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"Gekko and the Opposite Ray"
Season 2, episode 25A
(Overall episode #100)
Premiere date
India India
November 28, 2018
United States of America United States of America
March 8, 2019
Written by Ciaran Murtagh & Andrew Jones
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
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"PJ Masks Vs. Bad Guys United"

"Gekko and the Opposite Ray" (also known as "Gluglu et le Contrario-Laser" in French) is the first segment of the 25th Season 2 episode of PJ Masks.



Romeo's newest device turns Owlette and Catboy into villains.


Thanks to his new invention, Roméo transforms Yoyo and Bibou into super-bad guys, to put them at his service. Only Gluglu escapes the formidable ray.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Gekko and the Opposite Ray":

  • Catboy/Night Panther
  • Owlette/Dark Owl
  • Gekko
  • PJ Robot
  • Romeo/Captain Smarty Pants
  • Robot
  • Evil Lizard (mentioned)
  • Jenny
  • Kate


The episode begins with Connor, Amaya, and Greg racing to the playground. Connor and Amaya fall down while struggling to get to the slide first, and Greg comes out on top. When he slides down, though, a note gets stuck to his back. The note is from Romeo, saying that he is proposing a truce and wants them to meet him tonight for a friendly discussion.

That night, the PJ Masks head to headquarters to take a closer look at the letter. The PJ Picture Player confirms that Romeo wrote it stating all that is mentioned, but there is the suspicion that the villain has come up with a new plan to defeat them. The team takes off into the town in the Cat-Car to find out.

Romeo is relaxing with his latest invention resting next to him. Robot, who is spying on the PJ Masks, informs him that they are coming, and he prepares himself, placing the gadget where the team cannot see it. The group soon arrives; they prepare to defend themselves, but Romeo politely greets them, reminding them of his note. He claims there is no catch, and thought it would be best to stop fighting and be on the same side for once. He then takes out his invention, and introduces the team to the Opposite Ray, which has the ability to change personalities. With it, villains can become heroes, and vice versa.

That being said, Romeo fires the Opposite Ray towards the PJ Masks. The lasers hit Catboy and Owlette, and they turn into the villain alter-egos Night Panther and Dark Owl, respectively. Gekko is the only one not hit, so Romeo orders the two to catch him. Night Panther pulls Gekko down as he tries to climb up one of the buildings to escape with his Night Panther Stripes. Dark Owl fires Dark Owl Feathers to pin Gekko down, but he uses his shields to deflect them. He activates his Super Gekko Camouflage, and escapes from the villains.

A few moments later, Gekko is back at HQ keeping his eyes on Romeo. He plans to take over the world with his villain-turned friends, but wants them to do a test to see how villainous they are. They are going to break in the museum to do some stealing. Robot wants to join in as well, but Romeo declines his offer and says that he does not need him anymore now with Night Panther and Dark Owl on his side.

Gekko runs over to the museum as Romeo takes off with the villains in the Cat-Car. Camouflaging himself, he sneaks past a dejected Robot, who has walked over to the building as well, and overhears Romeo ordering his friends to steal the world-famous, but heavily guarded, Delta Diamond. He runs over to confront them, but it turns out that it was a trap to lure him to the museum. Night Panther and Dark Owl barge at Gekko with their powers, though they bump into each other as they bicker over who gets to capture him first.

Gekko takes cover on top of the buildings. He looks down, and notices his friends working against each other due to their villainous personalities. This gives him an idea. He jumps down to challenge them on who is the fastest villain and scales up the building. The two take on the challenge and chase Gekko, while struggling to get to the top first. Once Gekko reachers the top, he stops them, and tries to reach out to them, saying that they are friends, not enemies.

Suddenly, Night Panther and Dark Owl start to defect. Since the effects of the Opposite Ray are starting to wear off, Romeo fires the invention to restore their villainous personalities. Gekko pulls them out of the way, though, and deflects the rays towards Romeo. The villain is hit, and he proclaims himself as Captain Smarty Pants. He wishes to help out, especially since Night Panther and Dark Owl has escaped during the commotion.

Gekko and Romeo run over to the Toy Shop, where Night Panther and Dark Owl are stealing toys. Gekko gets their attention and leads the two villains on a chase. Avoiding their powers as long as possible, he climbs up a stoplight. Once the villains are in position, he moves out of harm’s way. The two get caught in each other’s projectiles, and after Romeo soon recovers after continuously stumbling, he zaps Night Panther and Dark Owl back to Catboy and Owlette.

After the signature victory phrase is announced, Romeo skips back to the museum with the PJ Masks and announces that they are all heroes now, ready to fight crime together. Robot, not happy hearing this, takes the Opposite Ray from him, and zaps him back to normal. He destroys the invention under the villain’s command, with the notion that it is too dangerous since it turned him into a hero. Romeo leaves with Robot to think of a new plan to take over the world. Gekko calls Romeo Captain Smarty Pants one last time, much to Romeo’s chagrin, playfully acts as his self-proclaimed villain alter-ego, the Evil Lizard, and the PJ Masks share a laugh together, ending the episode.


  • Positive triumphs are always over negative triumphs.


  • Romeo introduces the Opposite Ray.
  • In one scene, Romeo (as Captain Smarty Pants) said "It's time to be a hero," but he only proclaimed that phrase in the French dub of the show, as it is replaced with "Okay super buddy, let's take these villains down!" in the English dub.
    • Also in the English dub, no one says "Time to be a hero" or "It's time to be a hero" for the fourth time.
  • Catboy and Owlette are brainwashed and turned into villains with the names "Night Panther" and "Dark Owl" by Romeo with his Opposite Ray. In the French version, however, their names were "Tigre Noir" (Black Tiger) and "Merlette" (Black Bird Owl) to reflect on their physical appearances.
    • Dark Owl is a reference to a villain named Dark Owl in the show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, specifically in the episode named "The Dark Owl."
    • Night Panther's name is a direct reference to the hero named Black Panther from the comics made by Marvel.
    • Romeo is also brainwashed and turned into a good guy with the name "Captain Smarty Pants" by Gekko when he used his Super Gekko Shield to block the ray's blast. Like Night Panther and Dark Owl's names being changed in the French version of the episode, he is known as "Capitaine Super-Malice" (Captain Super Malice).
      • Captain Smarty Pants' name is a direct reference to the superhero named Captain America from the comics made by Marvel.
    • Although Catboy and Owlette are corrupted into "Night Panther" and "Dark Owl," they are still referred to by their normal nighttime alter-ego names at least twice (three times in the French dub) by Gekko until Romeo is brainwashed and turned into a good guy. While "Captain Smarty Pants" is referred to by his villain name by Owlette when Robot turned him back into Romeo.
  • This is the fifth time the PJ Masks don't transform back after chanting their victory.
  • Romeo dejects Robot the second time.
  • This episode also shows that Gekko is good at convincing Owlette and Catboy that they are heroes.
  • This is the first time a villain is seen leaving after the PJ Masks chant their victory.
  • This is the second time Catboy & Owlette get taken over by one of Romeo's inventions.
  • In some scenes of the episode's French dub, Night Panther's voice sounds reminiscent to Catboy's Season 1 French voice, albeit with a deeper voice.
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