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YonasE7 YonasE7 1 day ago

What does Dylan (Armadylan) look like in the daytime?

Hi guys,

Me again. So I have been wondering all me life what Dylan looks like in the daytime. We never get to see Armadylan's daytime identity. I wish we did. We had better see it in Season 5. We got to see the PJ's and Newton Star's daytime identity. If we don't see Armadylan's daytime identity in Season 5, I'm gonna go complain to Christian De Vita. That is, if any of you guys know a way to interact with him on the internet.

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YonasE7 YonasE7 1 day ago

PJ Masks Season 5 Episode 1 Ninja Power Up

Hey guys,

So we now have a confirmed Season 5 episode called Ninja Power Up which will be Season 5 Episode 1. It will be released on August 13, 2021. It will be on a Friday.

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CuteYoshi101 CuteYoshi101 6 May

Every time the red cross and the green tick appeared

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ElsaFan2008 ElsaFan2008 26 April

My Deviant Art account

Hello everyone, It's me ElsaFan2008. The thing I wanna tell you about my Deviant Art account, If you know my Deviant Art account.I forgot my password and log out (😭) and I couldn't recover my Password so that's why forget that account. In future I will create another Deviant Art account (maybe). But You can see my arts/memes in Pinterest. (Link is in my profile)

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YonasE7 YonasE7 4 April

PJ Masks Season 4 Episodes 24, 25, and 26

Hey guys,

Like I said on my Message Wall, we are going to look on this wiki very often if the last 3 episodes of PJ Masks Season 4 have been confirmed yet.

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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 30 March

My Top 5 Favorite Episodes

Here are my top 5 favorite episodes of PJ Masks:

1. Super-Sized Gekko

2. Owlette's Two Wrongs

3. Nobody's Sidekick

4. Catboy Does It Again

5. Super Muscles Show Off

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ElsaFan2008 ElsaFan2008 21 March

New user!

Hi! My name is ElsaFan2008 but you can call me Jahnavi. I am a new user on this wiki and I like to make friends. My Birthday is celebrated on 15th August. Well I born in the year 2007 but by mistake I wrote 2008. I am an Indian Fan Girl of this show (PJ Masks). I am 13 years old and I have joined before reading Community Guidelines.

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S5 E2:Catboy Goes Wild!

Oh No! Connor has gone rouge! It looks like those bad guys have taken our beloved Catboy away! PJ Masks To The Rescue!

It is your average day on the school, that is until the teacher announces the school will be having their annual Field Trip. and now i will continue some time later

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S5 E1:Nice, Ice, Cool Catboy

It's a nice summer's day on The city, that is until Conner wakes up to find the whole town in Snow.

It's up to the gang to rescue Summer!

Connor wakes up in his pajamas after a long night of trying to stop Luna Girl, he can't wait for the Summer time but i'm sorry C, that thing ain't happening because it is snowing, if it's snowing then why is it even summertime? The gang meets outside Catguy's house to discuss what they should do, they know that there ain't no power as many power-lines have been fried from the cold, schools have been closed, etc.

That is until a moth flies by and the first suspect is, of course L, They say that catchphrase that makes me wanna have "That Warm Feeling". Later in the middle of midnight, they transform and hunt …

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Jayfieldion Jayfieldion 19 January

PJ Masks Season 5

This is the poster for the 5th season of everyone's favorite team, the PJ Masks, this season will mainly focus on their powers, this season will premiere in Spring of 2021, which is this year, and this season will also feature Gekko with a different expression, I hope there are more seasons to come, so children and parents can enjoy their favorite team of superheroes.

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YonasE7 YonasE7 2 January

Transformation of Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja’s outfits, Pharaoh Boy, and the Turbo Movers.

Hey guys! Now that it’s 2021, we are hoping that Pharaoh Boy will appear sometime in in January or February in an episode with the same name called Pharaoh Boy and Pharaoh Boy on the Moon. We also hope that the Turbo Movers come soon. We also hope that Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja get new outfits soon.

