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"Catboy's Great Gig"
Season 1, episode 18A
(Overall episode #35)
Catboy's Great Gig.png
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
March 18, 2016
Written by Lisa Akhurst
Directed by Christian De Vita & Wilson Dos Santos
Viewer count (millions) TBA
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"Catboy's Two-Wheeled Wonder"
"Owlette's New Move"

"Catboy's Great Gig" (also known as "Yoyo connaît la musique" in French) is the first segment of the 18th Season 1 episode of PJ Masks.


When the school instruments go missing, Owlette and Gekko are hot on Night Ninja's trail to get them back. Catboy isn't really keen to get the instruments back, though - he needs to conquer his fear of performing in the school concert in order to help his friends save the day!


The following characters appeared in the episode "Catboy's Great Gig":


The episode starts off with Amaya and Greg excited for the school concert tomorrow. However, Connor is nervous about performing in front of the whole class because of the thought of messing up. The class is asked to either grab their instruments or choose one if they haven’t done so already. However, all the instruments are gone; all that’s left are Ninjalino footprints.

As the PJ Masks arrive at HQ that night, Catboy tries to convince them that the footprints are not from the Ninjalinos in hopes of cancelling the school concert so he wouldn’t have to perform. They do have to get the instruments back, though, if they have been stolen. They assure him once he starts playing, he’ll forget about everyone watching him. This only makes him more nervous, so he doesn’t press on the subject any further.

Once the PJ Masks fly into town, they hear off-key singing coming from the school. It is coming from Night Ninja, who is being accompanied by his band of Ninjalinos playing the stolen instruments. He wants to become a famous pop star, especially since he believes that he is the best singer ever because his voice is powerful enough to break things. To prove it, the ninjas head over to the museum to throw a concert.

The PJ Masks follow the ninjas to one of the exhibits. Night Ninja tells his Ninjalinos to play softly and fall back in order to center the attention on him. As he continues singing, the museum starts rumbling because of its glass ceiling. Despite not wanting to perform tomorrow, Catboy knows that they have to get the instruments back, especially since Night Ninja can’t perform without a band. Therefore, since the Ninjalinos are hidden, Catboy can use the net provided to catch them while Gekko distracts them, and Owlette grabs the instruments.

However, when Owlette mentions the school concert, Catboy starts getting wobbly. This makes his powers malfunction, and he runs around the museum, bumping into a vase, which he barely manages to catch, then into a dinosaur painting. Gekko saves the painting from falling, but Catboy slips on the vase while attempting to get to safety. He crashes into a couple of dinosaur bones from one of the dinosaur models before finally crashing into a chair. Gekko saves the model from collapsing while being camouflaged.

The ninjas head over to another part of the museum as the team places the bones back on the dinosaur model. Catboy apologizes about being wobbly back there because he was thinking about the concert. He knows how much it means to his friends, so he promises that they’ll retrieve the instruments. To do that, he and Owlette can pretend to be Night Ninja’s fans while Gekko sneaks over to grab them from the Ninjalinos.

Catboy and Owlette meet Night Ninja at the staircase and cheer for him, then proceed to mimic his dance moves. Gekko camouflages himself and starts climbing up to where the Ninjalinos are, who have been covered under one of the flags by Night Ninja. Catboy becomes wobbly again when Owlette claims that Night Ninja should perform at the daytime concert with the team. He runs up the stairs and bumps into Gekko, causing him to appear and change colors. The team plays this off as him also being a fan.

Night Ninja is amused at the thought of having Gekko as his color-changing disco ball in his show to accompany his singing. He starts singing again, which worsens the rumbling, then runs off with the ninjas into another room after seeing the team disappear. Gekko is able to get his color-changing power under control, but they are worried that the concert won’t happen tomorrow. Catboy comes up with another plan, though.

The group runs behind the stage where the ninjas are performing. Catboy plans to tie the rope to the instruments; that way, after Owlette hands the rope over to Gekko at the ceiling, he can pull them up with his Super Lizard Grip. Unfortunately for Catboy, Owlette mentions the concert again when she complains about Night Ninja’s thoughts about being a pop star. He runs out of control around the Ninjalinos, unknowingly tying the rope to his foot instead. He notices too late as he is pulled to the top of the stage once Owlette gives the rope to Gekko.

Unaware of what’s happening, Night Ninja scolds the Ninjalinos for fooling around and tells them to play the finale. The rumbling worsens some more, increasing the risk of the glass ceiling and every glass window in town breaking while proving Night Ninja’s claim of being the best singer ever. Catboy knows that they have to stop him, but in order to do that, he has to get over his stage fright. He runs over to grab the flute from one of the Ninjalinos, and although worried about everyone watching him, he begins performing.

The Ninjalinos are intrigued by Catboy’s performance and play along with him. Night Ninja is shocked to see this occurring when he opens up the curtain and demands them to come back to him. He tries singing to compete with Catboy’s flute playing when they refuse to, but the group’s sound drowns him out. He angrily hits the drum from the Ninjalino to make them stop, which results in it breaking as it lands on him.

Catboy leads everyone out of the museum while Owlette and Gekko obtain the instruments from the Ninjalinos and carry Night Ninja; he realizes that performing in front of an audience is not as bad as he thought it would be. The ninjas leave, and the PJ Masks shout out their signature victory phrase. The next day, Connor, Amaya, and Greg perform in the school concert. Although Amaya and Greg jokingly worry about Connor not being able to stop playing, they are proud of him for overcoming his stage fright so he can perform in front of everyone.


  • It's not good to constantly worry about a future event. It also teaches to be more attentive during important times (don't be scared).


  • This episode confirms that Night Ninja has a terrible singing voice. However, Luna Girl's singing voice seemed to be a bit better despite also being quite bad.
  • In this episode, a small model of a United States Space Shuttle was seen in the museum.
  • Jayden Houston memorabilia could be seen for a second time.
  • This episode confirms that Catboy has stage fright.
  • The Ninjalinos are shown to be better at playing the instruments than Night Ninja is at singing.
  • This marks the first time the PJ Masks say their successful mission phrase in unison.


  • On Xfinity/Comcast listings, the captions changed the dialogue.
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