PJ MASKS LOGO.png This article is about a counterpart of a character/exclusive character that only exists in the Cartoon Continuity of Les Pyjamasques.

For the character's mainstream counterpart, see Yoyo.

Catboy (Connor)

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Real Name


Current Alias



PJ Masks

Base of Operations

PJ Masks Headquarters




Secret Identity








Cartoon Continuity


PJ Robot
An Yu
Newton Star
Robot (sometimes)
Luna Girl (sometimes)
Moths (sometimes)
Motsuki (sometimes)
Night Ninja (sometimes)
Ninjalinos (sometimes)
Teacher (mentor)
Other Kids
Teeny Weeny
Wolfy Kids (sometimes)
Alley Cat
Santa Claus
Munki-gu (sometimes)


Night Ninja
Luna Girl
Teeny Weeny (formerly)
Wolfy Kids
Armadylan (briefly; formerly)
Ruffles (formerly)


His friends (including Greg and Amaya)
Fighting crime
His Cat-Car
Making things right
Master Fang
Gekko's plan to stick up on ice
Mystery Mountain
Mr. Meow
His powers
Ruffles (currently)
Newton Star


Romeo and his robots
His friends in danger
Luna Girl and her moths
Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos
Sticky Splats
Being captured
Being angered
Owlette refusing to forgive him
Owlette being hard on him
Gekko's plan to stick up on ice (formerly)
Making mistakes
Being glared and scolded at
Owlette's impatience
Making his friends angry
Losing his powers
Wolfy Kids
Upsetting Armadylan
Armadylan's recklessness
Stray dogs (formerly)
Ruffles (formerly)
Owlette and Luna's arguing
Gekko's selfishness
Gekko messing around

Debut appearance

"Blame it on the Train, Owlette"

Voice actor

United States of America United States of America
Canada Canada
Jacob Ewaniuk (Season 1)
Jacob Ursomarzo (Season 2 - Season 3)
Roman Lutterotti (Season 3-present)
France France
Arthur Dubois (Season 1)
Circé Lethem (Season 2 - present)

Catboy (real name: Connor) is the main protagonist of PJ Masks. He is the leader, one quarter of the PJ Masks and he is the Marvel-influenced counterpart of the original Yoyo from an alternate universe. His vehicular method of travel is the Cat-Car.


Long before the events of the television series, Connor met his friends Amaya and Greg in a sandpit at school.

At an unknown specific time, Catboy, alongside Owlette and Gekko, would obtain their powers by receiving superhero suits created by their Animal Spirits. However, it is unknown what caused the Animal Spirits to give him and his friends their powers.

Official Website description

Catboy is the leader of the trio, and the oldest too. Incredibly fast, amazingly agile, he can hear the quietest sounds across unbelievable distances! But he's also afraid of water! Still, when adventure beckons, “The amazing Catboy leaps to the rescue!” With these skills Catboy can outrun anyone and gives Night Ninja a challenge with his amazing leaps and acrobatic moves! His vehicle, the Cat-Car, gets the heroes from A to B in lightning speed and even shoots moth balls should there be anything in the way!


As Connor

Connor takes great enjoyment in associating with Greg and Amaya. He can be a bit clumsy at times; this was especially emphasized in "Clumsy Catboy." He's also nice, smart, caring, friendly, helpful, and funny. In "Catboy's Great Gig," it is shown that he sometimes has intense stage fright, similar to how Greg becomes nervous when he's presenting to the class.

As Catboy

As Catboy, Connor leads the PJ Masks through the steps of defeating villains such as Romeo, Luna Girl & Night Ninja. He prefers to have his own way, but still respects Owlette and Gekko when they ring in with their opinions. On many occasions, like his fellow members, childlike immaturity tends to overtake his mindset on the mission leading to issues (such as getting frustrated in "Catboy and Master Fang's Sword" and letting leadership go to his head in "Catboy Takes Control"), but this is always realized and corrected leading to the mission being done properly, and the villain's plans foiled. Despite being the leader of the team, each member still has as much priority.

As Kitten Boy

When he got zapped by the Baby Beam and turned into Kitten Boy in "Terrible Two-Some," he can be quite curious, playful, and cute, but sometimes, he can be bratty, demanding, and more emotional. He can sometimes act like a real cat and he can actually drink milk from a bowl like one, too. He also likes to chase butterflies, play with fur balls, and he can even walk, climb, sit, pounce, and run like a cat.

As Night Panther

When Catboy got zapped by the Opposite Ray and turned into Night Panther in "Gekko and the Opposite Ray," he is evil and hostile, as he and Dark Owl are super enemies with Gekko. However, he argues with Dark Owl a lot, and he is also competitive, since he and Dark Owl have tried to win against each other when trying to defeat Gekko.

Motive & Abilities



Catboy and the rest of the PJ Masks will fight various nighttime villains that are scientifically oriented, most of his appearances often involve him and the team stopping villains from stealing stuff.

Night Panther

As Night Panther, he and Dark Owl are motivated by their desire to have the things they want by any means necessary, while acting as an associate for other villains such as Romeo.

His motive as a villain is similar to Luna Girl's motive on stealing.


  • Super Cat Ears: Can hear any sound from far away.
  • Super Cat Jump: Can jump really high.
  • Super Cat Speed: His primary power; he can run extremely fast, sometimes faster than the eye can see. However, he can only use this speed for short amounts of time (as seen in "Catboy and the Lunar Dome"). He can also use his speed to make things he touches go faster (as seen in "Moon Madness"). A side effect of his power is that he generates lightning while running, which he can use for other purposes like recharging robots (as seen in "Robot Goes Wrong”) and the PJ Crystal (as seen in "Super Super Cat Speed").
  • Super Cat Stripes: Can shoot glowing blue energy stripes that wrap around his opponents and tie them up. He can also use them to hold on to or grab things.
  • Amulet Symbol: When pressed, he can communicate with his spirit animal (represented as the Alley Cat).

The following powers were temporarily gained in "Owlette of a Kind":

  • Cat Eyes: A power identical to Owlette's "Owl Eyes," caused by Romeo's Power Copier. This power was self-nicknamed by Catboy upon discovery.
  • Owl Wing Wind: Another temporary power of Owlette's caused by Romeo's Power Copier.

Physical appearance

As Connor

Connor has light but tan skin, short spiky brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a teal shirt covering a white T-shirt with a thunderbolt logo. He also wears light blue pants and red sneakers with lime green shoelaces.

During the nighttime, his pajamas consist of a blue shirt with his signature cat symbol in the middle. His shirt and pants carry the same striped design. He also wears blue slippers.

As Catboy

Catboy's costume is a dark blue superhero suit with artificial fur, stripes resembling a lightning bolt. He has darker blue accents at his feet and a signature cat symbol at his chest.

As Night Panther

As Night Panther, his appearance is identical to that of his superhero identity, but his different color is black with white stripes and dark gray eyes.

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