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Art Style

Comparisons between the art style of the picture book and television series

The Art Style is a main recurring element in Les Pyjamasques and PJ Masks series.


The Art Styles in both the picture book and television series represents the tone and atmosphere for the continuities, as well as their specific themes and genre.

Les Pyjamasques

In the picture book series, the art style and illustrations are bold and dreamlike according to the publisher of the series, staying true to the nighttime theme.

The characters in the picture book series, are unique to their television counterparts, such as having a simplified appearance and appearing slightly shorter with smaller body proportions.

Also, the feel and appearances for the characters are a generally a combination of characters from the superhero genre and folklore genre, and appear more realistic and dynamic than their television counterparts. The colors for the characters' costumes are also more flamboyant and brighter. The looks of the characters also appear more realistic and dynamic.

Notably, some of the female characters from the television series' pilot episode and picture book series have bigger and wider eyes than their television counterparts.

Early on, the art style for the book series looked more realistic. But since 2011, during initial development of the books' TV adaptation, the art style for the book series started to shift to a more cartoony style.

Overtime, this would lead to the art style matching the TV series art style. Eventually as of "Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline," a few minor alterations were applied such as retaining some aspects of the book series' original art style.

PJ Masks

In the television series, unlike the picture book series, the art style and illustrations are comic book styled.

Another thing that makes the art style so unique is that the characters physically look different to their book counterparts, such as appearing more taller and having more detailed and bigger body proportions.

The art style also allowed the characters fit in with the superhero comic book genre such as the feel and appearances are mainly contemporary superhero themed, appear more cartoonish and have graphics of a superhero comic book than its picture book style. The appearance of the characters' costumes are often less flamboyant and slightly darker in tone.

Notably, some of the female characters from the television series' official episodes have smaller and narrow eyes than their book counterparts.

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