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Samuelgoodboy Samuelgoodboy 1 January

Happy New Year, everyone! (2021)

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2020 is over! And that was the worst year that we've ever experienced, after the COVID-19 pandemic started way back in early March. Today is the brand new year and it is the year will be most likely a better one: 2021!

Happy new year to everyone, and to all users and administrators that we are helping for a long, long time throughout the months and a couple of years we watched the PJ Masks series which it became the greatest from the start of Season 4 with the special episode Heroes of the Sky.

Before we go and be free, let's have a recap for the new characters introduced and some greatest moments in this year 2020:

New characters:

  • Newton Star: He is the new hero which he guards the asteroids or something in the outer spa…
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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 1 January

Update on New Block Appeal Forms

Hey, everyone,

So most of you guys are aware that we have created new block appeal forms a few months ago for users who want to appeal their administered block for the usual reasons: their block was unfair, or they are sorry about their past behavior and won't do it again in the future.

Well, after a bit of discussion, the administration team has decided to limit the number of responses users can use to appeal, because we are sick of receiving responses from blocked users in the past who have been abusing the block appeal for the wrong reasons, the most common one being threats/harassment. Other common reasons, though less severe, also include failure to comply with the standards and insufficient explanations.

From this point on, if you have …

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Blueberry706 Blueberry706 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas 2020!

On the 12 day of Christmas my Fandom gave to me...

12 of Romeo's Fly Bots

11 of Newton's Asteroids

10 Moat crystals

9 Luna Moths

8 New Inventions

7 Defeated villains

6 Nights of saving

5 Moon crystals~

4 Ninjalinos

3 Wolfy Kids

2 Harvest moons

And a hug from PJ Robot!~ ❤️️

Merry Christmas to everyone on the wiki! I hope you will all have a happy holidays, a wonderful time spent with family, and a happy day! If you guys are traveling for Christmas, please stay safe out there and take care of yourselves! What did you guys get for Christmas? Let me know! I'd love to hear what you guys got! Once again, Merry Christmas!

~Blueberry706 ❤️️

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 25 December 2020

Happy Holidays! (2020 Edition)

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WillMystery WillMystery 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas/Opinions on Season 4 so far

Hello, everyone! Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is doing well in the most wonderful time of the year, and I hope that everyone is spending time with their families happily. Even though we were unable to spend time with friends due to the pandemic, but still, we can face time each other when we are free! And most importantly, since 2020 is about to end and 2021 is coming, I have two words for you: Stay safe!

So yeah, let's talk about my opinions on Season 4 so far.

In my opinion, I think Season 4 is a great season. I love how they started with a special episode, "Heroes of the Sky", because that was a great episode and so far, it is my favourite episode of this season. I love how Connor and Greg keep reminding Amaya about she is Owlette (I l…

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Samuelgoodboy Samuelgoodboy 24 December 2020

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Hello, everyone!

I created this blog post for the celebration of the happiest season this year for everyone: Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone in this wiki and to all who stay at home due to pandemic, keep safe everyone! This is the season on what we've been waiting for a long time.

Don't be angry, don't be sad, always feel happy or excited for the PJ Masks holidays on everything we watched all day in the year 2020. Thank you for all we wish the special day until the season ends, we love you all users and administrators!

"PJ Masks all shout hooray, cause in the night we saved Christmas!"

- Samuelgoodboy 💙🏀 (talk) 7:52, December 25, 2020 (UTC)

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 20 December 2020

My Official Discord Account

Hey, everyone,

So... um... I really don't know how to say this, but... I actually have something to tell you guys. I've kept this hidden for some time now, and I really wanted to keep a low profile regarding the PJ Masks Wiki and the PJ Masks fandom, but with certain circumstances going on recently, I can't hide it any longer. All of you deserve to know. So... here it goes...

There have been rumors going around regarding me and a Discord account. Some are saying that I have one, others are saying I don't, and there are others who are confused about the validity of the information.

You guys want to know the truth?


The truth is... it's true. I do have a Discord account. The name is right up on my user profile masthead (though the name is cus…

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PJGigant PJGigant 7 December 2020

Another episode idea!

Hi! I just thought of a new episode idea. Hope you like it!

