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"Gekko's Special Rock"
Season 1, episode 26B
(Overall episode #52)
Gekko's Special Rock card.png
Premiere date
Russia Russia
December 2016
United States of America United States of America
February 17, 2017
Written by Justine Cheynet
Directed by Christian De Vita & Wilson Dos Santos
Viewer count (millions) TBA
Episode Guide
"Slow Down, Catboy!"
"Moonfizzle Balls"

"Gekko's Special Rock" (also known as "Gluglu décroche la lune" in French) is the second segment of the 26th Season 1 episode of PJ Masks.


Luna Girl steals Gekko's special rock and uses it to power up her magnet.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Gekko's Special Rock":


The episode starts off with Connor, Amaya, and Greg going to the museum to retrieve Greg’s special rock, which is a very rare moon rock that his uncle gave to him as a present and has carried with him ever since. He forgot to pick it up at the magnetic rock exhibit yesterday while Connor was taking pictures.

When they arrive, they see various huge and heavy objects either scattered everywhere or piled up at the entrance. Additionally, the building is closed because all the magnetic rocks, including Greg’s special rock, have been stolen last night. Since the rocks are magnetic, Luna Girl must have taken them, especially since she has her Luna Magnet. The PJ Masks take the Owl-Glider that night to look for her.

The team flies into a magnetic field where it causes major interferences to the vehicle. Gekko infers that it could be from the Luna Magnet, which could possibly lead them to both his special rock and the magnetic rocks. The group then sees a train in the Luna Beam, which has never carried something that heavy before. Owlette carefully flies down to see that Luna Girl has all the magnetic rocks to make her Luna Magnet more powerful enough to get anything she wants.

Owlette prepares to use the Owl-Glider’s claws to grab the Luna Magnet. Gekko unbuckles and holds onto the wing of the vehicle with his Super Lizard Grip; worried that the claws will crush his special rock, he’s going to grab the Luna Magnet instead as they pass by. In order to do that, though, Owlette puts the vehicle in silent mode so they can sneak up on Luna Girl. Despite that, Gekko shouts out to grab her attention; she grabs the group and throws them to the sports field.

Catboy and Owlette tell Gekko that although he really wants to get his special rock back, it’s not as important as getting all the magnetic rocks back. Luna Girl flies in and throws various objects at the group with her turbo-charged Luna Magnet. As she traps Catboy and Owlette, Gekko camouflages himself and climbs up the stadium lights. Even though he sees his teammates in trouble, he is more concerned about his special rock, so he jumps onto the Luna Board to get it back, although the moths grab him and drop him.

Gekko demands Luna Girl to give back the magnetic rocks, or at least his special rock; he accidentally tells her that it came from the moon. This gives Luna Girl an idea: despite it being dangerous, she can take the moon into her possession from the sky instead of stealing everything. She flies off while Gekko frees his friends and apologizes about unintentionally giving her the option. Since they can’t risk flying in the Owl-Glider again, Catboy has a plan to stop her, her magnet, and her moths, as long as Gekko doesn’t go after his special rock.

Luna Girl begins to pull down the moon from outer space. Owlette knocks her off her Luna Board and catches her, causing her to drop her Luna Magnet. Before the moths could get rid of Owlette, Catboy nets them and traps them in a box. Gekko proceeds to get the magnet, but notices that his special rock has dropped separately from it and the other rocks. Despite his friends telling him that it’s just an object and to grab the magnet, he grabs his rock instead.

The Luna Board knocks over Catboy holding the box cover down, enabling the moths to escape. They cover him and Owlette as Luna Girl boards her board, grabs her magnet and the other magnetic rocks, and resumes pulling the moon down, commenting how Gekko actually helped her because of his concern over his special rock. He realizes that she’s right; because of his action, he sabotaged the mission. Knowing how the team can stop Luna Girl, he shoos the moths away and tells them what he is going to do.

The PJ Masks climb to the top of the buildings, where Gekko throws his special rock towards Luna Girl. Since the rock is from the moon itself, it is magnetic to the Luna Magnet’s Luna Beam. Using this strategy, the group retrieves one magnetic rock from the magnet each time Luna Girl attempts bringing the moon down until they have all of them. She retaliates by throwing a light pole at them, but Gekko catches it, and he hits his special rock so it can pull her far away.

The team commends Gekko for sacrificing his special rock in order to accomplish the mission. Now that the moon is back where it belongs, they plan to return the magnetic rocks back to the museum and clean up all the mess left behind. They proclaim their signature victory phrase.

The next day, Connor, Amaya, and Greg return to the building to buy Greg a new special rock from the gift shop, even though it may not be as special as the previous one. Greg declines because he knows it’s just an object, and objects are not that important. He does begin to have second thoughts since his special rock did help save the day last night. He contemplates getting another one, to which his friends playfully tease him about making decisions, and they all share a laugh together.


  • Don't be selfish; put what's really important before what you want (always put the important things first before the things you want).


  • This episode, along with "Slow Down, Catboy!," serves as the Season 1 finale.
    • Along with its sister episode, it is also the only episode to premiere in 2017.
  • This episode likely takes place after the events of the episode "Gekko and the Rock of All Power" since Amaya asks why they're going back to the museum after seeing the Rock of All Power the day before.
  • This episode is the last episode of Season 1 focusing on Gekko, as well as the last episode of Season 1 to feature Luna Girl and her moths as the primary villains.
  • The train from "Blame it on the Train, Owlette" makes its third appearance when Luna Girl was testing out her Luna Magnet's acquired strength from the stolen moon rocks. This time, it is not used as one of Romeo's inventions and is finally back to being its normal self.
    • Its first appearance was in the aforementioned episode, and the second was in "Owlette's New Move."
  • This is the last episode where Jacob Ewaniuk and Tristan Samuel voice Catboy and Cameron, respectively.
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