"Gekko and the Snore-A-Saurus"
Season 1, episode 8B
(Overall episode #16)
Gekko and the Snore-A-Saurus Card.png
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
October 30, 2015
Canada Canada
February 28, 2016
Written by Tom Stevenson
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) 1.14
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"Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue"
"Looking After Gekko"

"Gekko and the Snore-A-Saurus" (also known as "Gluglu et le Ronflo-saure" in French) is the second segment of the 8th Season 1 episode of PJ Masks.


By day, Connor, Greg and Amaya were preparing for the school puppet show when Cameron, who was making fun of Greg's puppet, smells cookies from the cafeteria. But the teacher announced that the puppets, including Greg's, went missing. Catboy and Owlette were surprised when they saw Cameron sleepwalking! Gekko found out that Luna Girl took the puppets, but he got distracted by the moths' puppet moves.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Gekko and the Snore-A-Saurus":

  • Catboy
  • Owlette
  • Gekko
  • Teacher
  • Cameron
  • Luna Girl
  • Moths
  • Jenny (cameo)
  • Tommy (cameo)
  • Meg (cameo)
  • Marie (cameo)


Today, the school is going to have a puppet show outside. Greg is excited about this; in honor of this event, he shows Connor and Amaya the puppet that he made. Cameron walks by the group and laughs at Greg for playing with dolls. Greg tells Cameron that it is a puppet, but he ignores him when he smells cookies cooking in the cafeteria. He leaves to go get some, and Connor changes the subject by declaring that they should just grab some seats for the puppet show. With that, the three kids run over to the front of the puppet show stage and sit down. Soon, the teacher enters the stage, and the puppet show is about to begin, until he finds out that the puppets are gone. Since this is the case, it means that he has to cancel the puppet show. Everyone leaves in disappointment, while Connor, Amaya, and Greg walk up to the stage. Suddenly, a moth flies out. This means that Luna Girl must be responsible for this, so the PJ Masks declare to get them back from her tonight.

Once the PJ Masks arrive at headquarters, Catboy declares to take the Cat-Car. He presses the Cat Symbol icon on the PJ Picture Player screen, and the team hops in the vehicle and drive off into the town. In a few moments, they see a shadow walking across the street that they are on. Catboy swerves out of the way, and the Cat-Car comes to a stop. Wondering what was that figure that they just saw, the PJ Masks jump out of the vehicle to take a look, only to see that it is gone. Just then, they hear a voice. Gekko climbs up the school wall, and he sees Luna Girl by the puppet show stage. And sure enough, she has the puppets. Catboy announces that they should just worry about this later, though, because they first need to find out what was walking on the road. Gekko just declares that Catboy and Owlette should go ahead and catch up to it, while he goes into the school grounds. He first says that he is going to look at the puppets, but he quickly changes the statement by saying that he will stop Luna Girl. That being said, Gekko activates his Super Gekko Camouflage and crawls into the school area. Once he arrives at the puppet show stage, he takes a look at the puppet show performance performed by the moths from behind with Luna Girl.

Meanwhile, Catboy and Owlette run off to look for the figure. They soon catch up to it and try to figure out what it is. To their surprise, as it walks towards them and into the light from one of the lampposts, the figure turns out to be Cameron, and he is sleepwalking! They have to get him back to his house and into his bed before something bad happens to him. However, they cannot use their powers to bring him back. Either one of them could awaken him, and he will get a bad shock. As Catboy and Owlette try to figure out what to do, the puppet show is still going on. Captivated by the moths' performance, Gekko cheers out in acclaim. Unfortunately, it catches Luna Girl and her moths' attention. The performance stops, and they turn to look at the source of where it is coming from. Realizing now that he unintentionally gave himself away, Gekko reappears and demands the villainess to give back the puppets. She refuses, and demands her moths to get him. They comply, and they use the puppets to hit him, grab him, and pull him around. Finally, they end it off by spinning him around. Gekko knocks into the chairs, and then onto the puppet show stage, toppling it over. He lets out a scream, and while they think of a plan to return Cameron back to bed, Catboy and Owlette hear him and run over to the puppet show area.

