Original Energuman
Classic Energuman


Original Energuman




Original Yoyo, Original Bibou and Original Gluglu
Sea Serpent


Original Yoyo, Original Bibou and Original Bibou (formerly)
Sea Serpent (formerly)


Being a vigilante superhero
Les Pyjamasques


Original Pyjamasques (formerly)

Debut appearance

"Les Pyjamasques et Energuman"

Voice actor


Energuman (real name unknown), also referred to as Original Energuman, is Energuman's counterpart from the classic continuity of Les Pyjamasques picture book series, and is also the deuteragonist of the series.

Official description

Energuman, a force of nature whose main activity is to be "super-hero-vigilante 7 days a week, 24 hours a day," always ready to attack. On him and domineering, he is keen to learn his craft from these adventurous Pyjamasques. It would seem, however, that Energuman's rule #1 is to go headlong.


Like his mainstream counterpart, he is shown to be quite clumsy on fighting against villains. However, he seems to know how to use his gadgets than his modern counterpart, but can be quite stubborn to have his mistakes corrected by Les Pyjamasques.

Physical appearance

Original Energuman is identical to Energuman, so nothing was different to his appearance. However, it is noticed that Original Energuman doesn't have any purple eyebrows at his face that his modern counterpart usually has.

Powers and abilities

He has the same abilities like his mainstream counterpart, however, he appears to be more efficient on using his weapons.

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