"Catboy's Flying Fiasco"
Season 1, episode 11A
(Overall episode #21)
Catboys Flying Fiasco Card.png
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
November 20, 2015
Written by Ashley Mendoza
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) 1.05
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"Gekko and the Missing Gekko-Mobile"
"Gekko's Stay-at-Home Sneezes"

"Catboy's Flying Fiasco" (also known as "Yoyo et le cadeau surprise" in French) is the first segment of the 11th Season 1 episode of PJ Masks.


By day, Connor was flying his toy helicopter when Greg tells him about the Hot Air Balloon ride that he and Amaya are going to. Then, Connor trips over a giant present. He finds an amazing new scooter inside the box that was "sent" by his Great Aunt, Cynthia. Greg notices that Connor's new scooter looks familiar. Then, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were going to the Hot Air Balloon ride, when they notice that the rope was cut. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Luna Girl took the Hot Air Balloon so she can turn it into her very own "Moony Balloon." Catboy asks Luna Girl for the Hot Air Balloon back, but then Luna Girl controls Catboy's scooter with her Luna Magnet. Gekko finally notices what Catboy's scooter really is: A disguised Luna Board! The Moony Balloon finally flies away when Catboy cuts the rope with the Luna Board. Gekko catches up with the Moony Balloon, but then he has his own flying problem! How will Catboy and Owlette save Gekko?


The following characters appeared in the episode "Catboy's Flying Fiasco":


Today, the hot air balloon ride is in town, and the kids are getting ready to walk over to catch a ride. Connor is very excited; he cannot wait to fly above the city and look at everything from above. He pretends that he is flying around with his helicopter toy in his hand, and trips on a big box. Amaya and Greg walk over to him, and when he gets off, it opens up to reveal a brand-new scooter with a card attached to it saying that it was from his great aunt Cynthia. Although not remembering if he had a great aunt, Connor is amazed at this present and immediately starts to ride it. Amaya and Greg are suspicious about this, though. As they question about Connor having a great aunt, they also question about the appearance of the scooter, because it looks familiar. They suggest that they should double check where it came from, but Connor disagrees, saying that he has never seen a scooter like this before. He takes off into the town, and Amaya and Greg follow him. From behind, a couple of moths are watching what is happening, and fly off.

A few moments later, the three kids arrive at the field. However, they see that the other kids who have arrived earlier are sadly leaving. The reason why is that the hot air balloon has vanished. No one knows what happened to it. Greg suggests that the wind must have blown it away, but when Amaya takes a look at the ropes that held the balloon down, someone must have cut them and flew off with it. With this in mind, the PJ Masks decide to find out who has it.

As soon as the PJ Masks transform and arrive at headquarters, Catboy quickly grabs his scooter. He is going to take it with him for this mission, as he believes that it could come in handy. Owlette starts to protest, but Gekko interrupts, and asks about the button on the scooter. Catboy presses it, and it starts to hover. His excitement about the scooter grows, and he flies around his base room, hitting a couple of obstacles in his way. Owlette warns him to be careful, as flying takes a lot of practice, but Catboy thinks otherwise, saying he is good at flying, and he finally lands down after bumping into more obstacles. Although reluctant at Catboy’s statement, Owlette just reminds him to be careful, and she and Gekko head over to the Owl-Glider. She starts getting annoyed when Catboy states that as they follow him, she could learn a couple of his flying skills.

With one switch of Catboy’s Cat symbol transition, Catboy flies out of HQ with his scooter, and the Owl-Glider follows along. As the team flies into the town, Catboy hits a small fence, and almost loses control, but he quickly recovers and flies on. Meanwhile, Owlette looks on in concern. However, after Catboy regains control and starts flying faster, she decides to show him a couple of flying skills of her own, and flies the Owl-Glider above the buildings, doing a couple of spins and flips. Catboy is amazed, and follows the vehicle along. As this is happening, Gekko reminds the two about looking for the hot air balloon. No sooner as he said that did Catboy spot something and point it out. Owlette takes a look with her Owl Eyes, and she sees Luna Girl with the hot air balloon. She lands the Owl Glider on top of the buildings, doing a couple more tricks, and flies out. In contrast, after lots of spinning and flipping around, Gekko slowly climbs out, dizzily walks a few steps, and falls down, commenting that maybe he should walk from now on. Catboy catches up with the two, and as he helps Gekko up, he comments on how skillful he flew, and tells Owlette to look at him and his amazing flying tricks. Owlette reminds him that he almost fell off, but Catboy just takes this as a positive thing, and feels that his flying will help the team. Owlette starts to tell him that she can fly as well, but Gekko stops her, and tells the two that they can both help with flying.

That being said, the PJ Masks take a peek at what is happening. What they see is Luna Girl and her moths repainting the hot air balloon into Luna Girl’s own Moony Balloon so she can keep it all for herself. Catboy tells the team that he will fly in with his scooter and grab the hot air balloon, while Owlette and Gekko stay where they are and be on the lookout. Owlette warns Catboy that it will be tricky to get the balloon as he flies, but Catboy believes it will be easy with his flying skills, and the two start to argue again. Gekko interferes, though, and suggests that he can grab the balloon with his Super Gekko Camouflage. However, Catboy feels that it is not as cool as what he is going to do, and flies off. He calls out for Luna Girl’s attention and demands her to give back the hot air balloon. Luna Girl turns towards him, and tells him to get it. Catboy flies in, but unbeknownst to him, Luna Girl takes out her Luna Magnet from behind her back, so before he can grab the balloon, she touches a couple of buttons, and the scooter flies out of control. After a couple of seconds, Luna Girl ceases pressing buttons, and Catboy regains control of the scooter. Unfortunately, when he flies towards the balloon again, the villainess resumes to take control again. She makes him fly around the balloon a couple of times, and makes him crash into Gekko. She then spins him around, forcing Gekko to fly off and crash into Owlette, and sends him flying away.

