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Marchand de sable






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People going to sleep


People who don't go to sleep
His sand being stolen
The Pyjamasques

Debut appearance

"Les Pyjamasques et le marchand de sable"

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The Marchand de sable (English: The Sandman) is the villain and deuteragonist in the Les Pyjamasques picture book. He is the magician/enchanter who tries to make sure that people in the Pyjamasques' residence is asleep.

Motive & abilities


His motive is to make sure that everyone in Tarabiscoville is completely asleep, and will make sure that the job is done by strict means. He would also go after the Pyjamasques to try every in his power to put them to sleep, but this backfires horribly.


  • Marchand de sable can blow a handful of sand that can make the person's eyes sting.
  • He can summon sheep by simply snapping his fingers, then he'll order the person to count them.
  • He can use instruments that can play an enchanted lullaby. However, he can use the instruments as a blowgun which will shoot tsetse flies that can sedate his opponent.
  • He can hypnotize people by ordering them in a bewitching voice to look at his eyes and to go to sleep.
  • He can use his wings to fly.


Personal behavior and traits

Marchand de sable can be quite enforcing on making sure that people will sleep in the night, but his patience will become thin towards anyone who refuses to sleep. Also, he has a temper whenever his sand gets stolen by someone, as seen in "Les Pyjamasques et le sablotin".

Physical appearance

Like Ninjaka and Night Ninja, he wears a navy blue gown with nighttime-like stars on it. And he has purple wings with yellow spots.

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