Converted Characters

Les Pyjamasques pour Zouzous

Examples include the mainstream counterparts of Les Pyjamasques

Converted Characters are adapted versions of existing characters of Les Pyjamasques picture book series created by Romuald Racioppo.

Physical appearance

The converted characters bear close resemblance to each of their counterparts, except that some of their characteristics are changed due to the setting and atmosphere of the continuities.

For example, television counterparts bear close resemblance to their original book counterparts, except they have characteristics incorporated from Marvel superheroes and villains such as having a symbol at their chest.

Another example is that the modern book counterparts have an appearance that is a cross between the original book counterparts and television counterparts, except almost all references to the characteristics of Marvel superheroes and villains are eliminated while keeping key elements by physical characteristics of their original book counterparts.

The third example is that characters that are either only exclusive in the picture book series or the television series will have key elements incorporated from the physical appearance of characters either from the book series and/or television series.


  • Yoyo: He took factor appearances from Catboy, while eliminating the cat symbol and references to the appearance of Marvel characters, keeping the color scheme of his costume and stripe pattern from his original counterpart.
  • Bibou: She took factor appearances from Owlette, while eliminating the cat symbol and references to the appearance of Marvel characters (except for the appearance of Wolverine's mask, as well as the feather ensemble), keeping the color scheme of her costume and the arrangements of the owl horns from her original counterpart.
  • Gluglu: He took factor appearances from Gekko, while eliminating Gekko's scales and most of his paddings (except for the knee and arm paddings), while keeping the color scheme of his costume from his original counterpart.
  • Pyja-Robot: He took factors from PJ Robot, and inspiration from his owl wing-pawprint-lizard belly symbol in order to have physical animal features like the rest of Les Pyjamasques.
  • Tatouro: His costume has less armor at his jumpsuit, his armor is converted to a mask, and his animal belly at his costume is modified in order to resemble the other members of Noctambules-masques who have that characteristic, and he lacks a armadillo symbol.
  • Roméo Mécano: He took factors from his television counterpart, while eliminating references to the appearance of Marvel characters (except for the googles).
  • Sorceline: She took factors from Luna, while making her hair look white instead of a gray color with sparkles, and her crescent moon symbol is simplified slightly.
  • Papinuits: They are given visible mouths, eyepupils, and have an albino color instead of teal.
  • Animal Totems: They take factors from their television counterparts, while applying them eye pupils and attached limbs.
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