Owlette and Gekko quickly follow to where Catboy flew off to, and find him unharmed in the town square. As Catboy recovers and picks up his scooter, Owlette suggests that she should fly in and get the hot air balloon instead while Catboy uses his Super Cat Speed to distract Luna Girl. Catboy refuses to, saying that he can handle it, and they begin arguing again, with Owlette saying that it is dangerous for him to do what he is planning to do, and Catboy saying that she does not need to fly since he has amazing flying skills. Just then, they see that Gekko is gone. After a failed attempt to make them stop arguing, Gekko has gone off to get the balloon himself. Quickly, Catboy catches up to him, ignoring Owlette as she tries to stop him. He tells him that he will get the balloon, and flies off towards Luna Girl. In a few moments, the villainess sees him coming in. She takes out her Luna Magnet, and begins to take control of the scooter again. Owlette and Gekko come in from behind, and look at what is happening. Seeing that Luna Girl has her Luna Magnet out and using it while Catboy flies out of control, Owlette takes a closer look with her Owl Eyes to see if she is taking control of the scooter. She confirms it, and she and Gekko realize that the scooter that was sent to Catboy earlier is just Luna Girl’s Luna Board in disguise.

Now that they know what is going on, Owlette and Gekko both confront Luna Girl, saying that she was the one who sent the scooter to Catboy herself, and controlling it with her Luna Magnet as he uses it. At first, Luna Girl does not admit it, but when the team sees her controlling the scooter again, she confirms it. The villainess reveals that she is going to use him as a distraction for the team while she takes off with the hot air balloon. She presses a couple more buttons, and Catboy flies away. With him in trouble, Owlette and Gekko have no choice but to save Catboy. As they leave, Luna Girl laughs at how she tricked Catboy and made him go out of control. However, she does not realize that before Catboy flew off, she made him cut the ropes. The moths take note of this, though, and try to warn her, but it is too late. When Luna Girl turns around to get the balloon, she sees that it has flown off. The moths gather around her, and they start chasing it. Owlette and Gekko see the balloon fly away as well, and they split up, Gekko running off to catch up with the balloon and Owlette flying off to catch up with Catboy. Soon enough, after jumping over a couple of buildings, Gekko catches the balloon’s ropes and pulls it toward him to make it stop. He succeeds, but not for long, as a gust of wind pushes the balloon, and Gekko flies off with it.

Meanwhile, the scooter is spinning around. Catboy tries to hold on, but after a few seconds, he loses his grip on the handlebars, and he falls down. Fortunately for him, Owlette spots him. She flies skillfully around the buildings, catches him, and places him down safely on the buildings. Catboy is amazed at what Owlette had just demonstrated, commenting that he would have never done that if he flew himself. He thanks her, and apologizes for his earlier behavior. Owlette forgives him, and they see Luna Girl get back on her Luna Board and fly off with her moths to get the balloon. Determined to stop her from retrieving it, Catboy proclaims that it’s time to be a hero, and he and Owlette take off to work together to stop the balloon and save Gekko.

As Luna Girl and the moths fly along, the villainess sees Owlette coming in from behind. She tries to zap her with her Luna Magnet, but Owlette dodges the rays and pushes her down with her Owl Wing Wind. Meanwhile, Catboy speeds towards the balloon with his Super Cat Speed. He jumps over, and Gekko reaches out for his hand, but the hot air balloon hits the water tower and pops. It flies away quickly and out of Catboy’s reach. Catboy does not give up, and he follows it. Luna Girl quickly turns around and flies as fast as she can to catch up to the balloon, but Owlette flies past her, and she uses her Owl Wing Wind to push it down. It flies towards the field, and Catboy comes in and grabs the ropes. He works with Gekko to pull the balloon down, and it lands safely on the ground. Luna Girl comes in, and prepares to zap Catboy and Gekko with her Luna Magnet out of anger that they wrecked her balloon, but Owlette headbutts it off her hands, and Catboy catches it. He presses a couple of buttons, and the scooter flies around. After a few seconds, the moths come in and swipe the Luna Magnet off his hands. However, they decide to join in the fun, and fly Luna Girl away with them under their control. With Luna Girl and the moths away, the PJ Masks can now fix the balloon for the hot air balloon rides, and shout out their signature victory phrase.

The next day, the hot air balloon is back up again, and remade to the way it was before. As the three kids walk towards it, Connor sees the patch that he placed over the hole of the balloon and thinks that he did not do a good job of patching the balloon up. Amaya thinks that he did well, though, and states that it must not have been easy. Connor agrees, stating that flying is not easy as well. Now that the disagreement about flying is over, the three kids can enjoy the hot air balloon ride. The group hops in, and they take off into the skies.


  • You shouldn't try to be very skillful with what you receive.
  • Things aren't always what they seem.


  • Connor's great aunt Cynthia is mentioned, but it is uncertain if she is actually real (in-universe) or not. She is likely fictional as her name was used as a decoy by Luna Girl.
  • This is the first time Catboy rides the Luna Board, even in the day.
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