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Flossy Flash
Featured character (February 2017)
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Flossy Flash (also known as Zoé Zap in French) is a female comic book superhero that is looked up to by Owlette and Armadylan. Owlette prefers her over Master Fang and Kick McGee who are favored by Catboy and Gekko.

Physical appearance

Flossy Flash takes the appearance of a female with long, dark brown hair and dark green eyes. As a superhero, she wears a purple and yellow costume. She also wears a mask of the same colors which leaves an opening for the lower portion of her face.


Flossy can tell where people are, simply by thinking. She can perform a "flash flip" which is a rapid twirl with a kick. She also has a "kickin' crash," Owlette's favorite move.


  • Flossy Flash is possibly liked by Romeo, since he briefly took interest in a book of hers.
  • In "Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip," the episode primarily focuses on Owlette's love for her and her moves.
  • In "Armadylan Menace," it was revealed that Armadylan is also a fan of her, like Owlette.
  • In "The Disappearing Ninjas," it was revealed she got a crossover movie with Master Fang.


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