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Evolved Characters

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Examples include An Yu; an evolved form of the Dragon

Evolved Character are the converted forms of Noctambules-masques, Acolytes, Nighttime Villains and vehicles of Les Pyjamasques series.


Physical appearance and names

The evolved forms of the characters usually bear some resemblance to their original form (but this is not always the case), except that they either changed to have forms that are either to become human, humanoid, a giant, and alternatively to have their original looks to have slightly altered features. The change to their physical appearance is either kept permanent, and temporary to some of the members.

Other than their appearance evolving to be in a different form, their names will be changed as well depending on the evolved appearance.


Some of the members of the evolved characters are able to have their evolved forms changed back to where they were before.

There are two ways on doing this:

  • Removal of a character's power core for their evolved form, such as Teeny Weeny's transformation splat and Motsuki's crystal.
  • Seizing the character's weapon and using it to transform them back to their sealed form, such as An Yu for example.

Powers and abilities

Once the original forms of the character evolved, they are given new powers and abilities in which it might help them to fight against opponents during Prosecution.


Non-character members

Not only that characters can evolve, but vehicles can also be converted to look more upgraded:


  • Usually, the original forms of evolved characters will usually evolve by mistake either by another character or themselves (but this is not always the case).
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