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  • I live in New Jersey, USA ❤️️
  • I was born on July 6
  • My occupation is Student, Wiki Editor, Admin in the PJ Masks Wiki. 🦋
  • I am a wonderful girl 💎 (she/her/they/them)
  • Bio Fangirling on PJ Masks since 2018.
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🎀 Welcome to my message wall! 🎀 Edit

I'm Blueberry706, an administrator on the PJ Masks wiki since May 8th, 2020!

HK Hello

Need help? Got any questions, comments or concerns? Want to chat for a bit? Don't be shy to message me here. I'll always be able to help anybody who needs any assistance on the wiki as that's an admin's job to do so. I also have Discord if you want to chat about things that are not related to the wiki: Blueberry706#8066

Please do not intimidate me or another admin with sockpuppet accounts if you were blocked. That will only get you into more trouble. If you'd like to appeal from a block, please do that with manners and with kindness.

One more thing to know: I do not work on the wiki on Saturdays as it's against my religion to do work on that day. The days I'm available Sunday-Friday though if you need any help!

Have a fantastic day and happy editing!

~Blueberry706 💗

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