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Missions (also known as Challenges) are tasks set up by superheroes. They are the main events that are important in the storyline arc of the book series and television series.

Mission Themes

In general, missions that are organized by superheroes are often intended on saving the day in many ways as possible, and stopping villains that are the main problem in their missions.

The missions may vary from:

  • Vigilante Missions:

The most common mission, the hero has to defend the city from thieves, vandals and power-hungry villains that are here to cause trouble which could ruin the day for other kids. The main villains that will mainly appear in these missions are Roméo Mécano, Sorceline, Les Mascrapules and all the current villains in the PJ Masks television series. This type of mission is mostly common in the television series, and in the book series at some cases.

  • Folklore Missions:

The hero has to protect a folklore or mythology from other villains that will try to deface or destroy it, the villain's goal can either affect the entire night or the mythology itself. Villains that are featured includes Roméo Mécano (in his early appearances), Sablotin, Marchand de sable (in his initial appearance) and Ogrechou. This can only be found common in the book series.

  • Legend Missions:

Similar to a folklore themed mission, except it focuses more on the Ancient Greek-esque mythological backstory of a hero's fight against their own archnemesis, and how the villain's goals can affect the entire night. The main heroes include Les Pyjamasques, Bastet, while their archnemesis includes Sorceline and Apophis.

  • Nature Missions:

The hero has to protect the nature from other villains defacing it; the hero has to either liberate animals or other nature-related characters from their boundaries or fight off nature-related villains. The villains that are featured include Orticia and Gatzo. This can only be found common in the book series.

  • Nightmare Missions:

The hero has to defend themselves from their closest fears such as monsters and anything else that looks like a nightmare. The villains that are featured include Grogarou and Croque-Chaussettes. This can only be found common in the book series.

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