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"Bubbles Of Badness"
Season 4, episode 25
(Overall episode #199)
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
June 7, 2021[1]
Written by Tim Bain (Part 1) & Simon Nicholson (Part 2)
Directed by Christian De Vita
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"Pharaoh's Boomerangs"
"Ninja Power Up"

"Bubbles Of Badness" (also known as "Les Pyjamasques et Les Bulles de Méchanceté" in French) is the 25th Season 4 episode of PJ Masks. This is a 2-part special episode.


Octobella's vendetta against Gekko builds to unseen heights; Catboy and Owlette build a new vehicle of discovery and exploration, the PJ Sub.[2]


The following characters appeared in the episode "Bubbles Of Badness":


Part 1

The episode begins with Octobella and Percival spying on Gekko returning to HQ. Believing that she’s the only one to have fun in the moat, Octobella complains about him being there and plans to do something about it. The next night, Greg notifies Connor and Amaya about Octobella’s note found in his favorite book asking for help. Connor and Amaya believe that she’s in trouble, but he is not convinced, given what happened in the past. Nevertheless, they decide to investigate.

After finding Octobella through the PJ Picture Player, the PJ Masks approach her, who feigns being upset. She claims that Percival has disappeared, possibly captured by some villains, and begs them to help her find him, especially with the Gekko-mobile. Through the team’s insistence, Gekko reluctantly complies, although thinking that she’s tricking them.

His suspicions are soon proven true. While Catboy and Owlette search the city, Gekko finds Percival and follows him to a drain located in the canals, where he goes inside. Gekko swims out to look for him until he turns around to see Octobella in his vehicle driving away. The team regroups at HQ, but they can’t use the Picture Player to get it back. They apologize for not believing him, though he is still upset. To help him out, PJ Robot, accompanied by Catboy and Owlette, goes downstairs to build something.

Meanwhile, Gekko returns to the moat and chases Octobella. He grabs his vehicle’s tail, though she shakes him off by pressing a button on the control panel, then quickly spins him around. The reason for the increase in speed is because of the Pondstone Crystal. Octobella declares the Gekko-mobile to be hers now and drives away. Gekko returns to HQ upset.

Catboy and Owlette inform Gekko of a new submersible vehicle PJ Robot has been working on: the PJ Sub, perfect for underwater exploration. At first, Gekko declines because he wants his Gekko-Mobile back, but when the team convinces him that the PJ Sub can help, he accepts and, to the team’s concern, adds on that he can get Octobella. He invites everyone to join him, and they all dive into the moat.

The Gekko-Mobile soon appears through the PJ Sub’s scanners and headlights. Despite warnings to be careful, Gekko carelessly follows it to the end of the canals. Just as he thinks he’s got Octobella, she escapes. During the chase, he attempts to catch her using anything that can help him do so. Various objects are released, including a camera drone that takes her picture. Two claws are finally pulled out, but before he could catch his vehicle, he crashes into the ground. Octobella leaves, saying that she’ll go find a bigger pondstone crystal.

Nothing pulls up on the PJ Sub’s scanners, much to Gekko’s annoyance, so the team returns to HQ, where the pondstone batch appears on the PJ Picture Player. Although Catboy and Owlette warn that it may be too risky since they don’t know its powers, Gekko insists on taking it to make the PJ Sub more powerful and goes over to where it’s located by himself. However, once he grabs it and the vehicle powers up, it starts driving by itself. Octobella reveals that she had tricked him into getting the batch for her so she can take full control of the PJ Sub with the crystal that she has and thus make it hers.

After witnessing what’s happening, Catboy, Owlette, and PJ Robot enter the moat, the former two with new underwater gear. In the chase that follows, the three have Octobella crash into the PJ Sub. As she and Gekko go off in different directions, the pondstone crystal batch falls out and shatters, revealing a small stone. The team resurfaces and scolds Gekko for nearly wrecking the PJ Sub, which he blames Octobella for. Catboy assures him that they’ll get his Gekko-Mobile back tomorrow night. The team beings to proclaim their signature victory phrase, but Gekko stays silent and looks down at the moat.

Angry that Gekko has escaped, Octobella takes the remaining pondstone to her lair and mixes it with a potion and some seaweed to create a new concoction, which she then places in her conch: the Bubbles of Badness.

Part 2

The next day, as Connor and Amaya comfort Greg about what happened last night, including how Octobella is mean and picks on him, her bubbles appear from the canals and disperse around the town, taking his bike, art project, and the climbing frame. Some head over to his house, but the three are able to prevent them from going inside. All of the bubbles head into the moat afterwards. That night, Gekko takes off in the PJ Sub by himself, so Catboy and Owlette go over to the neighborhood and protect it.

