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"Heroes of the Sky"
Season 4, episode 1
(Overall episode #152)
Heroes of the Sky Title Card.png
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
May 15, 2020
Written by Christian De Vita & Simon Nicholson
Directed by Christian De Vita
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"PJ Robot Vs Romeo"
"Who Let the Moths In?"

"Heroes of the Sky" (also known as "Les héros du ciel" in French) is the 1st Season 4 episode of PJ Masks. This is a four-part special episode that consists of four segments which aired on the same date.



When Owlette imperils a mission and loses her memory as a result, Catboy and Gekko give up on her; the PJ Masks learn that the heart of being a hero is being a good friend.


Part 1

Sorceline steals an old tea service from the museum, but the Pyjamasques follow her. Bibou is very upset by Sorceline's wickedness, but when she calls them for help, our three heroes don't hesitate for a moment.

Part 2-3

Greg and Sacha do everything they can to help Amaya find her Pyja-memories, then when they give up on her after trying so hard, they end up teaming up with Sorceline to stop Romeo, who this time is actually about to become the Master of the World.

Part 4

Bibou finally finds her Pyja-memories and thanks to the crystals she found, our three heroes discover new vehicles. With Sorceline's help, they must now stop Romeo before he multiplies his Astro-labos.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Heroes of the Sky":


The episode starts off at night with Luna Girl and her moths breaking into the museum. Dancing along with a boombox that she brought with her, she spots a moon-themed tea set on display that would go along with her tea party on the moon. She takes it with her and prepares to leave until the PJ Masks corner her in different directions. Motsuki arrives, though, and with her help, the two easily take down the PJ Masks and lead them on a chase. Owlette chases Luna Girl, while Catboy and Gekko go after Motsuki and the moths, respectively. Before Owlette can retrieve the tea set from Luna Girl using the Owl-Glider claws, the two villains catch up with each other, and with Motsuki’s crystal magic, the two disappear to the moon. Owlette hits a building as a result, and she crash-lands. Catboy and Gekko catch up with her to see if she is alright and that they should call it a night, but she refuses, angry about what happened, and flies back to headquarters to take off for the moon.

While the PJ Masks are heading there, Luna Girl and Motsuki set up their tea party and spot them from afar. Luna Girl reflects her Luna Magnet’s Luna Beam onto Motsuki’s crystal, and the beam hits the HQ Rocket. Owlette regains control, though, and giving Catboy the controls, she exits the structure to sneak in from behind the Lunar Fortress while the rest of the team lands to distract the villains. Luna Girl gets ready to zap the approaching team with her Luna Wand, but she notices PJ Robot with them. On cue, Owlette snatches the Luna Wand away from her and retrieves the tea set. She gives it to the team, but Motsuki zaps the Luna Wand out of her hands. Luna Girl grabs it, and she throws Owlette at a far distance. She recovers, but is still angry. Gekko reassures her that they at least got back the tea set, and the PJ Masks head back to Earth to return it to the museum. Despite not having the tea set anymore, Luna Girl and Motsuki decide to go inside the Lunar Fortress to play some party games, but are stopped when they notice an unknown source coming in to attack.

The next day, Amaya prepares herself and meets up with Connor and Greg to go to school, still upset about what happened last night. While the boys commend her on retrieving the tea set, she couldn’t stop thinking about getting back at Luna Girl, especially when she is mean to her sometimes. At school, a couple of her friends approach her and ask her what’s wrong, to which she mentions about Luna Girl indirectly. Connor and Greg take notice and comment on how Amaya has the Luna Blues. They begin to suggest taking a break from anything to do with the villainess until a moth comes in with a Luna Bubble. Amaya comes towards them, and popping the bubble, it reveals a message from Luna Girl, that she and Motsuki are in trouble, and they need their help.

That night, at headquarters, Luna Girl and Motsuki reveal that Romeo’s Fly Bots are attacking them to get their moon crystals. They’ve created a force field to protect the Lunar Fortress, but they keep zapping it. In addition, the PJ Picture Player shows that Romeo has flown his Sky Factory into space to control the moon attack from there. He is sending numerous waves of his Fly Bots to the moon and boosting their radio transmitters. At the same time, he is scanning the Lunar Fortress’s force field for its weakest spot. The PJ Masks take off in the Owl-Glider to stop him.

