For the TV counterpart that is based off this place, see PJ Masks Headquarters.

Le totem des Pyjamasques

Quartier Général


Le totem des Pyjamasques (also known as Les Pyjamasques Quartier Général or Les Pyjamasques Lieu Secret) (English: The totem of Les Pyjamasques) is the secret place where the Pyjamasques' totem animals shelter. It debuted in "La Légende des Pyjamasques", while its original counterpart; the Totem des Pyjamasques originales appeared in "Le secret des Pyjamasques".

It is located inside Tarabiscoville on a small island surrounded by a pond. But the island that contains the Totem des Pyjamasques doesn't have a bridge.

Les Pyjamasques can also allow Le totem des Pyjamasques to summon the following vehicles by shouting out the name out loud, as seen in Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline:

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