Title: Munki-Grow or idk

Summary: Romeo builds another Small-Sizer and tries to shrink the PJ Masks, but he makes Munki-gu bigger instead!

Characters: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, PJ Robot, An Yu, Romeo, Robot, Robette, Munki-gu.

Synopsis: This episode starts at night with the PJ Masks in HQ. Suddenly, they heard a noise. They went outside HQ to see what it was, and found Munki-gu. He wanted to play with them. Catboy told Munki-gu they wouldn’t play with him at the moment. Munki-gu felt sad and went behind HQ. Little did he know, Romeo was behind HQ expecting to small-size a PJ Mask. Romeo saw a figure thinking it was a PJ Mask and ZAP! But Munki-gu wasn’t small, he was ENORMOUS! The PJ Ma…

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RaulELpero RaulELpero 4 December 2020

teoria pj masks

My theory begins with the first book when they are 6 years old and until when it ends, then it would take 4 years until they are 10 years old in the pj masks

That would show because I already know the villains in the series and their attitude in the books, for example when he starts playing with the villains and in the series they are more serious with their ´´mission´´

Well at least I think that is my theory

Mi teoría comienza con el primer libro cuando tienen 6 años y hasta que termina, luego pasarian 4 años hasta que tengan 10 años en pj masks

Eso se demostraría porque ya conocen a los villanos de la serie y su actitud en los libros, por ejemplo cuando empieza a jugar con los villanos y en la serie ellos son más serios con su ´´mision´´


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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 3 December 2020

Fake MagicalGem98 YouTube Account

Hello, guys, just a quick announcement:

So apparently, one of the admins was informed of a YouTube account that apparently belongs to me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyPWs6TxotHEw9WbKBC_RxQ.

That YouTube account is not mine. I have never made a YouTube account, nor do I plan on making one in the future. If I did, though, it would be linked in my global profile header and on my user profile page.

I should also add that a couple of our admins have fallen victim to this impersonation game.

That being said, please be careful of any YouTube accounts or other social media accounts you come across. Unfortunately, some sites such as YouTube do not have a failsafe towards users creating accounts of the same exact name.

If you see any social media ac…

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3shafer25 3shafer25 2 December 2020

Coolfox12345's blog

hi. i'm coolfox12345! i'm so excited to have you on my blog!

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 27 November 2020

Gallery Width Process - Final Part

You guys are awesome as always - we're almost finished taking care of all the character galleries, and therefore, the Gallery Width Process itself! We just have a few more characters left, and I expect you know what this last part is focusing on. That's right - it's the PJ Masks themselves.

Now, the reason why I saved these three characters for last is because... well... as we all know, albeit their scattered appearances in the shorts, they have appeared in every episode of the series, and I was trying to figure out how to best split their galleries into lighter sections, because I really don't want to have to give you guys fifty-two galleries in a section to work on. That's a bit too much. The most galleries I've given out for a section is…

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Blueberry706 Blueberry706 26 November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Hey, everyone!

I wanted to create this blog post to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. I hope you guys have a great day by eating turkey, guzzling down some gravy, and by spending time with your family while thinking about what you guys are thankful for. I, myself, am very grateful for all the editors here that have volunteered to contribute to this wonderful wiki and to keep it clean and filled with information about the TV show!

If any of you guys are traveling for this holiday to a family members home, please stay safe especially during the coronavirus pandemic!

Like I said before, have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your day! Oh, and try not to eat so much that you end in a food coma and looking like a plum…

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SafariKid2 SafariKid2 21 November 2020

Something I've been meaning to tell the PJ Masks community...

Did you all know that a game called Marble Knights came out on the PJ Masks' 5th anniversary?

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 20 November 2020

Gallery Width Process - Part 4

For those of you who are new, please read these parts first:

  • Gallery Width Process - Part 1
  • Gallery Width Process - Part 2
  • Gallery Width Process - Part 3

Part 3 of the Gallery Width Process is now complete!

As of now, we only have a few more characters left, so the next part will focus on the villains that appeared in Season 1.