The two come up to Gekko and ask if he is all right. Holding up the stage, he confirms this, and asks them to get the puppets back from Luna Girl. In response, the moths try to stop them, but Owlette uses her Owl Wing Wind to push them back, while Catboy quickly grabs the puppets from them. The two rush away, and Gekko runs up to them as soon as he pushes the stage upright. Luckily, the puppets are okay, but the same cannot be said for Cameron. Gekko is confused by this, and asks what is he doing outside. Catboy and Owlette explain to him that Cameron is sleepwalking. They left him because they thought that he was in trouble. Now that the puppets are back, the PJ Masks have to get Cameron back home. Meanwhile, Luna Girl overhears the conversation, and tries multiple times to get the team's attention about Cameron. Once she shouts out one more time to get them to answer her, Cameron enters the school playground and walks up the slide. Everyone sees him, and Luna Girl claims that he would make a great puppet. That being said, she and the moths fly over to him, and the PJ Masks run over to stop her, or rather, Catboy and Owlette only. After Catboy drops the puppets, Gekko picks them up and starts playing with them.

The two PJ Masks run over to Cameron and protect him from the villainess. They tell her that she cannot awake him while he is sleepwalking. Luna Girl just assures them that she will not wake him up; she is only going to play with him. She takes out her Luna Magnet and tries to zap Cameron. Catboy and Owlette respond by blocking her view from him. As they do that, they call on Gekko to stop playing with the puppets and help them. He shouts out that he is coming, and walks the puppets over to the puppet show stage. He takes too long, though, because he is still playing with them. Soon enough, while trying to stop Luna Girl from zapping Cameron, Catboy and Owlette bump into each other, and she successfully grabs him. She starts moving him around, and since he is snoring and walking around like a dinosaur, she names him "Snore-A-Saurus". Finally placing the puppets down, Gekko catches up to Catboy and Owlette and help them up. He then sees Luna Girl moving Cameron around, and comments on how she is good at moving him as a puppet. Annoyed, Catboy and Owlette tell him that because he was busy with the puppets, Cameron is now in trouble. Therefore, they need to get him back from Luna Girl before he wakes up. Gekko apologizes for this, and states that he will now help out.

Owlette flies up to the moths and uses her Owl Wing Wind to push them towards Luna Girl. Once her view is blinded, Catboy grabs the Luna Magnet from her and throws it over to Gekko. Gekko catches it, and decides to use it to lead Cameron back home. He activates it, losing control of it for a bit, and zaps him. While trying to block Luna Girl from Gekko, Catboy looks from behind and asks what he is doing. Gekko just tells him that he is helping Cameron get to safety, and starts puppeteering him. He leads Cameron to the puppet show stage, and he grabs the puppets. Catboy and Owlette tell Gekko to stop, but he pushes this off, knowing that they have both Cameron and the puppets. He leads Cameron out of the school grounds, and Catboy flings Luna Girl away.

Soon, Gekko reaches the park with Cameron. As Catboy and Owlette catch up with him, they tell him to stop playing with him, fearing that he is going to get hurt. Gekko reassures them that he is just leading him to safety. Just as he says that, though, Cameron enters the playground. The PJ Masks run inside, and they see him climbing up the playground wall. Gekko cannot stop him, but this is not safe; if Cameron falls down, he will really get hurt, and therefore surely wake up. As soon as he reaches the top of the playground equipment, Owlette quickly flies over to him and tries to help him get down. However, with the puppets swinging around in his hand, she cannot get to him. Soon, Cameron walks on her head and crosses over the bridge's ropes. Gekko feels really bad about all this: because he had been messing around, Cameron is now in danger of hurting himself. Now determined to fix this, Gekko gives Catboy the Luna Magnet while he uses his Super Gekko Muscles to grab a seesaw so he can lead Cameron along. He places it within his reach, and he walks on it.

