Missions (also known as Challenges) are tasks set up by superheroes and villains. They are the main events that are important in the storyline arc of the series.

Type of Missions

In general, missions that are organized by superheroes are often intended on saving the day, and stopping villains. While a nighttime villain's mission is to try and mess with people's day and/or doing harm.

The missions may vary from:

  • Heist Missions:

The hero has to prevent the villain from stealing the specific object that relates to their goals. The main villain that will mainly appear in heist missions is Luna Girl. This type of mission can often happen in most cases, notably in the TV series.

The stolen object often varies from a jetpack, sports equipment, toys and precious objects.

  • Territory Missions:

The hero has to prevent the villain from taking control over a specific location for power and/or other specific reasons. The mission will often happen near the School (only in the book series) or the PJ Masks Headquarters (mostly).

The villain will often send their acolytes to spy into the specific location and maintain control of the place. But this is not always the case.

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