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Cartoon Continuity


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"Blame it on the Train, Owlette"

Cartoon Continuity is the universe where the PJ Masks animated series takes place, with all its events from all four current seasons being its canon. It is the home dimension of the Les Pyjamasques' television counterparts, the PJ Masks.



The Cartoon Continuity is the continuity where the stories and events of the television series take place.

Like the Book Continuity, the primary location that most episodes takes place appears to be the fictional Tarabiscoville.


In general, the continuity takes the idea on adapting the picture book series to take inspiration on the cultural influence of Marvel Comics; while it incorporates modern-age superhero culture. In addition, it has a comic book-y, serious and realistic atmosphere, with the aesthetics of slapstick cartoons.

The continuity includes aspects that reflects the atmosphere and aesthetics such as the characters inspired by superheroes and supervillains created by Marvel Comics, and the general use of in-universe superhero comics such as Flossy Flash, Master Fang and Melvin Muscles.

To differ from the Book Continuity, the continuity includes aspects that is often common with Sci-Fi:

  • Most of the superheroes are commonly oriented to science fiction and technology in the Cartoon Continuity compared to most of the characters in the Book Continuity being magic-oriented.
  • Unanthropomorphic characters (e.g. Moths, Butterflies) are being given a more realistic appearance compared to their book counterparts' cartoony appearances.
  • The art style is changed to look like it is all happening in a superhero comic book instead of a cartoon.
  • It changes the simulation of stories and lore in folklores and mythologies of ancient origins by having it be more associated with possession by the holder whom wants to achieve great power (e.g. Wolfy Bone, Dragon Gong and the Space Laser Staff); instead of taking the idea of placing various folklores in Greek mythology.
  • The original France culture and lifestyle from the Book Continuity is replaced with contemporary American lifestyle since superhero culture is mainly associated with American comic books.


The continuity mainly focuses on western archetypical superheroes and supervillains of science fictional and technology orientation, while relegating the focus of heroes and villains of magical orientations:

  • Metahumans - (e.g. PJ Masks, Newton Star and Armadylan)
  • Mad Scientists - (e.g. Romeo)
  • Mysterious Thieves - (e.g. Luna Girl)
  • Ninjas - (e.g. Night Ninja)
  • Humanoids - (e.g. Motsuki and Octobella)
  • Werewolves - (e.g. The Wolfy Kids)
  • Samurais - (e.g. An Yu and Munki-gu)

In contrast to the superheroes and supervillains in the Book Continuity whom are associated with aspects of life and nature that is reminiscent to how the Greek gods and goddesses, the superheroes and supervillains in the Cartoon Continuity are associated with behavior in order to reflect on the television series' premise of teaching viewers on how to be a better person. For example, the superheroes are portrayed to have kind and good qualities, while the rest of the supervillains are shown to have naughty and mischievous qualities.

Unlike the villains from the Book Continuity, villains in the Cartoon Continuity such as Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja have traditional superhero fiction motives that involve on them stealing, robbing prominent assets, unlocking secrets, and world domination in order to achieve the highest power in which nobody can stop them. In addition, they will need to disable or defeat any oppositions who are preventing their goals from happening.

Unlike most characters from the Book Continuity, the characters in this continuity have designs and names related to western archetypical superheroes and supervillains. In addition, they also reference to the character lore established in the comic stories created by Marvel Comics.


Unlike the Book Continuity, the Cartoon Continuity is mainly oriented to science fiction and technology. Examples include:

  • Like Energuman, the PJ Masks chose to have an expanded number of genuine superhero technology, such as having PJ Spacesuits, PJ Rovers and PJ Wings.
    • In comparison to Les Pyjamasques' cartoon-styled vehicles, the PJ Masks' vehicles resemble more that of comic-styled superhero vehicles, while having weaponry gadgetry and functional vehicle windows for entry.
    • Most of the superheroes' super costumes are technology-oriented instead of being magic-oriented.
  • Compared to his book counterpart, Romeo's inventions mostly consists of ray gun-related and superhero comic-styled inventions instead of a larger choice of inventions that are more cartoon-styled.
  • Compared to Sorceline's powers that approaches to be magic-oriented, the powers that Luna Girl approaches to be Sci-Fi oriented instead.




  • Unlike the other continuities, there are some inconsistencies and plot-holes within the television series' continuity as well as its characters and events. Examples include:
    • As seen in "Halloween Tricksters," Catboy had to deepen his voice while Gekko and Owlette kept quiet so the kids won't know who they really are.
      • However, their behavior on keeping casual was dropped in episodes such as "Teacher Goes Ninja," "Do The Gekko" and "PJ Party Crasher" in which they keep their voices normal and revealed who they are (in a less extent).
        • As of "The PJ Masks Save Christmas" and some Season 4 episodes, they had to whisper their PJ Masks' signature phrase and anything about their superhero careers, in order to keep it a secret from other civilians.
    • The PJ Crystal Totem's behavior is inconsistent.
      • In "PJ Power Up," when the crystal was knocked off its pedestal by PJ Robot, the PJ Masks instantly lose their powers and costumes.
      • In "Romeocoaster," when the crystal's powers was drained by Romeo, the PJ Masks didn't lose their costumes, just their powers.
      • However in "Heroes of the Sky," when the crystal was taken by the Fly Bots from its pedestal, the PJ Masks didn't lose their powers and costumes. In fact, Owlette only lost hers and her memories when Romeo decided to drain them with one of his inventions, and ultimately their vehicles.
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