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PJ Masks - Watch out for the Gekko Mobile!

PJ Masks - Watch out for the Gekko Mobile!

Gekko's Vehicle

Official Vehicle Name





PJ Masks (specifically Gekko)


Cartoon Continuity

Debut appearance

"Gekko and the Super Ninjalinos"

The Gekko-mobile is a vehicle that belongs to and is driven by Gekko. It has the ability to be driven underwater and can also climb buildings when needed.

The Gekko-mobile is green in colour and has six headlights and three sets of treads for traction. It has a dome-styled window for entry. When in the Headquarters' garage, it rests in a small pond.

In "Heroes of the Sky," the original incarnation of the vehicle was destroyed when Romeo decided to drain the PJ Masks' powers from the PJ Crystal Totem. However, an upgraded incarnation of the vehicle was created with the PJ Power Crystals.

Features & Abilities

  • Gekko-mobile Camouflage: This is the ability to turn the vehicle invisible.
  • Amphibious: The vehicle doubles as an underwater vehicle and has retractable treads for moving on land.
  • Wall-Scaling: The treads can scale walls.
  • Tail: The vehicle has a tail that is flexible and movable.
  • Water Jet: The Gekko-mobile can spray a jet of water from its front.
  • Auto-clean: As seen in "Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue," the Gekko-mobile can instantly clean its interior.


  • The Gekko-mobile's design was inspired by the Hydro-Spider, a vehicle owned by the Marvel superhero Spider-Man.
  • This is the only vehicle to be named after a superhero instead of an actual animal.
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