Luna Magnet

Luna Girl and her Luna Magnet

Luna Girl's primary weapon.

The Luna Magnet is a handheld device used by Luna Girl. It is her primary weapon.

The magnet's main power is that it can fire beams capable of lifting people and objects into the air, allowing Luna Girl to move almost any object in any direction that she wants. Alternately, it can also trap people in a moon bubble which was revealed in "Way of the Woofy". She often uses it to create havoc (and sometimes destruction) to The City.

It has many other powers, as revealed in the various episodes starring Luna Girl. These include the power to create and launch various force fields such as the Lunar Dome. In "Catboy's Cloudy Crisis", she used the Luna Magnet to create rain clouds, and also, in "Moonfizzle Balls", she can also use it to catch the moon’s power to create Moonfizzle Balls. In "Halloween Tricksters", she could use it to harness the power of the Halloween Moon and make 3 of her moths grow giant. In "Luna and the Wolfies", she gives the Luna Magnet to the Wolfy Kids as a trick.

When combined with the Moon Crystal, the magnet turns into the Luna Wand.

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