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For the French version, see Vas-y Bibou!.

Hey Hey Owlette!

Released August 10, 2016

"Hey, Hey Owlette!" is a 1-minute song that was posted in the form of a music video to PJ Masks' official YouTube channel on August 10, 2016. As of September 6, 2016, this song occasionally airs on Disney Junior on Disney Channel as an interstitial in between programs.


"I'm Catboy!"
"I'm Owlette!"
"I'm Gekko!"
"And we're the PJ Masks!"
"Hey, hey, Owlette!"

"It's time to be a hero!"
  • Unnamed Female Singer:
With super moves and cool girl power
She rescues friends at the darkest hour
She can fly and she can see anything!
"Owl Eyes!"
  • Unnamed Female Singer:
Actions first, ask questions later
Like Flossy Flash she faces danger
In the night
She blows those villains out of sight
"Owl Wing Wind!"
  • Unnamed Female Singer:
Hey hey Owlette! Amazing Owlette!
On the move she's a high-flying hero
With just a flap of her wings she can do anything
"Super Owl Wings!"
  • Unnamed Female Singer:
Hey hey Owlette! Amazing Owlette!
With PJ Masks she always comes through it
Spotting clues, with the moves
In the night, she saves the day!
  • Unnamed Female Singer
Hey hey Owlette!
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