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Magic Pajamas

An example of Yoyo and his latter counterpart in altered pajamas

Magic Pajamas (also known as Strange Pajamas or Slightly-Altered Pajamas) are magical costumes in which the Noctambules-masques wear for their nighttime alter-egos.


Magic Pajamas

Regular magic pajamas consist of a one-piece costume representing an animal or other nighttime elements (e.g. star), and a Batman-esque superhero mask.

As of "La Légende des Pyjamasques," when unaltered, they take in the form of average pajamas that resemble the appearance of their nocturnal identities, except that they don't wear a mask and have patterns related to their animal route. In order to transform the owner's pajamas to look like costumes, they will need their animal totems.

Super Pajamas

Super Pajamas are super-suit versions of the magic pajamas. They are almost identical to the normal variants of magic pajamas, except that they have a more superhero-like appearance, and they have an animal or nocturnal symbol seen at their chest, as well as darker colors in appearance.

Unlike normal magic pajamas, the Super Pajamas are powered with superpowered energy instead of actual magic, and it stores built-in powers instead of having an animal totem which gives power to the suit until released. The Super Pajamas are also not just considered modified pajamas, but actual superhero suits instead.

The suits are also linked to Animal Amulets which allow the user to transform anytime. Other than Animal Amulets, there are some super pajamas that have powers that are dependent of a single source as they are linked to other sources such as the PJ Crystal Totem.


When the magic pajamas are worn by the user, it gives them superhuman abilities:

  • Courage: Allows the user to not be afraid of anything. This ability is only exclusive towards users with magic pajamas, and is not found in super pajamas.
  • Animal-esque Abilities: Both the magic pajamas and super pajamas give the user animal-related powers depending which animal totem is occupying the pajamas, and it alters their body to reflect on the powers.
  • Eye Color Change: Typically, this changes the user's natural eye color to match the natural eye color of an animal depending on which animal totem is occupying the pajamas. For users who wear super pajamas instead of regular magic pajamas, it will change the user's eye color to match the color of their super pajamas they're currently wearing, disregarding the natural eye color of an animal.
  • PJ Communicators: This feature is only exclusive with the PJ Masks. It allows the user to communicate with other people using the PJ Picture Player and other gadgetry linked to the PJ Masks Headquarters.


  • It is stated that the magic pajamas had originated from a folk region known as "nagual" which links to Aztec myths, according to "Le secret des Pyjamasques" and "La Légende des Pyjamasques."
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