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Bubbles Of Badness


This article features notable quotes from Season 4, Episode 25 "Bubbles Of Badness".

  • Gekko: "Octobella!"
  • Octobella: (Giggles, then cries)
  • Owlette: "Octobella, are you okay? Do you need a tissue, a hug?"
  • Gekko: "Acting lessons?"
  • Octobella: "Poor little Percival's disappeared! Maybe he's been... shrimp-napped! Please, PJ Masks! I need your help finding Percival! Maybe in that old lizardy boat thing you have?"
  • Gekko: "The Gekko-Mobile? It's for missions."
  • Owlette: "This is a mission. What if some villain's taken Percival?"
  • (Octobella cries again; Gekko sees Catboy and Owlette glaring at him)
  • Gekko: "Okay, fine."
  • Catboy: "You search the moat, we'll check out the city."
  • Octobella: (Giggles)

  • Gekko: "Here, Percival. Come on, boy." (Percival swims by) "Hey, where are you going?" (Gekko follows Percival to the end of the moat) "Stay right where you are, boy, stay." (Percival enters the drain) "Oh, great." (Exits the Gekko-mobile and searches the drain) "Here, Percival. Come on, boy."
  • Octobella: (Evil laughter) "Mind if I take it for a test drive?"
  • Gekko: "No! I knew this was a trap!"

  • Gekko: "Stealing my Gekko-mobile? She's gone too far this time."
  • Owlette: "She was so convincing. We're really sorry, Gekko."
  • Gekko: "Sorry isn't going to get my Gekko-mobile back."

  • Gekko: "Hey! Come back here!" (Grabs the Gekko-mobile's tail) "Gotcha!"
  • Octobella: "Oops, slimy lizard on my tail. Better shake it off." (Presses a button to shake Gekko off)
  • Gekko: "Aah! Whoa! Gasping geckos!"
  • Octobella: (Giggles) "Now let's take a spin!" (Spins Gekko around quickly, and he hits the ground)
  • Gekko: "It's so... fast?"
  • Octobella: "All thanks to pondstone power." (Inserts the crystal into the Gekko-mobile) "Sorry, tiddly tadpole. Your bitty boaty's all mine now. Ta-ta!"

  • Gekko: "That Octobella! She's always--"
  • Owlette: "We know you're upset, Gekko, but PJ Robot's working on something that's awesome! Come on!"

  • Gekko: "Caught like a squid in the headlights."
  • Octobella: "Gotta catch me first, tadpole."
  • Gekko: "Oh, I'll catch you. With this... and this?" (A headlight and a rubber duck pop out) "Oh, come on!" (Presses another button to release a camera, which swims over to Octobella and takes a picture of her; the picture appears on the side screen) "Ugh! Come back here! Come on, give me something useful. Ah, grabby things!" (Gekko attempts to catch Octobella with the claws, but she gets away, and the PJ Sub hits the ground) "The pondstone power! It's too fast!"
  • Octobella: "See ya, tadpole! I'm gonna find a really big pondstone."

  • Catboy: "Bet you can't catch a speedy cat!"
  • Octobella: "Oh, yeah?"
  • Catboy: (Giggles)
  • Owlette: "Hi, Octobella!"
  • Octobella: (Growls) "Bird girl! Come back here!"
  • Catboy: "Yoo-hoo! Over here, Octobella!"
  • Octobella: (Screams in frustration)
  • (PJ Robot swims by, and he, Catboy and Owlette group together and stop)
  • Owlette: "Come and get us!"
  • Octobella: "Oh, I will!" (Catboy, Owlette, and PJ Robot swim out of the way, revealing Gekko heading towards Octobella) "Uh-oh!" (The two crash into each other, causing Octobella to head towards her crystal garden and Gekko to resurface as the Pondstone Crystal batch is released and breaks to reveal a small stone)

