For the group's mainstream counterpart, see Les Pyjamasques (group).

Classic Pyjamasques
Classic Pyjamasques


Classic Yoyo
Classic Bibou
Female Classic Bibou
Classic Gluglu


Male (3) Female (1)


Stopping villains
Caring for each other
Making things right
Playing acrobats




Each other


Classic Roméo Mécano
Rude Horn
Agent Pin and Agent Pon
Mille Bras
Classic Mascrapules (rivalry)
Kisses Machine (formerly)
Pumpkin Monsters
Ogrechou (formerly)
Magistère la Sorcière (formerly)
Classic Energuman (formerly)

Classic Pyjamasques are Les Pyjamasques counterparts from the classic continuity of their own picture book series. They appeared in the first 18 books.

Like their mainstream counterparts, they are the superheroes of Classic Tarabiscoville, but they are also known for fighting nightmares and villains that mostly come in the form of monsters rather than humans.

Book Description

While everyone sleeps, three little masked heads poke out the tips of their noses! These are Les Pyjamasques! Instead of being in bed, they wander at night. Yoyo leaps and bounces everywhere like a rubber ball, Gluglu runs on the walls without ever breaking his figure, and Bibou, thanks to his wings, flies in the sky! These children are not sleepy! As soon as night falls, they put on their strange pajamas. And here they are outside playing like acrobats! But do they not know that when the moon is round, other creatures roam in the dark and roar?


Classic Pyjamasques consist of:

  • Classic Yoyo: He is the classic counterpart of Yoyo who only comes with jumping abilities.
  • Classic Bibou: He is the classic counterpart of Bibou who only comes with flying abilities.
  • Female Classic Bibou: A female counterpart of Classic Bibou who would replace her male counterpart in "Les Pyjamasques et Energuman".
  • Classic Gluglu: He is the classic counterpart of Gluglu who has the ability to stick at anything, and the ability to swim.


  • It is noticed that the Pyjamasques are not interested on being invisible to the public and they tend to reveal their true identities and personal details (apart from the secret place for their animal totems, as seen in these books:
  • Like Les Pyjamasques and PJ Masks, the classic counterparts of Les Pyjamasques never worked during the daytime.
  • Unlike the PJ Masks, the Classic Pyjamasques will not need to use bracelets to turn into their superhero alter-egos:
    • Instead, Classic Yoyo, Classic Bibou and Classic Gluglu's pajamas are actually their superhero alter-egos.
  • Unlike the PJ Masks, the Classic Pyjamasques are not interested with hierarchy of the group at all.
  • It is possible that the Classic Pyjamasques had originated from a folk region known as "nagual" which links to Aztec myths.

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