"Catboy and the Shrinker"
Season 1, episode 4A
(Overall episode #7)
Catboy and the Shrinker Card.png
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
October 2, 2015
Canada Canada
February 14, 2016
United Kingdom United Kingdom
March 16, 2016
Written by Simon Nicholson
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) 1.52
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"Owlette's Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble"
"Owlette and the Moon-Ball"

"Catboy and the Shrinker" (also known as "Yoyo et le canon rétrécisseur" in French) is the first segment of the 4th Season 1 episode of PJ Masks.


By day, Connor, Amaya, and Greg were heading to the playground. Connor says he's finally tall enough to go on the big kids' stuff when Greg notices that the playground has been shrunk. The PJ Masks soon find out that Romeo and Night Ninja team up to shrink them. Catboy says that he's a big kid. But when Romeo and Night Ninja shrink him, Catboy makes the mission harder by complaining that he's so small.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Catboy and the Shrinker":


Connor, Amaya, and Greg are heading over to the playground - Amaya is going to play on the swings, while Greg is going to play on the merry-go-round. However, Connor is heading over to the big kids' section today, because as of now, he claims that he is finally tall enough to reach the line on the board for that part of the playground. As soon as the three get there, though, they see that all parts of the playground are small, even the big kids' part. Not only the playground, Greg notices that outside the playground, some of the things are small as well. Connor proclaims that they should find out who did these things and why they did them, and the kids announce their signature phrase.

At headquarters, Catboy proclaims that the PJ Masks will soon find out who is the one shrinking everything in town, especially since he knows he is big. He declares to take the Cat-Car, and the team jumps in and takes off. As they drive into the town, they notice that more of the things are now small. Suddenly, a green light captures their attention, and they see that whatever is glowing green, it suddenly shrinks. The PJ Masks quickly pull over to the side and run into the forest, intending to find out what is causing everything to shrink.

As the team enters a clear patch of the forest, they see Romeo driving into their sight in a new invention, the Shrinker. To their surprise, though, he is not the only one alone: once one of the trees by the vehicle shrinks, it reveals that Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos are also with him. However, Romeo claims that since he is the one who created the invention, he is the one behind the shrinkage of everything, especially since he is also the one pressing all the buttons to activate it. Night Ninja disagrees, saying that Romeo needs him to point the Shrinker at. Speaking of which, he jumps down and aims it. Romeo fires it, and the beam shoots out, which hits a bench, and it shrinks down. Once that is finished, Romeo and Night Ninja both explain that all of the things that have been shrunken so far was just a practice run. This practice run is intended to prepare themselves to shrink something that they really want to shrink, or in this case, someone: the PJ Masks themselves! If they are really small, then that means that they would not be able to do anything to stop Romeo from taking over the world, and Night Ninja would use them as his own PJ-linos who will have to obey his every command, no matter what. Romeo does not think Night Ninja's idea is bad as his idea, but Night Ninja disagrees, and the two villains start to quarrel about the topic. The PJ Masks interrupt, though, not caring about which idea is worse, because they are not going to let any of this happen; they will make sure that they will never shrink them and that everything will be back to its normal size. That being said, Catboy pounces towards them, while Gekko warns him to be careful.

Night Ninja jumps back in the vehicle, and as he aims the Shrinker at Catboy, Romeo fires multiple beams. Catboy dodges them, and continues to run towards the two villains. He is not able to keep this up though, because once Romeo fires another beam, it hits him, and he gets shrunken himself. Catboy is distraught, and Owlette and Gekko run to him. Now that Catboy is small, Owlette and Gekko are next, and Romeo and Night Ninja fire some more beams. With Owlette grabbing onto Catboy's tail, she and Gekko get out of the beams' way and take off. Night Ninja orders the Ninjalinos to catch the PJ Masks, and the Ninjalinos chase them down. Flying with Owlette, Catboy declares that they have to get back to the Shrinker so he can be zapped back to his normal size. To his surprise, though, Owlette starts giggling; since Catboy is now small, he has a squeaky voice, and to her, it is funny, but otherwise cute. Nevertheless, she and Gekko agree, and offer to help him out. Catboy refuses, because although he is now shrunken, he claims that he is still a big kid, and he can do it by himself. He removes himself out of Owlette's grasp, and with his Super Cat Speed, he races over.