  • Octobella: "You keep a shrimpy eye on it all, Percival. It's not just any stuff." (Giggles) "It's the little green guy's stuff."
  • Percival: (Mumbles why Octobella doesn't like Gekko)
  • Octobella: "Why don't I like the little green guy? Um... oh, pondweed! He said he once found some magic pondweed... in my moat! He took it without asking!"
  • Percival: (Mumbles that it was a long time ago)
  • Octobella: "Yeah, that was a long time ago."
  • Percival: (Mumbles)
  • Octobella: "Yeah, he didn't know it was mine."
  • Percival: (Mumbles)
  • Octobella: "It has nothing to do with pondweed, you silly shrimp! It's the stuff he's done since then, like not let me be mean to him. I don't like that!"
  • Gekko: "Then you're not gonna like this. I'm taking my things back, and I'm taking them now."
  • Octobella: "You think? Those bubbles are unbreakable."

  • Octobella: "Hmm, little green guy sees red; you must be so confused."
  • Gekko: (Growls)
  • Octobella: "Uh-uh-uh! Pondstone power!" (Uses the pondstone crystal to spin Catboy and Owlette around while Gekko grows angrier) "Oh, you can't catch them, so you can't use your Super Gekko Muscles."
  • Gekko: "Oh, yes, I can!" (Hits the pondstone crystal away from Octobella, which breaks into pieces when it hits a wall)
  • Octobella: "My pondstone! Ah!" (Giggles sheepishly, then blows another bubble to protect herself; evil laughter) "Unbreakable! Can't get me!"
  • Gekko: (Growls and grabs Octobella's bubble)
  • Octobella: "What? But you're a hero! You don't do stuff like this--aah!"
  • Gekko: "Super Gekko Muscles!" (Throws Octobella out of the moat)

  • Gekko: "Gasping geckos, that felt good!" (Panting)
  • Catboy: "Gekko, are you okay?"
  • Gekko: "I had to get everything back. I had to."
  • Owlette: "Sure, but--"
  • Gekko: "I know, I shouldn't use my powers to do a thing like that. I'm sorry. It's over now; I'll take you home and..." (The damaged pondstone crystal short-circuits)
  • Catboy: "You must have damaged it! Whoa!"
  • Owlette: "Gekko, help!"
  • (All of the bubbles float up)
  • Gekko: "Oh, no! Come on, pondstone. Good pondstone. Don't worry, I'll save you!"

  • Gekko: "Hey, Octobella, I need you to show me how to use this."
  • Octobella: "Look what you've done! Y--you silly green--"
  • Gekko: "You started it!"
  • Octobella: "If you'd just let me be mean to you, everything would have been fine!"
  • Gekko: "Gasping geckos, that does it!"
  • Octobella: (Groans)
  • Gekko: (Looks at his friends floating and looking at him and takes a breath) "Time to be a hero. We both need me to use it. I'll rescue my friends, and I'll rescue you, too."
  • Octobella: "No way you would do that."
  • Gekko: "I would. I'm a PJ Mask, and I do the right thing. Nothing changes that." (Sighs) "Not even you."
  • Octobella: "Ugh, saved by a lizard. I guess that's better than floating into outer space. Just hold it like this." (Gekko does what Octobella instructs him to do) "Then look at the bubble you want to move. Concentrate. Feel the power." (The crystal glows)
  • Gekko: "Whoa."
  • Octobella: "Put a finger on the stone. Move it where you want the bubble to go." (Gekko proceeds to do what Octobella says, but ends up flipping her upside down) "Not upside down!"
  • Gekko: "Sorry! Super Lizard Grip! Let's do this!"

  • Octobella: "Give me my pondstone!"
  • Gekko: "Oh, no, you don't. We'll keep it in HQ."
  • Octobella: "Oh, you wait until next time!"
  • Gekko: "I'll deal with it next time. I'm a PJ Mask. Nothing changes that, remember?"
  • Octobella: "Oh, you guys and the friendly, happy stuff you say! I can't stand it!"
  • Owlette: "Get used to it. There's more, like..."
  • Gekko: "PJ Masks, all shout 'hooray'!"
  • Octobella: "Not listening!"
  • Everyone: "'Cause in the night, we saved the day!"

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