Before the PJ Masks could catch him, though, Luna Girl spots them, and her moths fly over to them, turning Cameron around in the process. They try to obtain the Luna Magnet from Catboy, but fortunately, he ducks under them. Since Owlette cannot get Cameron, Gekko leads him by the jungle bars. He is safe, but not for long. This time, the moths grab the Luna Magnet from Catboy and give it to Luna Girl. Once she has it back, she tries to zap Cameron back into her possession. Owlette retaliates by pushing Luna Girl around, while Catboy is being chased by the moths. Soon, after she pushes the villainess again, the moths chase her instead. With Owlette distracted, Luna Girl tries to obtain Cameron again, who is now out from the jungle gym and onto the seesaw again. Gekko gets out of the beam's way, and he places Cameron on the bar of the swing set. Meanwhile, Owlette leads the moths towards Luna Girl, and they bump into her. Gekko then obtains Cameron from the swing set, and it is now time to get Cameron to bed. However, it is put off for a little longer: the moths chase Owlette again, and Luna Girl is free to capture Cameron. She starts to zap him again, but Owlette and the moths fly into the beam's way, so she throws them over to a billboard sign showing a person with a cookie. Gekko notices this and gets an idea: the PJ Masks would get Cameron home by leading him with a delicious smell. With this information, Catboy quickly grabs a box of cookies, and the team each gets one. This could not be better timing, because Luna Girl has Cameron in her Luna Magnet now.

Owlette flies over to Cameron and holds out her cookie. The smell grabs Cameron, and he walks over to her, stepping on the merry-go-round as he does that. Luna Girl pulls him back, and he turns away from Owlette's path. Catboy quickly jumps in and holds out his cookie. He and Luna Girl go into a tug-of-war, and in a few moments, Cameron flies out of the merry-go-round and into the swings. Luna Girl zaps him again, but this time, Owlette goes into a tug-of-war with her until Cameron is flung onto an animal springer. The same process happens again, this time with Gekko, and Cameron is flung onto another seesaw. Now with Catboy and Gekko working together with their cookies towards Cameron, Luna Girl is not able to pull him back. Therefore, she jumps on the seesaw to get him out of their path. As soon as she does that, Owlette jumps on, and the villainess is flung into the trees. The PJ Masks regroup, and they see Cameron falling down from being launched up high in the air. Fortunately, Luna Girl has dropped her Luna Magnet, so Gekko grabs him and safely places him down. Owlette grabs another cookie, and leads Cameron into a safe spot, where she gives him the cookie, and he sits down to eat it. Luna Girl gets out of the trees, and flies over to get her Luna Magnet back. In response, Gekko gives the Luna Magnet to Catboy, and he runs away with it, leading the villainess on a chase. After a few moments, Catboy comes back, revealing that he hid the Luna Magnet into a place where it will take Luna Girl a long time to find it. With Cameron now safe and sound, the PJ Masks can finally take him home. They start announcing their signature victory phrase, but Gekko is playing with the puppets again. He stops, though, and they finish the phrase off.

The next day, Cameron walks by the puppet show stage. Making sure that no one is looking, he casually grabs a puppet and starts playing around with it. He does not notice that he is approaching Connor, Amaya, and Greg until they ask him of what he is doing. Embarrassed, he hides the puppet behind his back at first, but soon shows it to them, saying that it is hard to control it. Greg happily offers to show Cameron, though, so he gives it to him, and Greg demonstrates how to use a puppet by making it walk. After a few seconds, he gives it back to Cameron, and he uses it to smell a cookie that Connor is about to eat. Amused, Connor gives the puppet his cookie, and it eats it. The four share a laugh, and the episode ends.


  • One should be serious when doing something important (don't mess around).
  • Be focused.


  • This marks the first time a villain has interacted with one of the PJ Masks' classmates.
    • This is also the first time Luna Girl meets Cameron.
  • The Comcast/Xfinity description of this episode misspells the title as "Gekko and the Snore-a-Sauras."
  • This is the first time that Cameron appears in the night.
  • This is the first episode with the word "Saurus" in the title.
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