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Roméo Mécano
Sorceline (possibly)
Sea Serpent (formerly)


Being a vigilante superhero
Giving advise on being a superhero
Les Pyjamasques


Les Pyjamasques (formerly)

Debut appearance

"Les Pyjamasques et Energuman"

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Energuman (lit: Energumen-Man) is a force of nature who has loads of gadgets he doesn't know how to use. He is a supporting character of Les Pyjamasques picture book series, making his debut in "L'école des Pyjamasques".

Official description

Energuman, a force of nature whose main activity is to be "super-hero-vigilante 7 days a week, 24 hours a day," always ready to attack. On him and domineering, he is keen to learn his craft from these adventurous Pyjamasques. It would seem, however, that Energuman's rule #1 is to go headlong.


He can be advising and friendly towards Les Pyjamasques and their friends. But he can be quite clumsy on using his weapons and gadgets he doesn't know how to use against an enemy.

In his initial appearance, he seems to know how to use his gadgets, but can be quite stubborn to have his mistakes corrected by Les Pyjamasques.

Physical appearance

He wears a green suit and a mask with two horns, purple eyebrows, a purple cape and a yellow belt.

In his initial appearance, it is noticed that Energuman lacks any purple eyebrows at his face.

Powers and abilities

Energuman has a hammer that he can use to knock out an enemy, a glowing boomerang known as the "Super Boomerang" that acts like a real boomerang. He also has a glowing "Super Sword" that can slice or cut things, a laser gun which can injure an enemy, including a net that resembles a fishing net which can capture anything in it.

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