"Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue"
Season 1, episode 8A
(Overall episode #15)
Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue Card.png
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
October 30, 2015
Canada Canada
February 28, 2016
Written by Gerard Foster
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) 1.14
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"Owlette and the Giving Owl"
"Gekko and the Snore-A-Saurus"

"Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue" (also known as "Yoyo à la Rescousse du Gâteau d'Anniversaire" in French) is the first segment of the 8th Season 1 episode of PJ Masks.


By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya head to the library to celebrate Greg's birthday. But when they arrive, all of the party supplies including the lizard cake was stolen. By night, it was Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos who has the party supplies to plan his own birthday party. The PJ Masks try to get the lizard cake back, but the only thing that gets in the way of completing their mission was Catboy's love for the cake and decorations that are based on Master Fang.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue":


Tomorrow is Greg's birthday, and Greg is going to have a lizard-themed birthday party at the library, with lizard decorations, lizard balloons, and especially a lizard cake. As he, Amaya, and Connor are walking through the town, Connor notices on one of the stores' displays Master Fang party decorations. He states that when it is his birthday, he is going to have a Master Fang-themed birthday party. He then does some kung-fu moves, only to slip and fall down. Greg helps him up, and the three run over to the library to see the whole party setup. Once they arrive, though, all of the lizard decorations have either been ruined or stolen. The three kids run over to the table where the lizard cake is placed, and they find that it has been stolen. Greg is upset about this, and Connor and Amaya both apologize to him of what happened. Connor tries to make him feel better by offering to get the Master Fang decorations in place of the lizard decorations, but Amaya tells him of how he is upset. Suddenly, Greg notices something under the table. There are Ninjalino footprints, which means that Night Ninja is the one who stole the cake. Amaya declares that they will get it back, and asks Connor for his confirmation. At first, he tries to suggest the Master Fang decorations again, but when he sees Amaya and Greg's look of disapproval, he agrees to get it back, and the kids proclaim their signature phrase.

Once the PJ Masks arrive at headquarters, Gekko declares to take the Gekko-mobile, and presses the Gecko Symbol icon on the PJ Picture Player screen. The PJ Masks enter Gekko's base room, hop in the vehicle, and drive off. As they drive through the town, Catboy wonders what it would be like to have a Master Fang party. Suddenly, Gekko notices two Ninjalinos running across the street where he is driving on, carrying his lizard birthday cake. He hits the brakes, and the Gekko-mobile comes to a stop right in front of them. The two Ninjalinos stop running, and look at this for a few seconds. They take off again, and the PJ Masks exit the vehicle and run after them.

In a few moments, the PJ Masks arrive at an alleyway, and there is Night Ninja and the rest of his Ninjalinos. They have decorated the place with Gekko's lizard party decorations. Among the decorations is a cage. The two Ninjalinos who have Gekko's birthday cake run over to the cage, lock the cake up in there, and suspend it. Once that is finished, Night Ninja sees the PJ Masks, and introduces them to his party. However, he tells them that they are not invited. That being said, he snaps his fingers, and the Ninjalinos come over to play some party games with him. Gekko begins to tell Night Ninja that he cannot have a birthday party with his cake, especially since it is not his birthday, but Catboy stops him, and tells the villain that they can beat him in one of the party games. Night Ninja takes that bet, and states that they are going to play "Pass the Parcel." Catboy wants to play "Blind Man's Bluff" instead, but Night Ninja refuses, saying that this is his party. Catboy therefore refuses to play, and he walks away. As he does that, though, he quietly tells Owlette and Gekko to keep Night Ninja busy while he gets the cake. The two comply, and offer to play Night Ninja's game. Night Ninja snaps his fingers, and the Ninjalinos grab a parcel.

