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Chimera Vehicles are super vehicles that are mainly used by the Pyjamasques and PJ Masks. This term originates from "Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline."


Chimera Vehicles

Chimera Vehicles are magical vehicles that the Pyjamasques use. The vehicles are described to be portrayed as a living half-Chimera and half-vehicle which is a direct reference to the Chimera monsters from Greek mythology, and has the combined appearance of an animal (mostly) and convertible vehicle.

Vehicles are often named after an animal and a space-related term such as "Astro," "Bolide" or "Extra-terrestrial." While on occasions, some vehicles will be named after generic vehicle terms such as "Mobile," "Aero" or "Avion" and having terms that relate to Les Pyjamasques such as "Totem" or "Pyja." They are used for travelling to distant locations such as the school, and in some cases used for emergencies or leisure purposes.

PJ Vehicles

PJ Vehicles are American archetype superhero versions of the Chimera Vehicles, they are primarily used by the PJ Masks. The vehicles are identical to the Chimera Vehicles, except these vehicles are oriented towards science fiction and technology instead of magic, and have more superhero vehicle-like features than animalistic features (e.g attack abilities, a computer interface to control the vehicle etc.).

Unlike Chimera Vehicles, the PJ Vehicles are dependently associated with the PJ Crystal Totem, which is additionally made from the PJ Power Crystals that came from the crystal totem.

Most of the names of the vehicles often have the word "PJ" at the beginning, it also marks that the vehicle is currently in ownership with the team.


Chimera Vehicles

PJ Vehicles

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