Inspired Characters

Night Ninja W

Examples include Night Ninja; an inspiration from Sablotin, Shocker and Iron-Man

Inspired Characters are characters that are inspirations of other existing characters from Les Pyjamasques series as a whole created by Romuald Racioppo and Entertainment One.

Physical appearance

The inspired characters have striking similarities and resemblance to the character that they took inspiration from. Except that their appearances have been given original characteristics and are portrayed slight to radically different.

Many of these examples include Night Ninja; whose appearance is inspired from Sablotin, Shocker and Iron Man, as well as Luna Girl who was inspired from Black Cat and to a less extent, the Goblin.

Another variation is that the inspired characters are combinations of other characters and the environment, this includes the Mitomites; Sorceline's acolytes, were also inspired from Luna Girl's storm clouds and Moths from "Catboy's Cloudy Crisis.


  • Roméo Mécano (his motives are inspired from Greg's inability to recite a poem and his television counterpart showing the strongest portrayal on recieving compliments from other people in "Speak UP, Gekko!")
    • Roméo Mécano (Original Continuity) (his unnatural blue hair and hairstyle is inspired from the Batman villain, Joker)
    • Romeo (he is inspired from the Spider-Man supervillain, Doctor Octopus, while his black hair is inspired from J. Jonah Jameson, a character from the Spider-Man comic series)
  • Sorceline (her terminal grouchy personality was inspired from Luna's temper tantrums)
  • Mitomites (inspired from Luna Girl's storm clouds and moths)
  • Luna Girl (inspired from the Marvel villain, Black Cat and the Green Goblin)
  • Moths (inspired from the robots owned by Green Goblin)
  • Ninjaka
  • Night Ninja (inspired from Sablotin, Iron Man and Shocker)
  • Orticia (inspired from Mystery Mountain's bamboo forest)
  • Wolfy Kids (inspired from the various street gangs featured from the Spider-Man comics)
  • Armadylan (inspired from X-Man villain, Magneto)
  • Splat Monster (inspired from Hulk and Venom)

Non-character members

Other than characters, there are some weapons and gadgetry that are inspired either from the TV adaptation of the picture book or the book itself:

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