Unfortunately for him, the Ninjalinos jump out right in front of him. Catboy stops and tries to run away, but they catch him and hold him down. Catching up to the group, Night Ninja orders the Ninjalinos to make Catboy dance with him, knowing that this is a great action to do as one of his PJ-linos. Romeo does not care, though, because he still thinks that Night Ninja's PJ-lino plan is not as brilliant as his own plan to conquer the world. Night Ninja disagrees, and gestures over to Catboy and the Ninjalinos, who are doing (though only the Ninjalinos) a dance that is sort of an Irish jig. Romeo sees this, and admits that it is good, but he does not let go of the fact that when he takes over the world, he can do anything he likes. Nevertheless, he continues to laugh with Night Ninja as the Ninjalinos keep dancing around with an upset Catboy. Suddenly, due to his Super Gekko Camouflage, Gekko appears behind Catboy, and throwing him up into the air, Owlette catches him, and the PJ Masks take off again, with the Ninjalinos going after them again. Exiting the forest, Owlette and Gekko suggest that since Catboy is now tiny, they need a plan that will include all three of them. Catboy denies being tiny, though, and declares that he can still be the leader of the PJ Masks. As soon as the PJ Masks reach the Cat-Car, they jump in, buckle up, and Catboy gets ready to drive. Unfortunately for him, because he is so small, he is not able to reach the pedals of his own vehicle. He struggles very hard to reach them, but it is no use, and he bangs his hands on the steering wheel in frustration. As he hits it, the Cat-Car starts moving out of control, and with one big movement, the dome opens, and Catboy is shot into the air. He then starts to fall down, but Gekko unbuckles and quickly catches him, and offers if he can drive instead. With Gekko now in the driver's seat, the PJ Masks escape, just in time before the Ninjalinos can catch them as they exit the forest.

As the PJ Masks drive around the town, Owlette assures Catboy that as soon as they can think of a plan, they will get him back to normal. As soon as she says this, Catboy quickly thinks of one: they can drive back to Romeo, Night Ninja, and the Ninjalinos, and they can go around the villains so fast that they will get dizzy. As soon as that happens, Catboy can jump out and grab the Shrinker. Gekko is unsure of this, because Catboy is small, and the invention is big. Catboy does not pay attention to this, though, because he claims that even though he is small, it does not mean that the PJ Masks have to do things differently. Although still wary about this, Gekko turns the Cat-Car around and drives back to the villains. This could have not been better timing, because the villains are wondering where the PJ Masks went.

Now with the villains in sight, Gekko drives the Cat-Car around them multiple times in a quick motion, and soon enough, Romeo and Night Ninja get dizzy and fall off the Shrinker. As they begin to quarrel about landing on each other, Catboy exits the Cat-Car, approaches the Shrinker, and pushes it, jumping on it as it rolls off. He then happily exclaims his victory, but only for a short time, because as the invention rolls along, it hits some bumpy tracks. Soon, Catboy flies out of the vehicle, and as he is in the air, the Shrinker is activated, and the beam hits him, shrinking him even further. As the villains run after the invention, the Cat-Car screeches to a halt, and Owlette uses her Owl Eyes to try to spot where Catboy is. She finds him, and she and Gekko run over to him and pick him up. Catboy is really upset; now that he is really small, he thinks that he is now useless to the team. Owlette tries to convince him otherwise, and assures him that he can still be able to work with them to get the Shrinker back. Catboy does not think so, and he jumps off of Owlette's hand. His thought about being small further proves his point, because as the two start looking for him, they do not notice that he is right by them, and Gekko almost ends up stepping on him. Suddenly, Catboy realizes something, and climbs up Gekko to get the team's attention. Since he is so small, he acts as if he is invisible. That means that they can use this as an advantage to get the Shrinker back, as long as the PJ Masks can all work together.

