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"Blame it on the Train, Owlette"

Cartoon Continuity is the universe where the PJ Masks animated series takes place, with all its events from all four current seasons being its canon. It is the home dimension of the Les Pyjamasques' descendants, the PJ Masks.



The Cartoon Continuity is the continuity where the stories and events of the television series take place.

Like the Book Continuity, the primary location that most episodes takes place appears to be the fictional Tarabiscoville.


Like the Book Continuity, it contains a vigilante genre. However, there are some major differences with this continuity:

  • Adds new themes such as superhero comic elements, science-fiction and more-akin contemporary superhero culture, that is reminiscent to Marvel Comics.
    • The continuity adds in direct references and inspiration from Marvel Comics.
  • The original dreamscape theme is eliminated.
  • The atmosphere is less preschool in the look.
  • The primary location for the continuity, Tarabiscoville, replaces the original book series' French culture and lifestyle with North American culture to fit with the themes of the continuity.

However, the continuity keeps the picture book series' original mythology and legend themes intact.


Unlike the Book Continuity, this continuity's main theme on the characters focuses more on their goals and ambitions on trying to achieve the higher power.

To relate to the character's main theme, the villains will often plan motives on stealing, rob prominent assets, unlocking secrets and world domination in order to become the most powerful person in which nobody can stop them. In addition, they will need to disable or defeat any oppositions who are preventing their goals from happening.

The heroes on the other hand are mostly represented as Earth protectors whom they will learn their power on saving the day.

The designs for the characters in the continuity contain direct references to the characters featured in the comic stories created by Marvel Comics.

The focus on mythical beings such as nahual, witches, magicians and gods were relegated. Instead, in the continuity, it majorly focuses on superpowered individuals, thieves, ninjas, aliens and scientists in order to relate to the themes of characters featured in Marvel Comics.

Examples of various characters portrayed include:

  • Superpowered individuals (e.g. PJ Masks, Newton Star)
  • Mad scientists (e.g Romeo)
  • Expert thieves (e.g. Luna Girl)
  • Ninjas (e.g Night Ninja)
  • Aliens (e.g Motsuki)
  • Werewolves (e.g The Wolfy Kids)


Unlike the other continuities, the Cartoon Continuity is more scientifically oriented. Examples include:

  • Compared to Sorceline's powers, the powers that Luna Girl has is considered advanced alien technology.
  • The PJ Masks costumes are considered energy-powered instead of being magical, and are genuine superhero suits instead of being considered magical pajamas.
    • Unlike Les Pyjamasques, the PJ Masks chose to have an expanded number of genuine superhero technology such as the PJ Spacesuits, PJ Rovers and PJ Wings.




  • Unlike the other continuities, there are some inconsistencies and plot-holes with the TV series' continuity as well as its characters and events. Examples include:
    • Motsuki being portrayed a moth alien, though her original home was actually Earth when she was a regular moth.
    • As seen in "Halloween Tricksters", Catboy had to deepen his voice while Gekko and Owlette kept quiet so the kids won't know who they really are.
    • The PJs confiscating the Moon Crystal each time it is stolen by Luna Girl and other villains (occasionally).
      • This is dropped after the events of "Moon Madness", and it is unknown why the PJ Masks gave up their chances to retrieve it from Luna (except for "Space Race", where it was presumably confiscated from Luna for a brief time after the events of the special).
    • The PJ Crystal Totem's behavior is inconsistent.
      • In "PJ Power Up", when the crystal was knocked off its pedestal by PJ Robot, the PJ Masks lose their powers and costumes.
      • In "Romeocoaster", when the crystal's powers was drained by Romeo, the PJ Masks didn't lose their costumes, just their powers.
      • However in "Heroes of the Sky", when the crystal was taken by the Fly Bots from its pedestal, the PJ Masks didn't lose their powers and costumes. In fact, Owlette only lost hers and her memories when Romeo decided to drain them with one of his inventions, and ultimately their vehicles.
    • The unknown process of the residents of Tarabiscoville moving the Dragon Gong from Mystery Mountain to the museum.
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