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"Moonfizzle Balls"
Season 2, episode 1A
(Overall episode #53)
Moonfizzle Balls card.png
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
January 15, 2018
Canada Canada
January 4, 2021 (CBC Kids)
Written by Lisa Akhurst
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
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"Gekko's Special Rock"
"Soccer Ninjalinos"

"Moonfizzle Balls" (also known as "Yoyo et les Scinti-Lunes" in French) is the first segment of the 1st Season 2 episode of PJ Masks.


Luna Girl uses her latest invention, the Moonfizzle Balls to turn everyone in the city into her loyal subjects. Things get more complicated when Gekko and Owlette get affected too, leaving only Catboy to stop Luna Girl.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Moonfizzle Balls (episode)":


The episode begins with the kids playing basketball outside the school. They run after the ball when it bounces to the side, only to find a huge bowl filled with glowing light purple balls. Cameron and the others reach out to take one, except for Connor, Amaya, and Greg. Suddenly, they go into a weird trance and start saying what appears to be the word "moo." Amaya tries to snap one of the kids out of it, but he does not respond and drops the ball he is holding. Connor attempts to pick it up, but Amaya pulls him away from it, and with Greg, suspects that the balls must have been responsible for their classmates’ behavior.

Amaya proclaims that they should investigate, then sees Connor looking at the glowing ball and snaps him out of it. Later that night, the PJ Masks use the PJ Picture Player, which tracks the glowing balls everywhere around the town. Catboy gets excited when he hears about this, though he smiles embarrassingly when both Owlette and Gekko glare at him. He declares to take the Cat-Car, catching himself when he runs in the wrong direction, and Owlette and Gekko shake this off and join him.

While driving into town, Gekko comments how it was weird to see how their classmates were acting earlier. Catboy responds that they are the PJ Masks, and that "it would be very hard to forget something like that." Gekko happily agrees, and he and Owlette sing their theme song. However, Catboy is not singing along, as he is paying attention to the balls that are floating around town. He becomes entranced and suddenly swerves, but then hits the brakes, and the Cat-Car comes to a stop in the middle of the road.

Catboy jumps out of the vehicle and attempts to take a ball, though Owlette stops him and reminds him of what happened earlier. As Catboy tries to defend himself, Gekko directs the team's attention to the townspeople walking around in the same trance seen at the daytime. They raise their hands to the moon, revealing that they are saying the word "moon" instead of "moo," and that the balls have put them into a zombie-like trance.

Luna Girl arrives and reveals that she is the one behind this trouble. She explains that she used her Luna Magnet to capture the moon's energy and convert it into what she calls the glowing light purple balls, "Moonfizzle Balls,” which emit rays that fizzle anyone's brain to brainwash them and make them worship her and the moon when in contact. With that, she is in control of them, and soon plans to take over the world. Before taking off, Luna Girl shoots the balls towards the PJ Masks. They barely escape, though.

Catboy proclaims that they must round up the balls before everyone in town is under Luna Girl's control. To do that, they use two trash cans each to collect them. While Owlette and Gekko are rounding up the balls, Catboy notices a tennis racket and decides to have a little fun by hitting the balls into the trash cans. It works for a bit; however, Catboy starts speeding up, and the balls keep bouncing off. Owlette and Gekko try to tell him to slow down, but he does not listen. Soon enough, once Catboy hits two more balls, they bounce off and hit his teammates, putting them into the Moonfizzle Ball-induced trance.

Catboy finally notices what is happening and is distraught at the sight of it. Luna Girl, who witnessed what happened, mocks him, and shoots more balls around the town, moonfizzling and brainwashing some more townspeople. Everyone gathers around her, and under Luna Girl’s command, they go after Catboy so she can moonfizzle and brainwash him as well. He barely manages to hide from the crowd, however, and blames himself for the trouble he got himself in. Suddenly, he comes up with a plan to snap Owlette and Gekko out of the trance. He pretends to be in the moonfizzle trance so that he can blend in with the crowd and get close to his friends.