At Octobella’s garden, she reveals that all the things she’s taken are Gekko’s favorite things. In addition to commanding Percival to keep an eye on them, she explains that she dislikes Gekko because although it was a long time ago and he didn’t know it was hers, he told her that he found the power pondweed. She also dislikes how he won’t let her be mean to him.

Gekko soon arrives to retrieve his belongings. He tries popping the bubbles with the PJ Sub’s claws, but when they prove to be unbreakable, he swims out to pop them with his Super Gekko Muscles instead. However, due to Octobella controlling them with the pondstone crystal, they move away. While Gekko tries to catch the bubbles, one takes the PJ Sub. Octobella disappears, and Percival swims up to the surface.

Meanwhile, Catboy and Owlette are protecting Gekko’s house. They contact Gekko for help, telling him to stay calm, and discuss the bubbles, but he is too mad to listen. During the discussion, Percival sneaks into his room and finds Lionel. Lionel is captured and brought down to the crystal garden. Octobella then blows two more bubbles that capture Catboy and Owlette, who have attempted to save him and tried to warn Gekko about what happened, and moves them around, all while teasing Gekko.

Infuriated, Gekko hits the pondstone crystal away with his tail; then when Octobella protects herself in a bubble, he uses his Super Gekko Muscles to throw her out of the moat. As he relaxes, he apologizes for using his powers to do something like that. Before he can take everything home, because of his blind rage, the crystal had shattered. All of the bubbles float into outer space, two of them trapping PJ Robot going outside and Newton, who has just come back from another galaxy to visit and notices everything floating upwards.

Gekko grabs the pondstone, returns to HQ, and blasts off. When he uses the claws to retrieve Catboy, he is flung away. Gekko opens the cat flap so he can place everyone in himself, but they are scattered everywhere. Owlette suggests the only way to save them is to use what’s left of the pondstone crystal since it still has power to control the bubbles. Unfortunately, because Gekko doesn’t know how to do so, the only one who can help him is Octobella herself.

Gekko boosts himself to Octobella’s bubble using his Super Gekko Muscles and asks her to teach him how to use the pondstone, who just angrily complains about him breaking it and not letting her be mean to him. He starts refraining from speaking to her, but after looking at his friends, he reconsiders. He assures her that he’ll save everyone, including her, because as a PJ Mask, it’s important for him to do the right thing. She finally agrees to help him.

With Octobella’s instructions on how to hold and use the pondstone crystal, although a tiny mishap happens, Gekko grips onto her bubble and moves her to HQ, then moves the rest of the bubbles inside. Once HQ returns to Earth, he moves all of them outside and sets everyone and everything free. He then informs Octobella that the crystal will be locked up when she commands him to give it to her. She vows vengeance and dives back into the moat, complaining about all the things the heroes are saying.

Gekko responds that he’ll deal with it next time as a PJ Mask, and the heroes proclaim the signature victory phrase.


  • Stay calm and think clearly; getting angry will have negative consequences.


  • This episode serves as the Season 4 finale.
  • This is the eighth special episode of the series.
  • A new vehicle is introduced in this episode: the PJ Sub.
  • Newton Star and Lionel meet Octobella for the first time.
    • Lionel also meets Newton Star and Percival for the first time.
  • Octobella drives the Gekko-mobile for the first time.
  • This is the last episode of Season 4 that focuses on Gekko.
    • This is also the last episode of the season that features Octobella as the primary villain.
  • This is the first time roman numerals have been used for numbering parts.
  • Greg mentions the time Octobella tricked and trapped him in "Octobella" and attempted to throw him out of the PJ Masks in "Octo-Trouble."
  • Octobella mentions the time in "Octobella" Gekko mentioned he found power pondweed back in "Power Pondweed."
  • Gekko controls the HQ rocket ship for the first time.
  • Catboy and Owlette get new underwater gear: water wings and flippers, the latter installed on their gravity boots.
  • This is the second episode to not show Newton Star in his daytime identity.
  • Octobella trapping Gekko's friends and favorite things in bubbles is similar to Shadow Moth using his sentimonster Sentibubbler to trap Rena Rouge's friends, family and cellphone in bubbles in the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir episode "Sentibubbler."
    • Both villains knew the identities of the superheroes they were threatening and imprisoned the superheroes' loved ones. However, Sentibubbler never managed to send the bubbles into space despite threatening to do so, while Octobella's bubbles unintentionally went to space due to a malfunction.
  • This is the last episode Roman Lutterotti voices Catboy before Evan O'Donnell takes over.
  • Percival enters Gekko's house for the first time.
  • This episode introduces the Bubbles of Badness.


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