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Les Pyjamasques
La Légende des Pyjamasques No Title




Male (3), Female (1)


Stopping villains
Caring for each other
Making things right
Playing acrobats




Each other
Les Mascrapules (sometimes)
Sorceline (sometimes)


Roméo Mécano
Les Mascrapules (rivals)
Orticia (formerly)

Les Pyjamasques are the three main protagonists of their own series of picture books. They first appeared as their modern incarnations in Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro, while their past incarnations appeared in "Les Pyjamasques et le Grogarou".



Les Pyjamasques are a trio of kids in magical pajamas and are considered the superheroes based in Tarabiscoville, known for playing acrobats together in the rooftops of the city, fighting off any nighttime villains who try to alter the normality of the night and/or preventing a villain's revenge plan (to redeem their negative lives), and going on endless adventures in the night while learning and discovering the most fantastical legends and myths that relates to the night.

Les Pyjamasques et l'operation zero

In "Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro", it is seen that Les Pyjamasques will occasionally take a cruise around Tarabiscoville with the Chat-Bolide whenever they're taking a break from doing acrobats routine.

L'ecole des Pyjamasques

In "L'école des Pyjamasques", it is revealed that Les Pyjamasques will sometimes go to school in the night with the other Noctambules-masques to learn lessons from Energuman on being a superhero like him.

Main Goals

Most of the time, the adventures involving Les Pyjamasques would have them save the day by either:

  • Protecting a key location or retrieving kids' belongings while preventing a villain's plan on destroying or seizing it under control as that plan would often ruin things for other kids in the day.
  • Keeping things related to the night in order, such as rescuing the imprisoned magical Animal Totems from Sorceline to allow children to dream again and not forget about them, and protecting a Solar Disc from Apophis swallowing it for an eternal night.


Les Pyjamasques consist of:

  • Yoyo (Sacha): A kid in a cat-costume with super-speed and great jumping abilities. He drives the Chat-Bolide. His suit is cyan and has ears and a tail.
  • Bibou (Amaya): A girl in a owl-costume with flying abilities and a special ability to shoot feathers from the owl wings. She is the only female member of the group and flies the Astro-Bibou. Her suit is red and has an owl mask with feathered wings on her back.
  • Gluglu (Greg): A boy in a lizard-costume with the ability to stick at walls and ceilings, the ability to camouflage, and is the most efficient member to be able to do hand-to-hand combat.
  • Pyja-Robot: The fourth member of the group. Currently, nothing is known about him right now as he hasn't debuted in the picture books yet, except that he appeared in the official Les Pyjamasques coloring wall.


In general, Les Pyjamasques tend to be playful, childish and friendly. It is also seen in most of their appearances that they are highly determined and the most passionate heroes in the series on performing heroic deeds and showing great effort on defeating villains and saving the day than anyone else.

As seen in "L'école des Pyjamasques", it is seen that Les Pyjamasques (specifically Gluglu) tend to be intolerant towards anybody who acts ungrateful of what they own.

They tend to show some naivety on the goals of a certain mythology and legend during their adventures. Overtime, they will learn and realize the true purpose of the mythology they are focusing as their adventure progresses. They can also be quite clumsy at times.


  • The costume designs for Les Pyjamasques is a inspiration of the DC superhero Batman and various nocturnal animals. However, their costumes are designed to look like actual nocturnal animals without any of the traditional superhero gadgetry and typical superhero characteristics (e.g. accents, sleek patterns, boots, belt, leotard, symbol and gloves) while keeping the Batman-esque vigilante mask and applying magical powers to their costume that directly relates to its animal route.
    • It's obvious in nighttime that they start thinking more like animals when wearing their costumes. They are able to roam and move across the city like a nocturnal animal would, jump, climb on all four legs or fly with their feet not apart whenever they're using their powers and having occasional stances relating to an animal's pose (as seen in "Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline").
  • Due to the preschool level of Les Pyjamasques book series and its continuity, the trio is not interested on being invisible to the public like typical superheroes would normally do in superhero comic books. It can be revealed in some of their appearances:
    • Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro: While fighting Roméo Mécano, Les Pyjamasques gave away information that they are students of the school Roméo currently goes to while declaring that they will stop him from destroying school, therefore they are not afraid of revealing their true identities to let Roméo know who they're really are.
  • Like the PJ Masks, the Pyjamasques never worked during the daytime.
  • Unlike the PJ Masks and many typical superheroes, the Pyjamasques will not need to use bracelets to turn into their superhero alter-egos.
    • Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu will need to have their animal totems to turn into their superhero alter-egos.
  • Unlike the PJ Masks and typical superhero teams, there is no hierarchy for Les Pyjamasques trio due to the younger preschool level of the picture book series.
  • According to the Zouzous website, Les Pyjamasques are all 7 years old. Therefore, they are older than the PJ Masks.
  • Unlike the rest of the Noctambules-masques, Les Pyjamasques costumes can leave a trail of magic dust that matches their signature colors (as emphasized in "Les Pyjamasques et la momie d’Apophis, Tome I").

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