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Egyptian Chariot

The Egyptian Chariot is a 3,500-year-old golden two-wheeled vehicle that can be drawn, in this case, by other people. It makes its first appearance in the Season 1 episode "Owlette and the Owletteenies."

In "Owlette and the Owletteenies," Night Ninja stole the chariot as his own travel vehicle and had his Ninjalinos pull him around until they got tired of how they were treated and went over to Owlette, whom they pulled next, although by their own choice. Later, the ninjas stuck the vehicle to the rocket ship, and back on Night Ninja's side after Owlette treating them similarly to Night Ninja, they took off, only for them to jump off into the Owl-Glider after the rocket malfunctioned due to the heavy weight, while at the same time forgiving Owlette for her attitude towards them. The vehicles were able to land safely without being damaged, though, and the PJ Masks returned the chariot (and presumably the rocket ship) back to its display.

In "Flight of the Ninja," it was one of the many artifacts stolen by the ninjas so they can cover it up with Sticky Splats. Owlette was able to protect it, though, and it was returned afterwards.

In "Pharaoh's Chariot," Pharaoh Boy had the Wolfy Kids pull the chariot, claiming that he had a speed spell to make the vehicle (and the group) go faster. It turned out later after a chase that all he needed to do was to lure Catboy away from the other PJ Masks so he could capture him and use his Super Cat Speed to power up the chariot; once he flies around the city three times, everyone in the perimeter will become his servant. The PJ Masks disrupted Pharaoh Boy's control over the chariot through chanting the spell via megaphone, enabling Catboy to leap on and retrieve his powers.

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