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PJ Masks

Les Pyjamasques - Générique (U

Les Pyjamasques - Générique (U.S PJ Masks French Intro)

Theme Song

Générique is the French-dubbed lyrics of the PJ Masks theme song. An instrumental reprise plays over the credits.


  • Singers:
  • Catboy:
    • Yoyo!
  • Singers:
  • Owlette:
    • Bibou!
  • Singers:
  • Gekko
    • Gluglu!
  • PJ Masks:
    • En avant!
  • Singers:
    • Au coeur de la nuit
    • ils viennent vous aider...
    • Qui sont ces héros,
    • ces vaillant justiciers...
  • PJ Masks:
    • Pyjamasques, vive les Pyjamasques!
    • Pyjamasques, vive les Pyjamasques...
  • Catboy:
    • Car la nuit...
  • Owlette:
    • On poursuit, les petits bandits...
  • Gekko:
    • J'ai pas de rime en i!
  • PJ Masks:
    • Pyjamasques, vive les Pyjamasques,
    • Pyjamasques, vive les Pyjamasques...
    • Pyjamasques!


  • In some versions of the intro used for Season 1 and Season 2, the theme song uses 24fps video footage from the U.S. version of the theme song and the 25fps audio of the French version of the song which may cause minor lip synchronized issues with the characters singing.
    • However, this was fixed during the French premiere of Season 3 onwards with the production of 25fps video footage of the intro complete with a French logo of the show.

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