Now, before I share the list, I'm just going to make this brief announcement about an update I put just recently in the comment section on the last part. Remember when I said that:

  • Once your cooldown is finished, you either have the choice of choosing another section, or waiting until the next part of the process comes out?
  • Even if you are on cooldown from the last part, I would allow you to choose a section in the current …
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SafariKid2 SafariKid2 16 November 2020

PJ Masks Save the Earth

Now that the summary for "Octo-Trouble" is out, I have a new theory on what "PJ Masks Save the Earth" is based on:

It may be based on an upcoming Earth Day special for PJ Masks featuring the Wolfies as the primary villains.

What do you guys think about this new idea?

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JensKaliyios JensKaliyios 15 November 2020

Le Cristal Des Pyjamasques

I've received the brand new Pyjamasques book, "Le Cristal des Pyjamasques."

In this one, you can follow the adventure to save the power crystal stolen from the HQ by "Les Mascrapules"

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 14 November 2020

Gallery Width Process - Part 3

Hey, guys,

Part 2 of the Gallery Width Process is now complete!

Wow, as far as I'm seeing here, it has taken us about a week, maybe a little less, to complete each part. If I had to say so myself, even though it may be slow to you guys, I thought we are definitely keeping a good pace working on this process. In addition, I hope you guys are utilizing your cooldowns and/or hiatuses to take care of yourselves and other important things until either you're ready to start working on another section or the next part comes out.

As I said, we all have lives outside of here, so don't feel pressured to tackle on another section after your cooldown is finished or participate in the next part if you are not able to at your own time. We still have a lot …

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 14 November 2020

New Rules About FANDOM Accounts and References

Hey, guys,

Recently, the administration team has been seeing a couple of issues on this wiki. After meeting up a couple of times to discuss them, we decided to add a couple of new rules to the Guidelines and Editing Guidelines & Tips.

The first new rule focuses on creating FANDOM accounts.

As of now, we are allowing each user to have only one FANDOM account. All subsequent accounts that are either created before or are created in the future will not be permitted to stay here. They will be blocked.

The reason why is that while we do understand that you guys have good intentions for creating multiple accounts, and don't get me wrong, there are actually good intentions for using sockpuppets, there is a chance that other users will abuse those accoun…

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 7 November 2020

Gallery Width Process - Part 2

Hey, guys,

Part 1 of the Gallery Width Process is now complete! Thank you to those who were able to help out with this part. However, while all the episode and short galleries are done, all that's left is the character galleries, and they take up the majority of the total galleries in this wiki. But don't worry, because I've split this section up as best as I can so it would make things at least less stressful.

For those of you who weren't able to help out in the last part, but are able to help out with this next part, and any subsequent parts pending, here are the guidelines:

Like the Character Gallery Reorganization process:

  • I will be asking for volunteers to help out.
  • There will be a list of options of which galleries to edit.
  • Any user who wa…
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WillMystery WillMystery 3 November 2020

Season 3 Episodes Rating

Hey guys, it's me, Will.

I would like to share my ratings of episodes of Season 2.

Rating Symbols:

A = Excellent

B = Good

C = Okay

D = Bad

E = Very Bad

F = Terrible


  • Moon Madness (A)
  • Armadylan and Robette Rule (D)
  • Armadylan Zen (F)
  • Way of the Woofy (B)
  • Werejalinos (A)
  • PJ Comet (B)
  • Glowy Moths (A)
  • Teacher Goes Ninja (A)
  • Robot Goes Wrong (C)
  • Lionel's Powers (A)
  • Best Friends Forever (A)
  • Meet An Yu (A)
  • The Moon Prix (D)
  • Pirates Ahoy! (D)
  • The Secret of the Pagoda (B)
  • Storm of the Ninja(B)
  • Arma-Leader (E)
  • Owlette Slips Up (F)
  • The Splat Monster (C)
  • Moth on the Moon (E)
  • Fly Me To The Moon (D)
  • Luna's Cosmic Tantrum (C)
  • Motsuki The Best (F)
  • Wheels of a Hero (B)
  • Moonwolfy (F)
  • Clash on Mystery Mountain (A)
  • A Teeny Weeny Problem (A)
  • Take Romeo Off The Road (A)
  • Mission: PJ Seeker (…

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 1 November 2020

Gallery Width Process - Part 1

Hey, guys! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

Now, for those of you who don't know, I made an announcement a few days ago about the galleries: because of the UCP platform, the images are now either really small or are in different sizes, depending on which gallery page they are placed on (thanks for that, FANDOM -_-'). Therefore, the galleries will have to be adjusted to what we usually saw when the Legacy platform was still around. However, this is going to be quite the task because, well, there are a lot of galleries to take care of. So I promised that I would think of what to do to approach this lengthy task.