Transitioning to the sports hall via Catboy's cat symbol, with the Shrinker back, the Ninjalinos are doing their Irish jig dance in front of the villains to entertain them, but Night Ninja is not as impressed as he was before. Without a small Catboy, the dance is not as entertaining. He then gets an idea; he is going to use the Shrinker to shrink his Ninjalinos as well. They beg him to not do that, but Night Ninja does not listen, and he fires the Shrinker towards one of the Ninjalinos, shrinking him as the beam hits him. Romeo runs over to the invention and zaps him back to normal, telling Night Ninja to stop, especially since he does not know how to work it himself. Night Ninja counters Romeo's statement by stating that he cannot aim the Shrinker himself. The two start arguing again, until Owlette and Gekko interrupt their argument and demand to give the Shrinker to them. The two villains just fire it at them, though, and the two heroes get out of its way. In response, the Ninjalinos jump on top of Gekko and hold him down, and Romeo and Night Ninja try to shrink Owlette. Fortunately, she dodges the rays quickly, and with her Owl Eyes, she sees Catboy behind one of Night Ninja's legs. He gives a thumbs up to her and climbs up Night Ninja. The villain gets tickled, and he starts laughing. As he tries to get the thing that is tickling him off of him, he throws up the Shrinky Hose, and with Romeo unintentionally adjusting the controls, the Shrinker is activated, and Catboy jumps up and gets zapped back to his normal size. It is not for long, though, because once both he and the hose lands and hits the ground, the invention is activated again, and he is zapped back to a smaller size. Owlette grabs the hose and tries to aim it at Catboy again, but Romeo and Night Ninja both grab it and try to pull it away from her, but to no avail. As soon as the hose is out of their hands, after Gekko uses his Super Gekko Muscles to free himself from the Ninjalinos, he enters the Shrinker and catches it.

Not willing to give up, though, Night Ninja commands the Ninjalinos to get the Shrinker, and they run over to Gekko to get the hose back. Meanwhile, one of the Ninjalinos, who are on top of the controls, starts dancing around, preventing Owlette from using them. While he does that, the Shrinker is activated again, and it shrinks a couple of the Ninjalinos, who soon get zapped back to normal size in a few seconds. Seeing this, one of the Ninjalinos sees this as a chance to get bigger. He activates it, and the beam shoots out from the hose. Suddenly, Catboy climbs up the Shrinker, and just in time, he jumps in front of the beam, and he is finally back to normal. Now that Catboy is back to his regular size, the Ninjalinos jump off the vehicle and run away, and the PJ Masks zap them to a smaller size. Romeo and Night Ninja prepare to get the Shrinker back, but they see the PJ Masks ready to shrink them, and they run away as well. With the villains now gone, the PJ Masks proceed to zap everything that is shrunken back to normal. After a few moments, Owlette adjusts the controls, and with Catboy pointing the hose at the Shrinker itself, it shrinks and disappears for good. Now with everything back to normal, the PJ Masks exclaim their signature victory phrase.

The next day, Connor, Amaya, and Greg arrive at the playground and go to the board. Amaya and Greg state that since Connor is tall enough to reach the line on there, he can go to the big kids' playground. Connor accepts, but decides to stay on the small kids' playground with his friends until they are big enough to use it as well. With that, the kids run to the merry-go-round and play on it as the episode comes to a close.


  • No matter who you are and what you are, you can think big thoughts (be courageous).
  • Don't brag about yourself.
  • Instead of being upset about your disliked abilities, you can use them to your advantage (don't think how you are the same as others).


  • Romeo introduces the Shrinker in this episode.
  • Only Catboy was shrunken in this episode.
  • This marks the first time two different villains side together to go against the PJ Masks in this episode.
  • Even though Romeo and Night Ninja sided together, they didn't seem to get along.
  • Gekko drives the Cat-Car for the first time.
  • Night Ninja meets Romeo for the first time.
  • This is the first time two villains appeared in one episode.
  • The Netflix version of this episode cuts Night Ninja's line where he calls Romeo a "stumbling buffoon," shortening it to "Who're you calling dizzy?"
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