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Les Pyjamasques, now known as Pyjamasques, is a picture book and television franchise created and introduced as a series of books by the French author Romuald Racioppo on March 29, 2007. The series began on March 29, 2007 with the release of Les Pyjamasques et le Grogarou, the books are published by Gallimard Jeunesse.


Three 7-year-old friends, Sacha, Greg and Amaya lead regular lives in the day at Tarabiscoville. But when midnight sounds, their magical animal totems transform them into superheroes; Yoyo, Gluglu and Bibou, and wander in the night. Superheroes, the Pyjamasques are endowed with particular gifts that they owe to their costumes: Gluglu sticks, Bibou flies and Yoyo bounces like a bullet.


Development on Les Pyjamasques picture book series are dated back when Romuald Racioppo drew an early image of three prototypes of Yoyo which were intended to be the original characters of Les Pyjamasques as he claimed in his Facebook account to be the very first Pyjamasques drawing. He also came up with the creative idea for the series by getting inspiration from his childhood experience on what happens during in the night, how he felt like a hero and the similar events he would experience.

Eventually, as development progressed on the creation of Les Pyjamasques picture book series, Romuald Racioppo then created Bibou and Gluglu, and a refined version of Yoyo which would replace the prototype versions of Yoyo. And the first Pyjamasques stories debuted in 2007, together with the first merchandising.

With the popularity of Les Pyjamasques came the expansion of merchandising of the series to book fairs in which Romuald Racioppo would sign the person's name at a page with a drawn illustration of a Pyjamasques character. Then games, models and toys of the characters were created when Les Pyjamasques got itself a television series, as well as the books of Les Pyjamasques that would be expanded to the television universe.



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The success of Les Pyjamasques book franchise has led to other merchandise being produced.


PJ Masks

PJ Masks is a British-French-Canadian animated television series that was first broadcast in September 18, 2015. It follows on the adventures of the vigilante counterparts of Les Pyjamasques; Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, who save the day by fighting against villains. The plots and settings very loosely followed the timeline of the actual picture book series, and it had a dark and mysterious atmosphere with vigilante themes instead of having a light atmosphere with fantasy-based settings.

Coloring Pages

Les Pyjamasques Coloring Pages

Les Pyjamasques coloring wall is a giant coloring page created by Romuald Racioppo that was put on display sometime in 2017. It features the entire characters that are part of the picture book series.

TV Series Connections

While the books are published as a continuous series, there is a notable difference between the first 18 books, and the books from 19 onwards. These differences include; Bibou becoming a female character, certain characters getting a more visual connections to their designs and the addition of new characters that directly reference the PJ Masks TV series, and a slight shift in atmosphere. The first 18 books are thus referred to as the "Classic" universe, and the books from 19 as the "Modern" universe.


  • In 2011, Romuald Racioppo would state in a message that corresponds well to the mood of Les Pyjamasques is that he'd sold an original illustration of Les Pyjamasques for a Chanee-led association known as KALAWEIT who is protecting a Indonesian primary forest and the animal species that live there. Romuald Racioppo would also have the opportunity to spend a month in Indonesia with Chanee.
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