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An example of mockery, focusing on everyone's reaction to Roméo's failures

Mockery is a recurring element that happens in both Les Pyjamasques and PJ Masks. This can be heard in most of the stories of the series.


It is an action of insult against one's rival or opponent during a fight between a hero and villain. It is either used to humiliate, harass or trash-talk against their opponent(s).

On most cases, various characters from the picture book series (especially Les Pyjamasques) and the nighttime villains from the television series and will use it against other characters at free will. However, the PJ Masks and the other heroes that appeared in the television series are considered to be the only exception due to their chivalric nature and dislike on immaturity.


Here are a list of phrases that are used by the characters of the series:

  • Pyja-Minus
  • Pyja-Pestes (lit: Pyja-Plagues)
  • Super-zéros (lit: Super-Zeroes)
  • Junk Sorceress
  • PJ Pests
  • PJ Monkeys
  • PJ Stinks
  • Super Stumblers
  • PJ Pains
  • PJ Dodos
  • Daytime Dodos (variation of PJ Dodos)
  • PJ Do-Gooders
  • Non-Speaking Ninnies
  • PJ Show-offs
  • Peewee Masks
  • PJ Pets
  • PJ Pogosticks
  • Bozos
  • PJ Pileup
  • PJ Pinheads
  • PJ Meatheads
  • PJ Party Poopers
  • Zero Heroes (variation of Super-zéros)
  • PJ Nincompoops
  • PJ Splats
  • PJ Losers
  • PJ Babies
  • PJ Sushi Rolls


  • This element is often resented by some viewers who had watched the television series.
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