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Real Name


Current Alias


Other Aliases

"Gekko" (nickname)


Les Pyjamasques

Base of Operations

Totem Base




Secret Identity




Culture Hero




Book Continuity


Lilifée (love interest)
Grigri, Zina and Ulbert (sometimes)
Animal Totems (mainly the Totem Lizard)
Sorceline (sometimes)
Papinuits (sometimes)
Mitomites (sometimes)
Santa Claus
Bibou's sister
Magistère la sorcière
Rude Horn


Grogarou (formerly)
Roméo Mécano
Orticia (formerly)
Grigri, Zina and Ulbert (rivalry)
Rude Horn (formerly)
Marchand de sable
Magistère la sorcière (formerly)
Energuman (formerly)


Playing acrobats
His totem animal
Having permanent night (temporarily)
Eating Mitomites
Teasing Les Mascrapules


Roméo Mécano
Sorceline, her Mitomites and Papinuits

Debut appearance

"Les Pyjamasques et le Grogarou"

Voice actor


Gluglu (real name: Greg) (English name: Glue-glue) is the protagonist of the Les Pyjamasques book series. He is the youngest member of Les Pyjamasques.


Long before the events of the book series, Greg met his friends Sacha and Amaya in school, and he was originally an average kid.

In "La Légende des Pyjamasques," during the events where Sorceline used her powers to capture the animal totems, Gluglu, alongside Yoyo and Bibou, would receive magical pajamas and powers by one of the three animal totems.

During their first encounter with Sorceline, he and his friends would learn that according to their legend, they had to help rescue the rest of the kids' animal totems.

Eventually, he and the rest of the other Pyjamasques succeeded on freeing the animal totems to restore their legend, and trapped Sorceline and the rest of her Mitomites inside her magical sack from returning to do any harm to them.

Official description

He's strong, a little sticky, but great at hiding! Always ready to rush to danger to save you. Let the wicked be warned, here comes Gluglu!


As Greg

Greg is shown to have Sacha and Amaya's attitude on being curious and observing towards things that seem to have interest in school.

As Gluglu

As Gluglu, he is shown to be the most humorous and quirky member of the Pyjamasques, such as in "Les Pyjamasques et la momie d’Apophis, Tome I," he is shown to be joking on the appearance of Apophis' mummy strips, while "La Légende des Pyjamasques" shows him defeating the Mitomites by eating them. He is shown to be courageous and confident, as he is shown to not give up on letting villains such as Les Mascrapules get away with their antagonistic actions. He is also shown to get extremely grumpy whenever he's punished in school as emphasized in "Les Pyjamasques et Magistère la sorcière." He is also easy to temptation on mangos as seen in "Les Pyjamasques et le rêveur de l'arc-en-ciel." Alongside Bibou and Gluglu, he can be mischievous towards the villains they face such as taunting Les Mascrapules, and mocking Roméo Mécano.

Like Yoyo and Bibou, he doesn't even speak in the English language and instead speaks only in French.

Motive & Abilities


In most of his appearances, Gluglu and the rest of the Pyjamasques will often encounter and fight various nighttime villains that are mythology/folklore oriented.

In addition, they would help friends in need who are also mythology/folklore oriented.


  • Gluglu Main Collante: His primary power; can climb on walls and stick on to other surfaces. However, it is revealed in "Les Pyjamasques et Lilifée" and "Les Pyjamasques et le croque-chaussettes" that he will have little or no control of his power when doing certain actions against an opponent.
  • Gluglu Reptilo Camouflage: Can blend into the background, but his eyes will remain visible.
  • Gluglu Méga Muscles: He has herculean strength which gives him the ability to perform incoming melee attacks, self-defense, and use objects (e.g. Bastet's oars) as counter-attacks.
  • Water Breathing (introduced in "Les Pyjamasques et Energuman"): He is able to breathe underwater without drowning.
  • Head Balancing: Gluglu, along with Yoyo and Bibou, are able to balance with each other on their heads.

Physical appearance

As Greg

Greg has pale skin, green eyes and a blonde parted hairstyle. During the daytime, Greg wears a green long-sleeved shirt with brown drawstrings and brown beige pants. Before the events of "Les Pyjamasques et la momie d’Apophis, Tome I," he originally wore brown shoes.

In the nighttime, his pajamas consist of a pair of light green pants and a shirt featuring a lizard track pattern. His pajamas also have a white trim.

As Gluglu

As Gluglu, he wears a green one-piece costume with frills, a yellow-green underbelly and a tail to make him more lizard-like. His mask has an opening for his eyes and the lower portion of his face.

In his appearances before "Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro," Gluglu's costume lacks dark green pads on his elbows and knees, and his eyebrows were the same color as the rest of his costume.

In his solo appearance in the pilot episode of the PJ Masks, he is identical to his early appearances in the book series. However, his appearance is been given slight undertones related to superheroes such as his underbelly looking slightly detailed to what it looks like in his book appearances.

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