Romeo spots the team, and he teleports Robot, who is on the moon supervising the Fly Bots’ attack, into the factory. He commands him to take care of the PJ Masks and sends communication signals via transmitters to his Fly Bots to attack the team. Owlette leads the bots on a chase and tells Catboy and Gekko to distract them so she can take out the signal transmitter. The Fly Bots prevent her from doing so, however, and she lands back on the Owl-Glider. Luna Girl comes into transmission. After hearing that Owlette is attempting to remove the transmitter, she complains, much to her annoyance. She decides to ignore it, though, and tries again. Meanwhile, a reluctant Motsuki transports Luna Girl to the Sky Factory so she can take care of it herself. Luna Girl takes out one of the Fly Bots and Robot, and taking the wrench, she flies up to the radio transmitter. She does not notice Owlette coming in as well until the two crash into each other. Catboy tells Owlette to let Luna Girl take care of the transmitter since she is almost there, but Owlette refuses, and the two girls start arguing.

Meanwhile in the factory, Romeo finds the force field’s weak spot. Sending transmissions to the Fly Bots on the moon, the Fly Bots fly to the spot and zap it multiple times. The force field destabilizes, and they fly into the fortress to steal the moon crystals. The blast of the destabilization knocks the harvest moon crystal out of the Luna Magnet, and one of the Fly Bots obtain it as well. Outnumbered, Motsuki escapes to Earth, but the Fly Bots snatch her crystal before she disappears. They return to the Sky Factory, and the Lunar Fortress collapses without its moon crystals to support it. On Earth, Motsuki returns to Luna Girl unharmed, but she is reverted back to her moth form. With too many Fly Bots surrounding them, everyone retreats.

Back on the ground, Owlette and Luna Girl quarrel on who’s to blame for what happened. Catboy and Gekko attempt to calm them down until PJ Robot comes into contact. Everyone looks up, and they see the Sky Factory heading towards the town. The PJ Masks take off into the city in their own vehicles. Catboy and Gekko fight off the Fly Bots in the streets and canals, respectively, and Owlette, Luna Girl, and Motsuki head to the skies. As the Owl-Glider heads toward the factory, the girls begin to bicker again over who is responsible for losing the moon crystals. This leads Owlette into breaking her contact with the factory, which then disappears unexpectedly. In a few moments, it reappears, and it heads straight towards HQ. Disabling its communication, Romeo sucks up the structure out of its spot, and the Fly Bots break in. They summon the HQ Crystal from the PJ Picture Player and take it away.

As HQ is released and violently lands on the ground, the PJ Masks chase after Romeo. Luna Girl takes the Owl-Glider’s controls, while Owlette flies up to the crystal. Dodging the Fly Bots’ zaps, Owlette tells the crystal that she’s coming to save it. To everyone’s surprise, the crystal zaps in response, as if to help her. She catches up with it for a few moments, but the Fly Bots zap her out of its range, and she falls back into the Owl-Glider. However, because Owlette had placed her hand in contact with the HQ Crystal, it glows, and three smaller crystals - one red, one blue, and one green - break away and fly off in different directions before it can be taken into the factory.

Owlette, Luna Girl, and Motsuki land safely to the ground, but the girls are upset. Owlette expresses her remorse for losing the PJ Crystal and the moon crystals, all because she let Luna Girl get to her instead of working with her. Determined to make things right, she flies back into the sky and instructs Catboy and Gekko to not lose sight of the Flying Factory.

Meanwhile, the HQ Crystal is placed into a huge chamber, surrounded by the stolen moon crystals placed around it. It tries to repeatedly zap Romeo back to prevent him from connecting it to his computer, but the villain eventually succeeds, and he pulls the lever down to drain it of its power, along with those of the moon crystals. The PJ Masks’ vehicles destabilize as a result, and they are destroyed. Luna Girl is carried to safety by her moths, and Owlette tries to find Catboy and Gekko. However, since Romeo is having difficulty draining the PJ Masks’ Crystal’s power, he decides to take it bit by bit and drains the power from the owl portion of the totem. Owlette loses her powers, and she falls safely to the ground, transforming back into her daytime self in the process.