Once the Ninjalinos give the parcel to Night Ninja, he explains how "Pass the Parcel" works: the players pass the gift around while the music plays. When it stops, then the player who has it opens up a layer. He then calls for his Ninjalinos, and they begin to sing. As they sing, Night Ninja passes the gift to Owlette, and she passes it to Gekko. Soon, as Gekko gives the gift to Night Ninja, he snaps his fingers, and the Ninjalinos stop singing. The villain unwraps the present, and it reveals another layer. Signaling the next round, the Ninjalinos resume singing, and the present is passed around. Again, when it reaches Night Ninja, he snaps his fingers, and the singing stops. He tears open another layer, but sees that there is another layer and starts getting annoyed. Nevertheless, the three players go on to the third round, and the same cycle repeats. This time, when Night Ninja unwraps the present, there is a box, and in there is a mini Night Ninja figurine. He pulls the string behind it, and it states that Night Ninja is the best at everything. Suddenly, Catboy speaks up. The villain looks up, and he sees that while he, Owlette, and Gekko are playing, Catboy snuck in from behind, opened up the cage, and grabbed the lizard cake. Now that it is in Catboy's hands, the PJ Masks run off. Angered, Night Ninja orders the Ninjalinos to get them.

As the team runs back, presumably to the Gekko-mobile, Gekko is ecstatic: Catboy has gotten his lizard cake back. His excitement does not last long, though, because once the team passes by one of the stores' displays featuring the Master Fang party decorations, Catboy stops to take a look, and asks him to see them as well, especially the Master Fang birthday cake. Owlette and Gekko stop, but Owlette tells him that Gekko does not need it for his birthday. She declares that it is time to leave now, and she and Gekko start running again. Catboy stays behind, and takes another look at the Master Fang cake. He is reluctant to go, but after a few seconds, he eventually complies. However, he does not notice one of the Ninjalinos placing a Sticky Splat attached to a string on him, so once he starts running, he is held back, and is soon flung back into the alleyway. As Catboy hangs, Night Ninja grabs the cake from him, and he gives it to the Ninjalinos, who then place it back into the cage, but not before they lose their balance for a little bit. Meanwhile, Owlette flies over to Catboy, takes the Stick Splat off of his back, and flies him back down safely as Gekko catches up with them.

With the cake back in his possession, Night Ninja starts to continue celebrating his party with his Ninjalinos, until Catboy stops him and asks if they could play another party game, considering that he might be scared that he will be defeated this time. Not taking that chance, Night Ninja accepts, and states that they will play "Musical Chairs," with the winner getting a bunch of Master Fang balloons. Upon seeing them, Catboy becomes ecstatic, while Owlette and Gekko both sigh at his reaction. Gekko declares to the team that he will get out first. Once that is done, he will get his lizard cake while the two keep Night Ninja busy. However, he warns them that they cannot win if he is to succeed. He asks for the team's confirmation, and Owlette accepts. She then sees Catboy mesmerized by the balloons, and while getting annoyed, grabs his attention, asking if that is okay. Snapping back into reality, Catboy also accepts. Soon, Night Ninja explains the instructions to this party game. While the music plays, the players must run around the chairs. When it stops, though, everyone must sit down, but only if there is a chair. That being said, the Ninjalinos start singing, and everyone runs around the chairs. In a few moments, the singing stops, and everyone sits down, except for Gekko. While being convincing, Gekko sarcastically complains about his loss, and runs out of the alleyway. As soon as he is out of everyone's sight, he activates his Super Lizard Grip and scales up one of the building to get his cake back.

While Gekko does that, the music resumes for the next round, and everyone runs around the chairs again. When the music stops, Catboy and Night Ninja sit down on the chairs, and Owlette is left standing. Now there are only two people left. Before the last round starts, Night Ninja tells Catboy that he would have to let him win. Otherwise, if he does not, since it is his party, he will drop the cake. Owlette walks towards Catboy, and whispers to him that he has to do it. The music begins, and the boys run around the chairs. Night Ninja gives a signal to the Ninjalinos, and they tie the strings of the Master Fang balloons together. They stretch them in front of Catboy, and he trips over. Now that Catboy is out, Night Ninja goes up to the chair. As he tries to sit down, though, Catboy uses his Super Cat Speed to run up to the chair and sit down on it. Everyone is surprised, especially Owlette, because he was supposed to let the villain win. Confused at this, Catboy defends himself by saying that the Master Fang balloons will be great for Gekko's birthday party. He directs his attention to Gekko, and everyone sees him getting the lizard cake. Night Ninja orders the Ninjalinos to stop him, and they jump on the cage, moving it around. Gekko loses his balance, and he drops his cake. Fortunately, Owlette catches it in time, and the PJ Masks run away, but not before Catboy can grab the Master Fang balloons from the Ninjalinos.

