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"Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro"

The Book Continuity is the universe where the Les Pyjamasques picture book series takes place, with all its events from "Les Pyjamasques et le Grogarou" to the present being its canon. It is considered the main setting of the series, and the home dimension of Les Pyjamasques.

The continuity also includes events of the unaired pilot episode of the PJ Masks television series.



The Book Continuity is the continuity where the stories and events of the picture book series take place.

The primary location that most books takes place appears to be the fictional Tarabiscoville, a town based on the setting of France.


The continuity mainly focuses on dreamscape themes such as dreams, nightmares and imagination, and the atmosphere is very preschool in the look. The continuity also includes mythology, legends, folklore and other fantasy themes which relates to and mirrors the continuity's main atmosphere, while containing a superhero and vigilante genre.

Before "Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro", the continuity focused more on its cartoony aspects such as the moon having a face, anthropomorphic robots, and unanthropomorphic animals with the ability to speak (aside from the Animal Totems). This was relegated when the continuity decided to increase focus on its dreamscape and mythology themes, once the television series premiered.

TV Series Connections

As of "Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro", the continuity began incorporating elements from the Cartoon Continuity while keeping most of the elements from its first 18 stories of the continuity. These features include:

  • Certain characters getting some visual connections to the costume designs of their television counterparts.
    • The addition of new characters that directly reference the PJ Masks television series, but they are portrayed differently, renamed and had their designs changed to match the atmosphere and theme of the continuity.
  • Les Pyjamasques receiving vehicles that has a similar design to the PJ Masks, except they are convertible and have more animal features.
    • Les Pyjamasques also received a new design to their totem to resemble the PJ Masks' HQ, and is been given magical abilities.


The continuity mostly focuses on several characters who represent and portrayed as nahual, fairies, gods, witches, magicians and other mythical beings related to the continuity's dreamscape and mythology themes.

Some of the characters such as Les Mascrapules, Sorceline, Roméo Mécano, Gatzo, Apophis and Sablotin are represented as oppositions to the main characters and supporting characters who attempt to destroy, steal or damage anything related to the continuity's dreamscape themes.

Examples of various characters related to folklore and mythological elements may include:

  • Nahual (e.g. Les Pyjamasques)
  • Fairies (e.g. Lilifee)
  • Various monsters (e.g. Grogarou)
  • Gremlins (e.g. Sablotin)
  • Living statuettes (e.g. Utupe)
  • Witches (e.g. Sorceline and Magistère la Sorcière)
  • Magicians (e.g. Marchand de sable)
  • Gods (e.g Apophis and Bastet)
  • Nymphs (e.g Orticia)
  • Sea Serpents


The Picture Book Continuity is mainly oriented to magic relating real-life mythologies, folklore and legends. As the series progressed, some of the technology is incorporated from the Cartoon Continuity and is changed to fit with the continuity. Examples include:

  • Les Pyjamasques' vehicles are half-creature and half-vehicle (reminiscent to the hybrid creatures in mythology), instead of having proper superhero vehicles.
  • In contrast to Luna's powers, the powers that Sorceline has is sorcery technology instead of alien technology.



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