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Master Fang is a kung-fu master and trainer, and the protagonist of his own comic book and television series.

He is largely looked up to by Connor and Greg, but Amaya doesn't seem to care about him much. He is known for his signature sword which was stolen by Night Ninja in "Catboy and Master Fang's Sword."

Physical appearance

Master Fang has pale skin with a white ponytail, long white eyebrows, and a sharp white beard with a long goatee. He wears a teal imperial coat with red trim and yellow around his neck.


  • Catboy often pretends to be Master Fang, and sometimes uses his persona during missions.
  • Amaya isn't very fond of Master Fang, and prefers Flossy Flash.
  • Master Fang has a sidekick/partner named Kick McGee, whose persona is sometimes used by Gekko.
  • In "The Disappearing Ninjas," it was revealed he got a crossover movie with Flossy Flash.
  • He is one of the few characters who were not given a book counterpart for Les Pyjamasques book series.


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