As the team runs, it is good that there is no sign of Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos. In addition, along with the lizard cake, Catboy has the Master Fang balloons. However, Owlette and Gekko are annoyed at Catboy for not listening: he almost risked destroying the lizard cake back there, and although he has the balloons, Gekko is only having a lizard-themed birthday party. Catboy does not heed this, though, and begins to show them what the Master Fang balloons can do, until he lets them go, because he sees something that Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos have: the Master Fang birthday cake. Night Ninja is upset that he has this cake to celebrate his party with. However, he is willing to give it to the PJ Masks if he can have the lizard cake. Gekko and Owlette remain adamant about this, but, unfortunately for them, Catboy accepts, and he quickly grabs Gekko's cake from Owlette and gives it to Night Ninja, while he takes the Master Fang cake and shows it to the team, much to Gekko's dismay. Night Ninja walks up to them, and explains that it is really amazing, with a little something as a surprise. He presses one of the decorations on the cake, and the little icing swirls of the cake start to light up one at a time. The villain reveals that the Master Fang cake is a Sticky-Splat-and-Whipped Cream Splatto cake. Once all of the icing swirls turn blue, whipped cream will be shot out everywhere, and when everyone tries to clean it up, they will be stuck by the Sticky Splats mixed within it. This is revenge for trying to ruin his party, and Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos run back to the alleyway. The PJ Masks are really worried: if that event happens, then no one is going to be able to come to Gekko's birthday party. Catboy feels really bad about this, and apologizes to Gekko for his behavior. He declares to make it up to him by getting an idea of what to do with the cake.

Back at the alleyway, Night Ninja is ready to blow out the candle of Gekko's birthday cake. Suddenly, he hears music, and he runs out with his Ninjalinos to see what is going on. Soon enough, they see the PJ Masks, and as the music plays, they are running around the Gekko-mobile. Once it stops, Gekko jumps in first, and he declares himself the winner. Seeing this, Night Ninja realizes that this must be another party game that the PJ Masks are playing. Taking this into consideration, as the PJ Masks play another round, Night Ninja jumps in the Gekko-mobile, shuts off the music, and closes the dome of the vehicle, declaring himself as the winner. However, he hears beeping sounds, and looks behind him to see the Master Fang cake in there. All of the icing swirls light up, and the cake explodes. The dome opens, and Night Ninja, along with the inside of the vehicle, is covered in whipped cream and Sticky Splats. Everyone laughs at his misfortune, while Catboy grabs the lizard cake from the Ninjalinos and gives it to Gekko. Angered by this, Night Ninja chases his Ninjalinos, and they all run out of sight. As Catboy and Owlette continue laughing, Gekko calls out for his vehicle to do an auto-clean, and the Gekko-mobile cleans itself. With the lizard cake back in Gekko's possession, the PJ Masks announce their signature victory phrase.

The next day, with all of the lizard party decorations now fixed and the lizard birthday cake back in its place, Greg is able to celebrate his birthday in the library. Connor comments Greg on an amazing birthday party, and Greg thanks him. He then pulls something out from the lizard balloons - Master Fang balloons. He gives them to Connor, telling him that these are his to keep. Connor happily accepts them, and he begins to list of what he is going to have for his birthday party. The three share a laugh at this as the episode ends.


  • Think about others and don't be selfish (don't just think about yourself).


  • This is the first birthday-related episode. However, it is unknown if Greg turned 7 or 8 years old.
  • Night Ninja uses a splat grabber for the first time in this episode.
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