PJ Masks - Watch out for the Gekko Mobile!

PJ Masks - Watch out for the Gekko Mobile!

Gekko's Vehicle

The Gekko-mobile is a vehicle that belongs to and is driven by Gekko. It has the ability to be driven underwater and can also climb buildings when needed.

The Gekko-mobile is green in colour and has six headlights and three sets of treads for traction. It has a dome-styled window for entry. When in the Headquarters' garage, it rests in a small pond.

Features & Abilities

  • Gekko-mobile Camouflage: This is the ability to turn the vehicle invisible.
  • Amphibious: The vehicle doubles as an underwater vehicle and has retractable treads for moving on land.
  • Wall-Scaling: The treads can scale walls.
  • Tail: The vehicle has a tail that is flexible and movable.
  • Water Jet: The Gekko-mobile can spray a jet of water from its front.
  • Auto-clean: As seen in "Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue", the Gekko-mobile can instantly clean its interior.


  • The Gekko-mobile and the Astro-Bibou are the only vehicles to be named after a superhero.
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