Amaya walks back to her house, wondering what she is doing outside in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Catboy and Gekko run back to the neighborhood, distressed about what happened, and notice Amaya’s bedroom light turning on. Wondering if she is calling it a night, the boys call out her superhero name before they are chased away by the Fly Bots. Amaya looks outside for a brief moment before going back to bed, asking who is Owlette.

The next morning, Connor and Greg meet up with each other in front of Amaya’s house, tired and upset about what happened last night. Amaya cheerfully joins them, asking if they are ready for math class. Confused about how she responded, the boys remind her of the events that took place that night. She passes this off as a dream, though, and heads off into the school building with her friends. Connor and Greg suddenly realize that since Romeo was responsible for messing with the crystal, not only did Amaya lose her powers, she lost her memories of being a PJ Mask as well. Knowing that they can’t accomplish the mission without her, they attempt to get her to remember about her superhero identity.

A montage plays out as the boys try multiple ways to get Amaya to remember about her identity as a PJ Mask, all of which have failed. By recess, they decide that they should probably stop trying to remind Amaya of being Owlette and instead try to focus on Romeo, in fears that they could lose their PJ memories as well and forget that they were ever the PJ Masks. Since they lost everything besides their powers, they decide to ask Luna Girl and Motsuki to work with them again to get the moon crystals back and the PJ Crystal in hopes of bringing back Amaya’s memories.

As Connor and Greg talk about their plan, Amaya hears a strange choral sound that only she can hear. She walks around the school to hear where it’s coming from, and stumbles upon the small blue crystal, placed in the bush by Alley Cat. Despite feeling that she has seen it somewhere, she passes this off as just a stone and takes it with her. However, she couldn’t stop thinking about it and starts reciting some of the words that Connor and Greg have said. When she arrives at the park with her departing friends where the collapsed HQ structure stands, Birdie leads her back home, and she hears the sound again. This time, she finds the small green crystal behind another bush and collects it.

Nighttime comes, and Amaya heads off into bed while Connor and Greg transform into their superhero alter-egos and head off to HQ. They find PJ Robot among the destruction, and tell him what happened and what their plan is. Meanwhile, back in her room, Amaya suddenly wakes up and notices the crystals that she placed in a box glowing and moving erratically. Since the PJ Rovers are still working, Catboy and Gekko then head off into town and find Luna Girl and Motsuki. They refuse to help because they lost everything. However, when they hear that Owlette is not coming, they change their minds and argue about who is in charge. They are interrupted, though, by an attacking swarm of Fly Bots, but Motsuki stays behind to sneak into the Flying Factory while outside Amaya's house, Amaya walks outside with the box with the green and blue crystals inside in her hands and follows to where the crystals are pointing to, along with the supervision of Alley Cat and Birdie. Catboy, Gekko, and Luna Girl return to HQ, and PJ Robot gives the boys newly created silver helmets and jetpacks to help them fly. He also uses some of his energy to recharge Luna Girl’s Luna Board.

Motsuki safely returns to HQ. Instructed by Luna Girl, she was sent to the Flying Factory to hear what Romeo is planning to do with their crystals. She reveals that since the villain has his Sky Factory that can take over the world, he is draining all the powers from the crystals into his computer to create multiple Sky Factories to take over the world. Not wanting to let that happen, the group tries to take out the Fly Bots on their own before stopping him.

While all this is happening, Amaya follows to where the blue and green crystals where pointing at, and she approaches a pile of tree branches, where the small red crystal is safely placed. Now reunited, the three crystals then lead her to HQ and the chaos between Catboy, Gekko, and Luna Girl and the Fly Bots. Amaya suddenly begins to glow, and she declares that she remembers everything. She transforms into Owlette, and before the Fly Bots can capture the group, she uses her Owl Wing Wind to blow them away.

Everyone gathers around Owlette, and she shares that the crystals she found wanted her to remember. Catboy and Gekko apologize to her for giving up on her, knowing that she was always a PJ Mask deep down inside. Owlette apologizes about forgetting what a PJ Mask is truly about: doing the right thing and helping others who need it, even villains like Luna Girl and Motsuki, and especially even if they are mean. She promises to them that she’ll stand by their sides no matter what and never let any mean attitudes get in the way. Luna Girl and Owlette high-five each other, and everyone prepares to take down Romeo.