Now, thanks to all of you for your patience and cooperation (although I did have to tell a couple of users to refrain from …

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European Philippines mapper European Philippines mapper 30 October 2020

A question

Is the PJ Mask movie real?

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Pjmasksforever Pjmasksforever 29 October 2020

Hi and goodbye thanks for the Journey

Hey it’s me pjmasksforever and I just wanted to say that I have fully quit pj masks. The reason why is because I just lost interest in it it isn’t as fun to me as it was then. Back then pj masks was extremely fun and exciting but now it’s not the same to me anymore so that pretty much explains why I have been so inactive on my page and the wiki its self. Another reason I’ve been so inactive is because I’ve been trying to find who I was ever since I lost interest in Pj Masks I’ve just needed time to think. Pj masks will always be apart of my heart and so will this wiki and all the amazing people I’ve met through it. I love all of you guys goodbye. ❤️

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 29 October 2020

Gallery Width Process Planning Announcement

Hi, everyone,

It's been a little over a week that the PJ Masks Wiki has been migrated to the UCP platform. How is getting used to this new platform so far? I don't know about you guys, but I'm still adjusting myself, though my opinion never changed. I still don't like it.

Anyway, yeah, a lot of things have changed since this platform came here. Everyone can see different logs in Recent Changes; there are separate sections for wiki activity, social activity, and image activity. And speaking of image activity, for those of you that don't know by now, the images in our galleries are now different. Images are in different sizes in some galleries, while images are the same size, but are really small in other galleries.

To fix this problem, a coupl…

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 19 October 2020

New UCP Platform

Hey, guys,

So... if you're seeing a part of the wiki right now... yeah, that means our wiki has been migrated to the new UCP platform. Basically, it's new wiki software, like what you see in the Discussions tab. And if you don't work on a wiki that hasn't enacted this change yet, this has been happening to all other wikis around FANDOM. This was planned for like... a year or two, I guess... and recently, all wikis are now being migrated, and we were one of the next wikis in line for the next few weeks. If you have logged onto this wiki during the last few weeks, there was an announcement on top of the page saying that.

Right now, none of us like the change. And as we're seeing around FANDOM, none of the other users like it, too. Unfortunate…

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Lion unite!3 Lion unite!3 16 October 2020

Need any help?

So, does anyone need help with anything? What can I do? Just want to be an amazing help to this amazing wiki! You see, I just joined 4 days ago. And I just want to be a big help to this wiki. (if you get my point)

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WillMystery WillMystery 6 October 2020

The Facebook Group/A speech to all people on this FANDOM

Hey guys, it's Will here and I have something important to say, especially to all of you who were from the PJ Masks Fan group.

Remember there is a PJ Masks Facebook group where SirBlaze shared? I left it because of these reasons.

1. I am kinda losing interest to PJ Masks. It always happens to me every single year: Lose and regain interest. I can't really watch the new episodes and I am in other fandoms, as well as being a bureaucrat and admin on the Pororopedia, the Fandom Wiki which I am on now.

2. I always get notifications from my friends from the group. I never turn them off because they are my friends, and turning off notifications from my friends means that I am ignoring them.

3. I am way too busy with my schoolwork now and I can't reall…

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 1 October 2020

New Episode Guidelines Page

Hey, guys,

This is an important announcement that I'm making, so please listen carefully.

I recently got in trouble with one of the FANDOM staff members about sharing/mentioning an illegal streaming site to another user for one of the Season 4 episodes (I am not saying what the website's name is, but you guys may know which website I am talking about if you look at the guidelines [please don't mention the name, though], which I will get to that in a moment). According to the staff, it is strictly against FANDOM's Terms of Service to encourage users to use illegal streaming websites.

