Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline (English: The Pajamasks and the gift of Sorceline) is the twenty first book of Les Pyjamasques which was published by Éditions Gallimard on September 22, 2016.

Official Summary

The Pyjamasques meet Sorceline to understand what is happening to her. They discover it was her birthday tonight and no one thought about it! Obviously, everyone sleeps! No one has offered her anything and she is very upset! Therefore, here is her new fixed idea: steal from children all the birthday gifts that were offered to them today! Through the chimneys or through the windows, nothing prevents Sorceline's ray from reaching the toys. The Pyjamasques may use their powers to recover everything, the Mitomites protect the little witch too well. Impossible to approach her. Sorceline accumulates stolen gifts again and again and places them inside her huge bag!



  • The book focuses on the origins of Sorceline's motive.
  • This is the first book to have references to Hell, it is mentioned in the first line of the book where it translates as "Hell and cockroaches".
  • The book marks the first appearance of the Astro-Bibou.
  • This is the last book to use the original book series title, "Les Pyjamasques", before it was changed to "Pyjamasques" for the future titles of the book series.
  • There are references to Gekko Saves Christmas that are re-used in the book. These references include:
    • A scene of Gluglu being grabbed by Sorceline with her magnet and spins him around in the similar fashion to Owlette being spun around by Luna Girl.
    • A scene of Yoyo trying to rescue Gluglu from Sorceline in the similar fashion to Catboy saving Owlette from Luna Girl. However, Yoyo was only to be attacked by a clump of Mitomites at the process.
    • Sorceline revealing at the beginning of the story that she has no one to spend at her birthday, this acts in the similar fashion to Luna Girl having no one to spend Christmas with. But initially, Sorceline didn't bothered inviting the Pyjamasques to her birthday as she is shown to have a complete dislike and ignorance over children dressed as "animals".
    • At the end of the story, Sorceline helped the Pyjamasques return the presents back to the children of Tarabiscoville. This was a reference to Luna Girl helping out the PJ Masks returning all the Christmas presents.
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