For the location's mainstream counterpart, see Tarabiscoville.

Classic Tarabiscoville

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Classic Tarabiscoville is the neighborhood, where the precursor counterparts of Les Pyjamasques' current residence are located, and a counterpart of Tarabiscoville from another universe set in a precursor timeline.



  • Like its mainstream counterpart, the place is set to take place in a northeastern France region; Alsace.
  • At one time in the events of "Les Pyjamasques et la momie d’Apophis, Tome II, the mainstream counterparts of Les Pyjamasques managed to travel to Classic Tarabiscoville by using the Dreamworld as a portal after falling into a deep sleep by Apophis, while meeting the residents living there (except for the Classic Pyjamasques, Classic Lilifée and the Classic Mascrapules).
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