Bibou's Vehicle

The Astro-Bibou is a flying red vehicle that is owned by Bibou, and is considered the non-convertible version of the Owl-Glider.

The Astro-Bibou is identical to the Owl-Glider, except it has eye pupils at its two large headlights, and it has no vehicle hood. And the Astro-Bibou can leave a trail of feathers when flying as its considered one of the three transportation that is used by the Pyjamasques which is half-creature and half-vehicle.

Features & Abilities

  • Flight: The vehicle is capable of flying and gliding, and possesses extreme maneuverability.
  • Claws: Besides acting as the landing gear, the claws can also be used for digging and grabbing onto objects.
  • Auto-Pilot: Like the Chat-Bolide, it is capable to take flight without a pilot controlling it.


  • It is one of the two vehicles to be named after a superhero, the other vehicle is the Gekko-mobile.
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