splat at Armadylan. He is about to lose his temper again, but instead, he calms down and sits in a tranquil pose. The ninjas leave in defeat.

The PJ Masks commend Armadylan and join him in meditation. He flinches in pain when Gekko gives him a forceful fist bump, but nevertheless takes a deep breath and relaxes. The four heroes chant the signature victory phrase.


  • Don't lose your temper so easily; instead, find ways to stay calm.
  • You can't teach someone something you haven't finished reading yet.



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