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Cartoon Continuity


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"Blame it on the Train, Owlette"

Cartoon Continuity is the universe where the PJ Masks animated series takes place, with all its events from all four current seasons being its canon. It is the home dimension of the Les Pyjamasques' descendants, the PJ Masks.



The Cartoon Continuity is a Marvel-influenced version of the Soft Reboot Continuity and Original Continuity where the television series takes place.

Like the rest of the other continuities, the Cartoon Continuity has a superhero theme. The only differences is that the continuity's atmosphere is science-themed and more realistic. It also incorporates Marvel-related content, while eliminating mythological and folklore-based elements that wouldn't be normally found in a typical Marvel comic that fits in within the comic genre.

Examples of contemporary superhero culture that can be found includes:

  • Superheroes having home bases and owning a plentiful supply of gadgetry.

Nocturnal Heroes and Villains

The characters that appeared from the other continuities have their looks changed to be modelled after the existing Marvel superheroes and villains, and have typical superhero and villain alter-ego names.

The characters also received other changes to fit with the Marvel characters. This includes:

  • The characters given typical superhero/villain alter-ego names to fit with the continuity's theme.
  • The characters now have motives that match with the superheroes and villains from the comics by Marvel.
  • The characters' personalities also count as well such as the PJ Masks being intolerant towards other characters who show childish mindsets, and the villains being given unruly and bad-mannered portrayals.

Unlike the other continuities, most of the original characters (except for the main trio, Romeo, Santa Claus and the Animal Totems) are eliminated due to being related to mythology and folklore. New characters such as Luna Girl and Night Ninja are introduced to replace the rest of the original characters.

The characters in the continuity also have their archetypes changed to match the existing Marvel characters instead of real-life folklore and mythologies.

Examples of various characters portrayed after the Marvel characters include:

  • Clad superheroes (e.g. PJ Masks)
  • Scientists (e.g Romeo)
  • Thieves/Mysterious Girls (e.g. Luna Girl)
  • Ninjas (e.g Night Ninja)
  • Aliens (e.g Motsuki)
  • Werewolves (e.g The Wolfy Kids)


Unlike the other continuities, the Cartoon Continuity is more scientifically oriented. Examples include:

  • Compared to Sorceline's powers, the powers that Luna Girl has is considered advanced alien technology.
  • The PJ Masks costumes are considered energy-powered instead of being magical, and are genuine superhero suits instead of being considered magical pajamas.



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