That being said, what's going to happen with watching future upcoming episodes? Well, unfortunately, and I'm sorry to say this, but for those who have no way to a…

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Blueberry706 Blueberry706 30 September 2020

Confusion About Season 6 Being Confirmed

Hello, editors of the PJ Masks wiki!

It has come to my attention that there is a rumor going around of PJ Masks getting as season 6. Someone has claimed that a source says that but has no information of season 6 on that page. All the information on the source is Hasbro and EntertaimentOne being one company.

I'm sorry to tell you guys this, but it appears that season 6 is a hoax and won't be happening any time soon. The show might just end at a season 5 as that's a confirmed season. Until we can find an actual source about a season 6, this will remain fake news.

I'm so sorry if you were excited over a season 6. I know you might be disappointed and some other people might be too. But we still have a lot more episodes that are yet to air (and a …

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Samuelgoodboy Samuelgoodboy 13 September 2020

Favorite Season 4 Episode so far!

Hello everybody!

Just a quick announcement first before you all go :)

So I will post the poll for today in this blog post! Currently, season 4 is in the progress and the Munki-gu episodes have been premiered which is the new villain appeared in this series.

Vote now for your favorite!

After 52 days of voting, it's officially over! The Heroes of the Sky is the winner as the most favorite Season 4 Episode of All-Time. Congratulations!

I am sorry that I'm late for the announcement because I was having a long activity in my live stream earlier. But this has now finally ended so thanks for your voting and the votes will be come in the future so stay tuned.

I know that the UCP Platform hates us to be edit and it is difficult to do after the last weeks i…

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WillMystery WillMystery 7 September 2020

Season 2 Episodes Rating

Hey guys, it's me, Will.

I would like to share my ratings of episodes of Season 2.

Rating Symbols:

A = Excellent

B = Good

C = Okay

D = Bad

E = Very Bad

F = Terrible


  • Moonfizzle Balls (B)
  • Soccer Ninjalinos (C)
  • Lionel-Saurus (A)
  • Catboy's Cuddly (A)
  • Night of the Cat (D)
  • Catboy Does It Again (C)
  • Terrible Two-Some (A)
  • Owlette's Luna Trouble (A)
  • Ninja Moths (A)
  • Who's Got the Owl Power? (C)
  • PJ Pinball (E)
  • Bounce-a-Tron (A)
  • Wacky Floats (B)
  • Romeo's Disguise (A)
  • PJ Robot (A)
  • PJ Power Up (B)
  • Moonstruck: Race to the Moon (A)
  • Moonstruck: Lunar Fortress (A)
  • Robot's Pet Cat (A)
  • Gekko, Master of the Deep (B)
  • May the Best Power Win (B)
  • Moonbreaker (B)
  • Race Up Mystery Mountain (A)
  • The Mountain Prisoner (A)
  • The Wolfy Kids (A)
  • Wolf-O-Saurus (C)
  • Catboy No More (D)
  • Gekko Vs. the Splatcan…
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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 1 September 2020

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Hey, everyone!

I just wanted to take this time to thank you all for the birthday wishes today! Although I had to find some way to balance my schedule between overseeing the PJ Masks Wiki and my life outside of here, such as schoolwork and other things, it was really nice to see my Message Wall fill up with the birthday messages you sent and the birthday cards you created. I really appreciate the kind words, and I absolutely love the cards!

And we had a new Season 4 episode as well, so I thought that was pretty cool that it aired on my birthday, too. (Quick Spoiler Alert: it was also Romeo's birthday in Season 4, Episode 8B: "Flying Factory Out of Control", so happy birthday, you crazy and evil scientist, you!)

Anyway, thank you all for the birt…

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Samuelgoodboy Samuelgoodboy 1 September 2020

Bad news yesterday

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I'm having a bad news during night. I was drinking the milk tea during lunch break when I drunk too much after I eat.

Then later what happens is I got stomach ache. It happens much during I'm washing the plates and the water glasses but I didn't finished it then I walk to the chair and my mom will give the medicine to take time to heal.