The PJ Power Crystals suddenly glow again, and as the PJ Masks’ suits glow in response, the crystals transform into upgraded versions of the PJ Masks’ vehicles. Unfortunately, since Romeo has drained most of the power from the PJ Crystal Totem, the team starts to lose their powers. With no time to waste, everyone jumps into the newly created vehicles and head off into town. Catboy and Gekko easily defeat the Fly Bots with the upgraded powers that their vehicles have, and Owlette, PJ Robot, Luna Girl, and Motsuki fly over to the Sky Factory. Owlette enters the Sky Factory and easily takes care of the Fly Bots and Romeo. She prepares to get the PJ Crystal out of the chamber, but notices on the computer screen Luna Girl falling out of the Owl-Glider while trying to dodge the Fly Bots and hanging onto the factory. Stuck between choosing whether to save the crystal first or Luna Girl, she chooses the latter and rushes out to save her, despite not having her powers.

Because of Owlette’s decision, the HQ Crystal’s power is restored, and Owlette gains back her powers. The two girls fly safely to the Sky Factory, and Luna Girl thanks her for saving her. They return to the Owl-Glider just before the Sky Factory reaches space, but notice Owlette’s suit glowing, indicating that the PJ Crystal is back. The crystal lets out a huge blast, and three different colored rays are emitted out and head towards the upgraded vehicles. The rays hit the vehicles, and they are sent up in midair to combine together into a new aircraft: the PJ Jet.

Romeo arrives at the main controls of the Sky Factory. Despite the HQ Crystal acting up, he presses the button to create more Flying Factories so he can take over the world. At the same time, though, Owlette and Luna Girl arrive and disable the power chamber to collect all the crystals. Once the PJ Crystal Totem is removed from the chamber, the factory loses power, and it falls back to Earth. The factories that were created fall down as well, and are presumably shrunken, and the ray creating the factories create miniature-sized versions of them. While the PJ Masks, Luna Girl, and Motsuki return home in the PJ Jet, victorious, Romeo falls off his Flying Factory as it loses control and parachutes down to Robot, who is practicing his victory dance in town. Angered, the villain vows to the PJ Masks that he will rule the world and escapes with Robot, calmly holding one of the miniature versions of the Sky Factory in his hands.

Back at headquarters, the group returns the Crystal Totem back into place, and the structure regains its power and returns to its normal state. Owlette gives Luna Girl her moon crystals, and the villainess sends them back to the moon, restoring her Lunar Fortress. She then gives Motsuki her crystal back, and she is restored to her humanoid-like moth form. Luna Girl thanks the PJ Masks for their help, especially Owlette, acknowledging that she really does help everyone, even a mean villain like her. Owlette responds that she is alright, and the two share a heartfelt hug. To celebrate, a tea party is hosted using a regular tea set instead of the space-themed tea set at the museum. Everyone proclaims the PJ Masks’ victory cheer, and the episode ends.


  • The heart of being a hero is being a good person and a good friend.


