Gekko (Greg)



Greg (PJs)


  • Gekko's signature color is green.
  • Catboy tends to treat Gekko like his little brother.
  • Greg can tend to get dizzy easily, as seen in "Catboy's Tricky Ticket" and "Clumsy Catboy".
  • He owns a pet lizard named Lionel.
  • In "Owlette of a Kind", he temporarily gained Owlette's powers due to Romeo's Power Copier.
    • He was also the temporary leader of the PJ Masks for that episode.
  • He has the most catchphrases out of the PJ Masks. His catchphrases are:
    • "Leaping Lizards"
    • "Gasping Gekkos"
    • "Slithering Serpents"
    • "Easy-peasy Lizard-squeasy"
    • "Cool Chameleons"
  • In "Catboy's Cuddly" and "Moon Cuddly", it is revealed that he has a cuddly lizard named Lionel Jr.
  • Gekko gains a new power, Super Gekko Shields, in "PJ Power Up".
  • Gekko seems to like desserts in "Soccer Ninjalinos", "Owlette's Luna Trouble", and "Easter Wolfies".
  • In "Easter Wolfies", Gekko is shown to like chocolate.
  • Gekko is based on the original book series character, Gluglu.
    • He is called that name in the French version of the series.
  • He has a habit of thinking that the villains might’ve changed from bad to good without considering that it could be a trick, as shown in "Catboy and the Lunar Dome" and "Gekko and the Opposite Ray."
  • In the episode "Do The Gekko", he is shown to be good at dancing.
  • He is an expert at catching people in his arms when they fall.
    • In fact, Gekko is the only PJ Mask who does most of the catching.
  • In "PJ Robot Takes Control", he plays Fortnite's "The Floss" dance, along with PJ Robot.
  • In "Big Sister Motsuki," he gets zapped by the baby beam for the first time.
  • In Seasons 2 and 3, his voice is noticeably lower-pitched than in Season 1 and Season 4 onward.
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