And then later at night, My stomach ache is now gone because I pray longer which is important to heal everyday. So now I feel better I was able to walk properly then I said to my mom and dad, "My stomach ache is gone." And also saying "Yes" when they ask the question "Are you feeling better now?"

And that's all for yesterday from what I ever happened until I feel better!

UPDATE: I will…

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WillMystery WillMystery 11 August 2020

Season 1 Episodes Rating

Hey guys, it's me, Will.

I would like to share my ratings of episodes of Season 1.

Rating Symbols:

A = Excellent

B = Good

C = Okay

D = Bad

E = Very Bad

F = Terrible


  • Blame it on the Train, Owlette: B
  • Catboy's Cloudy Crisis: A
  • Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip: B
  • Catboy and the Pogo Dozer: A
  • Gekko and the Super Ninjalinos: A
  • Owlette's Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble: D
  • Catboy and the Shrinker: C
  • Owlette and the Moon-Ball: B
  • Catboy and the Butterfly Brigade: B
  • Owlette the Winner: A
  • Speak UP, Gekko!: A
  • Catboy and Master Fang's Sword: A
  • Catboy VS. Robo-Cat: A
  • Owlette and the Giving Owl: C
  • Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue: E
  • Gekko and the Snore-A-Saurus: A
  • Looking After Gekko: C
  • Catboy and the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino: A
  • Catboy's Tricky Ticket: D
  • Gekko and the Mi…
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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 9 August 2020

I'm back!... and just one more thing...

Hello, everyone!

After about four to five days without power, everything is now restored in my place!

Well... almost everything. The internet service still needs to be fixed.

However, this is not much of a concern for me. I can always use the hotspot on my phone for internet connectivity until my internet service is restored.

What's important is that I have my power back, which means I'm now back on this wiki! Thank you to the other administrators for moderation of the wiki while I'm gone, and thank you to everyone else for your cooperation.

I'm officially active again, so... yeah - as always, please contact any of the admins here, including me, if there are any questions or concerns you may have.

Thanks, guys! See you around!

Update: Internet's …

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Blueberry706 Blueberry706 8 August 2020

⚠️ Discord PSA ⚠️

For those who have Discord, there's someone impersonating me on the app and sending friend requests to people who are on this wiki with known Discords. I just want to let you guys know that I have one and only one Discord account.

If you get a friend request from me on Discord, check if my username tag has #8066 on it. If it doesn't have those exact numbers, it's not me. Please block any Discord users who are suspecting to be impersonations of me or another admin. If you're unsure if the person who sent you the friend request is the actual person, message the person on their wall with the screenshot of the Discord tag and ask them: "Is this you?"

Here are some of the admins official Discord tags:

Blueberry706 (me): Blueberry706#8066

Raspberry30: Moon…

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MagicalGem98 MagicalGem98 5 August 2020

Availability Until...

Hi, everyone,

So, if anyone has not been made aware of by now, there was a tropical storm named Tropical Storm Isaias that hit several places recently. One of them is my place. Due to the strong and damaging winds, I’ve been left without power since yesterday afternoon.

I don’t know how long until the power outage will last for, but I do know this: if it lasts for a while, I will have to save energy in my electronics in case of emergencies.

Therefore, since the hotspot takes up a lot of battery in my phone, and since my portable charger is running low on battery, I will have to limit my availability time on the wiki. The other active administrators will, of course, be around monitoring the wiki, though. Anything that you may need, whether if …

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WksndndkskKdmd WksndndkskKdmd 5 August 2020

Who is ready for more new characters

After the first appearance of Newton Star in Astroid Accident I was wondering if the other characters that appear in The New York Toy Fair would have their appearance through end of August and the beginning of September. Now of course when it comes to a new nighttime hero everyone starts to get excited for that character because he seems excited but who knows how many heroes are there going to be in total for the whole series. Also when it comes to a villain the PJ masks are ready to stop there badness but people also like villains because they are so smart like for example for Romeo who almost won in Heroes of the sky because it took like two nights for the PJ masks to finally stop Romeo with the help of Luna girl and Motsuki. Now right b…

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