  • This episode marks the Season 4 premiere.
  • This is the seventh special episode of the series.
    • This also marks the first 47-minute episode.
    • This is also the first special episode to not feature any numbering parts on the episode's title card.
      • However, on Disney+ and the French dub, numbering parts are shown, but the audio is just recycled dialogue from Owlette narrating the first title card, meaning "Part 2," "Part 3," and "Part 4" are only text. In the French dub, Owlette is heard narrating the parts.
    • This also marks the first season premiere to air on the Disney Junior channel.
  • This episode was meant to be released in April 2020, but was delayed to May 15, most likely due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus pandemic.
  • The episode shares the same last three words with "Villain of the Sky" and "Protector of the Sky."
  • The PJ Crystal makes its third appearance.
  • In this episode, the PJ Masks' vehicles are upgraded, formed by the PJ Power Crystals, which are three smaller crystals that fell from the PJ Crystal Totem after the Fly-Bots carried it into Romeo's Sky Factory.
    • The PJ Jet is also introduced, formed by the combination of all three upgraded vehicles.
      • This is also the last appearance of the original Cat-Car, Owl-Glider, and Gekko-Mobile, as the upgraded versions of the vehicles make their first appearance in this episode too. However, the original vehicles still appear in the show's theme song for the entirety of Season 4.
  • Motsuki is seen in her moth form for the first time since "Moth on the Moon."
  • Owlette becomes the first character to get amnesia.
    • It is revealed in the episode that when an animal portion of the PJ Crystal Totem is drained of its power, the PJ Mask associated with it will not only lose their powers, but also lose their memories of being a PJ Mask, though their other memories (such as knowing each other) stay intact.
      • In later episodes such as "Super Super Cat Speed" and "Catboy's Cat", the PJ Masks will no longer lose their memories when the portions of the PJ Crystal is drained.
  • This is the ninth time Luna Girl works with the PJ Masks; this happens when Romeo flies over to the moon to steal the moon crystals and Motsuki's crystal.
  • This is the second time Motsuki works with the PJ Masks, this time in both forms. Like with Luna, this happens when Romeo flies over to the moon to steal the moon crystals and Motsuki's crystal.
    • The first time was in "Glowy Moths" (in her previous form).
  • Luna and Motsuki are revealed to have a unicorn cuddly.
  • In this episode, Catboy and Gekko get new gear, specifically jet packs and silver helmets.
    • Owlette also gets a silver helmet, but as of right now, this is only seen on the cover art for the show's official Facebook page.
  • This is the first episode Benjamin Hum voices Gekko.
  • This is the first time Motsuki drives the Owl-Glider, only in her moth form.
  • This is Birdie's sixth appearance.
  • Luna Girl's eye color converts back to its regular blue.
  • This is the second time Catboy controls the HQ Rocket.
    • The first time was in "Luna's Cosmic Tantrum".
  • Catboy drives the Owl-Glider for the ninth time.
  • Catboy controls the PJ Jet for the first time.
  • Motsuki uses the Luna Wand for the first time.
  • Luna and Owlette hug for the first time.
  • Amaya is seen without her glasses for the first time.
  • A montage is seen of all the PJ Masks in their daytime selves getting ready.
  • Connor and Greg start a pact without Amaya for the first time.
  • Luna Girl has her own super heist music.
  • Luna Girl is shown to be a great dancer.
  • Luna Girl drives the Owl-Glider for the second time.
    • The first time was in "Owlette’s Luna Trouble."
  • Robot uses a walkie-talkie with a hologram of Romeo.
  • Luna Girl and Motsuki are the third two villains to enter the Flying Factory.
  • The brown girl with the orange dress's name is revealed to be Meg.
  • Luna Girl is the fourth villain to discover Owlette's true identity.
  • Luna Girl joins in the PJ Masks’ victory chant for the third time.
    • The previous two times were in "Owlette's Luna Trouble" and "Best Friends Forever."
  • This is the third time Romeo gets ahold of the harvest moon crystal.
  • The scene of Amaya hearing a strange choral sound coming from the crystals that only she can hear might be a reference to Elsa hearing a voice that only one who could hear it in the Disney movie Frozen II.
  • Although Motsuki is reverted back into a little moth, she still argues with Luna Girl via gibberish due that she is still considered her sister and wasn't demoted to her henchman status.
    • Motsuki is also not referred as the "Henchmoth" or "Moth" by the PJ Masks when she became a little moth, instead she is referred by her real name.
  • Romeo's backpack has a parachute.
  • Owlette is the third PJ Mask to be seen waking up in the morning.
  • This is possibly the longest mission the PJ Masks have ever had, since this mission happened over the course of two nights, even longer than "Moonstruck: Race to the Moon" and "Moonstruck: Lunar Fortress."
  • Connor and Greg say their superhero names in the daytime for the first time.
    • They also shout out their superpower moves in front of their classmates during the daytime for the first time, thus implying that the other kids now know about their, and Amaya's, superhero alter-egos.
  • This marks the first time the inside of the PJ Masks' bathrooms are shown.
  • Luna Girl references her piloting skills from the episode "Owlette's Luna Trouble."
  • Gekko can use his tail as a spring.
  • In one scene, Amaya can be heard talking in her sleep.
  • Amaya's mashed potato sculpture of HQ is a reference to the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  • This is the fifth time that HQ is seen in the daytime.


  • On Discord, it is revealed by one of the animators that the word "Luna" in the summary is, in fact, a typo, and that they meant to put in "Owlette."
  • When Motsuki was heading to the Flying Factory, her antennae are missing.
  • Motsuki's wings stopped glowing for a brief second when she returned to HQ.
  • In the last scene of Luna being on the moon, her glow disappears.
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