Catboy slowly follows the crowd to the museum, where everyone is gathered around Luna Girl and treating her like a nice queen. She notices Catboy walking at a zombie-like pace, and is convinced that he is under her moonfizzle spell. With that, she takes off to moonfizzle and brainwash the rest of the town. Catboy runs up to Owlette and Gekko when she isn't looking, and tries to snap the two out of their moonfizzle trance by getting them to remember him, the team, and some of their past missions (e.g., Romeo shrinking him, saving Christmas).

None of the attempts work, so Catboy sings their theme song. This time, although very slowly, Owlette and Gekko are rid of their Moonfizzle Ball-induced trance and start singing along, ending it with Gekko commenting that "he still does not have a rhyme." Catboy ecstatically hugs them, and apologizes for getting carried away with the Moonfizzle Balls. He promises that it will never happen again, and the team proceeds to collect the rest of the balls, with Catboy hitting the balls with the tennis racket at a reasonable pace. Before Owlette and Gekko attempt to catch the last ball into the trash can, Catboy stops them, telling them that he has a plan for it.

The PJ Masks return to the museum, pretending to still be in the moonfizzle trance. As the town is worshipping Luna Girl, she spots the team and commands them to come to her. They do so, but as they come closer, Catboy, who is holding the tennis racket behind him with his tail, hits the last Moonfizzle Ball on top of it towards the villainess. She catches it while she is busy being worshipped, and since the invention is made with her Luna Magnet and not by hand, she is put into the Moonfizzle Ball-induced trance herself. Catboy takes Luna Girl's magnet to suck the moon energy out of the balls the PJ Masks collected in the trash cans. He gives it back to her, and by his command, she flies away from the town as far as she can with the last Moonfizzle Ball in her hand.

The PJ Masks begin to celebrate, but stop when they see the people now start to snap out of their moonfizzle trance. One person turns around to look at the team, but he rubs his eyes, giving them a chance to escape before he looks up again, leaving him confused if he was dreaming or not. As the people start to wake up, the PJ Masks are on top of the museum. Catboy proclaims that "the town is saved" and "the PJ Masks are together once more." With that, the PJ Masks celebrate their victory by cheering their signature victory phrase, and the episode ends.


  • Don't fool around. Fix your mistake (be responsible).


  • This episode, along with "Soccer Ninjalinos," is the first episode to air in 2018.
    • Said episodes also mark the Season 2 premiere and are the first episodes to premiere on a Monday.
  • From this episode on, the episode cuts in instead of fading in.
    • In addition, the episode cuts out instead of fading out.
    • Also from this episode on, there will now be episodes ending with the PJ Masks' signature victory phrase instead of episodes ending in the daytime.
    • However, in Zouzous airings, the episodes will cut into the credits sequence instead of the episode cutting out.
  • The series has smoother animation starting with this episode.
    • The smoother animation is also noticeable in the shorts, which have started airing back in July 2017.
  • This is the first episode to not have one of the PJ Masks' names in the episode title.
  • This episode reveals that Catboy's tail is prehensile (can hold things).
  • This is the first episode where Jacob Ursomarzo voices Catboy.
  • Jonah Wineberg voices Cameron for the first time, replacing Tristan Samuel.
  • The PJ Masks sing their own theme song again. They first sing it while in the Cat-Car, and later when Catboy uses it to snap Gekko and Owlette out of the Moonfizzle Ball-induced trance.
  • The people affected by the Moonfizzle Balls act like stereotypical zombies, shuffling around and chanting "moooon."
  • Catboy mentions the times they save the city in "Catboy and the Shrinker" and "Gekko Saves Christmas."
  • This is the first time Luna Girl is seen without her moths.
  • This is the first time none of the PJ Masks say "It’s time to be a hero!" or "Time to be a hero!".
  • This is the first time Luna Girl invents something.
  • This is the first time the daytime kids and the townspeople appear at night.


  • In one scene, Gekko and Owlette are missing when the camera zooms out, while in the previous scene, they are shown walking towards Catboy to capture him so Luna Girl can moonfizzle him as well. These two scenes can be seen in the gallery page for this episode.
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