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Bibou (Amaya)

Real Name


Current Alias



Les Pyjamasques

Base of Operations

Totem Base




Secret Identity






Book Continuity


Grigri, Zina and Ulbert (sometimes)
Animal Totems (mainly the Totem Owl)
Sorceline (briefly)
Papinuits (sometimes)
Mitomites (sometimes)
Santa Claus
Bibou's sister (adoptive sister)
Magistère la sorcière


Roméo Mécano
Orticia (formerly)
Grigri, Zina and Ulbert (rivalry)
Rude Horn (formerly)
Marchand de sable
Magistère la sorcière (formerly)
Energuman (formerly)


Playing acrobats
Her totem animal
Having permanent night (formerly)
Teasing Les Mascrapules


Roméo Mécano
Sorceline, her Mitomites and Papinuits

Debut appearance

"Les Pyjamasques et le Grogarou"

Voice actor

Unknown (pilot only)

Bibou (real name: Amaya) (literally known as Bubo-Hibou or Bubo-Owl in English) is the second main protagonist of Les Pyjamasques. She is the only female member of the group, and is one of the two members capable of flight. Her vehicular method of travel is the Astro-Bibou.


Long before the events of the book series, Amaya met her friends Sacha and Greg in school, and he was originally an average kid.

In "La Légende des Pyjamasques," during the events where Sorceline used her powers to capture the animal totems, Bibou, alongside Yoyo and Gluglu, would receive magical pajamas and powers by one of the three animal totems.

During their first encounter with Sorceline, she and her friends would learn that according to their legend, they had to help rescue the rest of the kids' animal totems.

Eventually, she and the rest of the other Pyjamasques succeeded on freeing the animal totems to restore their legend, and trapped Sorceline and the rest of her Mitomites inside her magical sack from returning to do any harm to them.

Official description

She can fly! And she sees great. Open your eyes wide, here is Bibou. When she beats with her mighty wings, it's the wicked who deceive!


As Amaya

Amaya is shown to have Sacha and Greg's attitude on being curious and observing towards things that seem to have interest in school.

As Bibou

As Bibou, she is shown to be the most intelligent member of the Pyjamasques, such as in "Les Pyjamasques et la momie d’Apophis, Tome II" and "Le cristal des Pyjamasques," she is able to deceive Apophis and Les Mascrapules from succeeding with their plans. She is shown to be very sightful (as emphasized in "Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro" and "Les Pyjamasques et la momie d’Apophis, Tome I"), as she is shown to clearly recognize objects such as Bastet's boat. Alongside Yoyo and Gluglu, she can be mischievous towards the villains they face such as taunting Les Mascrapules, and mocking Roméo Mécano.

She can be also quite knowledgeable on books on totems anything related to the Night of the Black Moon as seen in "Le secret des Pyjamasques" and "Les Pyjamasques et le croque-chaussettes."

She doesn't even speak in the English language and instead speaks in French.

Motive & Abilities


In most of her appearances, Bibou and the rest of the Pyjamasques will often encounter and fight various nighttime villains that are mythology/folklore oriented.

In addition, they would help friends in need who are also mythology/folklore oriented.


  • Bibou Vision: Can see at nighttime. However, unlike Owlette, her eyes won't glow when activated.
  • Bibou Ailes de la nuit: Can fly with her cape, like wings.
  • Bibou Tornado / Minitempête (first seen in "Les Pyjamasques et la soupe à la citrouille"): Can make a wind from the owl wings.
  • Bibou Tem'plumes (officially introduced in "Les Pyjamasques et la graine d'Orticia"): Her primary power; can shoot a storm of magic feathers from the owl wings, which can be used as projectiles.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: She is efficient at using her wits and physical strength during a fight, such as using one of her feathers to tickle one of Orticia's plants to free Gluglu, using her own toys to weigh down Sorceline's Aéro-Lune, or freeing Bastet by using the Solar Disc to trick Apophis.
  • Head Balancing: Bibou, along with Yoyo and Gluglu, are able to balance with each other on their heads.
  • Bibou Vision: Can see things from very far away.


As Amaya

Amaya has pale skin, long brown hair and brown eyebrows. During the day she wears a magenta dress and a white strip going around the middle of her dress. Her dress also has short pink and white sleeves. Amaya's eyes are auburn and round shaped with short eyelashes. Amaya wears magenta glasses and a pink feather-shaped hair pin on the side of her head. She wears pink Mary Jane shoes.

During the nighttime Amaya wears a red shirt and pants with pink sleeves. Unlike her normal attire, she never wears magenta glasses and is occasionally seen with a hairband with shorter hair than usual. However, she wears pink Mary Jane shoes.

Despite her daytime identity not being seen in the early stories of the picture book series, her actual identity is seen in early concept art of the television series. Amaya originally wore a magenta shirt with a lilac blouse and a purple pantyhose. She wore pink boots with yellow wings and has a big magenta hairpin.

As Bibou

Bibou wears magenta magic pajamas with a horned magenta owl mask, a magenta and pink feathered cape. She has a white belly on her chest. She has round brown eyes. She also lacks eyelashes.

In her appearances before "Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro," Bibou's ear tufts look more simpler and lacks a feather ensemble.

In her solo appearance in the pilot episode of the PJ Masks, she is identical to her early appearances in the book series. However, her appearance is been given slight undertones related to superheroes such as having a simple purple feather ensemble. Another difference was the addition of her eyelashes.

In "Les Pyjamasques et la momie d’Apophis, Tome I," she is erroneously seen with narrow shaped eyes in three pages.

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